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List of functions (Ioctl/Ioctlv)

Command Function ARM only Permissions Description Notes
0x01 MCP_LaunchCompat
0x02 MCP_CompatLoadAVFile
0x03 MCP_CompatCopyFile No 0x0042
0x04 MCP_CompatGetVersion No 0x0002
0x05 MCP_CompatWagonSourcePrepare
0x06 MCP_CompatWagonSourceComplete
0x07 MCP_CompatWagonDestinationPrepare
0x08 MCP_CompatWagonDestinationComplete
0x09 MCP_CompatWagonDeleteContext
0x0A MCP_CompatWagonCreateContext
0x0B MCP_CompatWagonDeleteArchiveHash
0x0C MCP_CompatExPrepareLaunch
0x0D MCP_CompatExLaunch
0x0E MCP_CompatHaiCreateCompanionFile
0x20 MCP_GetEnvironmentVariable No
0x40 MCP_GetSysProdSettings No 0x0010
0x4C MCP_GetOwnTitleInfo
0x4D MCP_TitleCount ? ?
0x50 MCP_CloseTitle No
0x51 MCP_PrepareTitle No
0x53 MCP_LoadFile No
0x57 MCP_GetFileLength No
0x58 MCP_TitleList ? ?
0x5A MCP_GetLaunchParameters No
0x5B MCP_GetTitleId
0x60 MCP_SetAbsoluteSystemTime No
0x61 MCP_GetAbsoluteSystemTime No
0x63 MCP_SetPowerButtonEnabled No
0x72 MCP_PatchGetVersion ? ?
0x7D MCP_InstallGetAocSize2
0x80 MCP_InstallGetInfo
0x81 MCP_InstallTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x82 MCP_InstallGetProgress
0x83 MCP_DeleteTitleAsync No 0x0008
0x84 MCP_UninstallTitleAsync
0x85 MCP_CopyTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x8C MCP_DeleteContentAsync No 0x0080
0x8E MCP_DeleteTicketsAsync
0x90 MCP_UpdateCheckAsync
0x91 MCP_UpdatePerformAsync No 0x0004
0x92 MCP_UpdateGetProgress No 0x0004
0x93 MCP_UpdatePrepareUpdaterAsync
0x95 MCP_UpdateGetPathByAppTypeAsync
0x97 MCP_UpdateClearContextAsync
0x98 MCP_UpdateCheckUpdaterVersion No 0x0008
0xA0 MCP_TitleListUpdateGetNext ? ?
0xA2 MCP_TitleListUpdateCancel ? ?
0xD4 MCP_GetContentInfos Yes 0x0010
0xD6 MCP_GetTicketViews No 0x0084
0xD7 No 0x0004
0xD9 No 0x0004
0xDA Yes 0x0010
0xDC MCP_GetTicketItemRights No 0x0084
0xDD Yes
0xDE MCP_GetInstalledContentCount Yes 0x0010
0xDF MCP_GetInstalledContentIndices Yes 0x0010
0xF0 MCP_InstallGetSize No 0x0004
0xF1 MCP_InstallSetTargetUsb
0xFB MCP_InstallGetRequiredSize No 0x0004
0xFD MCP_DeleteTitleDoneAsync
0xFE MCP_CopyTitleDoneAsync No 0x0004
0xFF MCP_CopyGetRequiredSize No 0x0004
0x125 MCP_AocGetOpenInfo No 0x0010
0x140 MCP_CopyTitleAbort
0x141 MCP_DeleteTitleAbort
0x142 MCP_InstallTitleAbort
0x143 MCP_InstallCleanupAsync No 0x0004
0x147 MCP_CreateLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x148 MCP_DeleteLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x150 MCP_GetInstalledTitleVersion Yes 0x0010
0x151 Yes 0x0010
0x152 Yes 0x0010
0x170 MCP_AppTagSetEnability No
0x177 MCP_AppTagReadWithPos No
0x178 MCP_AppTagWriteWithPos No
0x179 MCP_AppTagTruncateWithPos No