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List of functions (Ioctl/Ioctlv)

Command Function ARM only Permissions Description Notes
0x01 MCP_LaunchCompat No 0x0002
0x02 MCP_CompatLoadAVFile No 0x0002
0x03 MCP_CompatCopyFile No 0x0042
0x04 MCP_CompatGetVersion No 0x0002
0x05 MCP_CompatWagonSourcePrepare No 0x0400
0x06 MCP_CompatWagonSourceComplete No 0x400
0x07 MCP_CompatWagonDestinationPrepare No 0x0400
0x08 MCP_CompatWagonDestinationComplete No 0x400
0x09 MCP_CompatWagonDeleteContext No 0x400
0x0A MCP_CompatWagonCreateContext No 0x0400
0x0B MCP_CompatWagonDeleteArchiveHash No 0x0400
0x0C MCP_CompatExPrepareLaunch No 0x0002
0x0D MCP_CompatExLaunch No 0x0002
0x0E MCP_CompatHaiCreateCompanionFile No 0x0002
0x10 ? COS-KERNEL only?
0x20 MCP_GetEnvironmentVariable ? COS-KERNEL only?
0x30 MCP_ResetOnPanicEnable Debug only 0x0008
0x31 MCP_ResetOnPanicState Debug only 0x0008
0x40 MCP_GetSysProdSettings No 0x0010
0x41 MCP_SetSysProdSettings Debug only 0x0008
0x42 ? 0x0010
0x47 MCP_GetPreciseTitleSize PPC only?
0x4B MCP_PreloadTitleFolder No
0x4C MCP_GetOwnTitleInfo No
0x4D MCP_TitleCount No ?
0x4E MCP_DeviceList No
0x4E MCP_FullDeviceList No
0x50 MCP_CloseTitle No
0x51 MCP_PrepareTitle No
0x53 MCP_LoadFile No
0x57 MCP_GetFileLength No
0x58 MCP_TitleList No ?
0x58 MCP_GetTitleInfo No
0x58 MCP_GetTitleInfoByDevice No
0x58 MCP_GetTitleInfoByTitleAndDevice No
0x58 MCP_GetTitleInfoByTitleAndDeviceType No
0x58 MCP_GetTitleInfoByTitleAndIndexedDevice No
0x58 MCP_PatchCheckTitleVersionByPath No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByAppAndDevice No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByAppType No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByAppTypeFlagsAndDeviceType No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByDevice No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByDeviceType No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByUniqueId No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByUniqueIdAndDeviceType No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByUniqueIdAndDeviceTypeAndAppType No
0x58 MCP_TitleListByUniqueIdAndIndexedDeviceAndAppType No
0x5A MCP_GetLaunchParameters No
0x5B MCP_GetTitleId No
0x5E ?
0x5F MCP_GetTitleSize No
0x60 MCP_SetAbsoluteSystemTime No COS-KERNEL only?
0x61 MCP_GetAbsoluteSystemTime No COS-KERNEL only?
0x62 MCP_SetDefaultTitleId Debug only
0x63 MCP_SetPowerButtonEnabled No COS-KERNEL only?
0x64 MCP_DisablePowerOffOnCrash Debug only 0x0008
0x65 MCP_GetDefaultTitleId Debug only 0x0008
0x66 MCP_RequestPowerOff No
0x67 MCP_GetSATALimiterState No
0x68 MCP_SetSATALimiterState No
0x69 MCP_GetTitleSATALimiterState No
0x6A MCP_SetDefaultEcoTitleId Debug only
0x6B MCP_GetDefaultEcoTitleId Debug only
0x72 MCP_PatchGetVersion No 0x0004
0x73 MCP_PatchDeleteVersionList No
0x74 MCP_PatchCheckTitleVersion No
0x74 MCP_PatchGetLatestVersion No
0x74 MCP_PatchGetVersionListVersion No
0x75 MCP_PatchSetLatestVersion No
0x75 MCP_PatchSetRequiredVersion No
0x75 MCP_PatchSetVersionListVersion No
0x7D MCP_InstallGetAocSize2 No
0x7F MCP_InitializeIvs No
0x80 MCP_InstallGetInfo No 0x0004
0x81 MCP_InstallTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x82 MCP_InstallGetProgress No
0x83 MCP_DeleteTitleAsync No 0x0008
0x83 MCP_DeleteTitleWithoutFlushAsync No 0x0008
0x84 MCP_UninstallTitleAsync No 0x0008?
0x85 MCP_CopyTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x85 MCP_CopyTitleWithoutFlushAsync No 0x0004
0x86 Debug only 0x0004
0x87 ? 0x0004
0x88 ? 0x0004
0x89 MCP_GetSystemVersion No
0x8C MCP_DeleteContentAsync No 0x0080
0x8D MCP_InstallSetTargetDevice No
0x8E MCP_DeleteTicketsAsync No
0x90 MCP_UpdateCheckAsync No 0x0008
0x91 MCP_UpdatePerformAsync No 0x0004
0x92 MCP_UpdateGetProgress No 0x0004
0x93 MCP_UpdatePrepareUpdaterAsync No 0x0008
0x95 MCP_UpdateGetPathByAppTypeAsync No 0x0004
0x96 MCP_UpdateCheckResume No
0x97 MCP_UpdateClearContextAsync No
0x98 MCP_UpdateCheckUpdaterVersion No 0x0008
0x99 MCP_UpdateCheckContext No
0x9A MCP_UpdateContextSetUserFlag No
0x9B MCP_UpdateContextReadUserFlag No
0xA0 MCP_TitleListUpdateGetNext No ?
0xA1 ? IOS-MCP internal only
0xA2 MCP_TitleListUpdateCancel No None?
0xC0 MCP_DeleteUserData No 0x0008
0xC0 MCP_DeleteUserDataWithException No 0x0008
0xC1 MCP_GetSystemLog Debug only 0x0008
0xC2 MCP_FormatExternalStorage No 0x0008
0xC3 MCP_ChangeSystemMode Debug only 0x0008
0xC4 MCP_GetSystemMode No None
0xC5 MCP_ChangeSystemMemoryEmuMode Debug only
0xC6 Debug only 0x0008
0xC7 MCP_ExternalStorageLock None
0xC8 MCP_ExternalStorageUnlock No
0xC9 MCP_GetFastRelaunchEnable Debug only 0x0008
0xCA MCP_SetFastRelaunchEnable Debug only 0x0008
0xCB MCP_GetSystemCrashLog No 0x200
0xCC MCP_GetSystemCrashFlag No 0x0008
0xCD MCP_TriggerCrashLogCollection No None
0xCD MCP_TriggerCrashLogCollectionEx No None
0xCE MCP_GetSystemCrashLogDescription Debug only 0x0008
0xD0 ?
0xD1 ?
0xD2 ?
0xD3 MCP_GetDeviceId No
0xD4 MCP_GetContentInfos No 0x0010
0xD5 ?
0xD6 MCP_GetTicketViews No 0x0084
0xD7 ? 0x0004
0xD8 MCP_GetCompatDeviceId No 0x0010
0xD9 MCP_CompatListOwnedTitles No 0x0004
0xD9 MCP_ListOwnedTitles No 0x0004
0xDA MCP_FindContentInfos No 0x0010
0xDB ?
0xDC MCP_GetTicketItemRights No 0x0084
0xDD ?
0xDE MCP_GetInstalledContentCount No 0x0010
0xDF MCP_GetInstalledContentIndices No 0x0010
0xF0 MCP_InstallGetSize No 0x0004
0xF1 MCP_InstallSetTargetUsb No 0x0004
0xF2 ? 0x0004
0xF3 ? 0x0004
0xF4 ? 0x0004
0xF5 ? 0x0004
0xF6 ? 0x0004
0xF7 ? 0x0004
0xF9 ? 0x0004
0xFA MCP_InstallGetTargetDevice No 0x0004
0xFB MCP_InstallGetRequiredSize No 0x0004
0xFC MCP_InstallUtilGetTitleEnability No
0xFD MCP_DeleteTitleDoneAsync No 0x0008
0xFE MCP_CopyTitleDoneAsync No 0x0004
0xFF MCP_CopyGetRequiredSize No 0x0004
0x100 MCP_RightCheckLaunchable No 0x0010
0x111 MCP_DemoLaunchGetRemainder No 0x0008
0x120 MCP_AocOpenTitle No 0x0080
0x121 MCP_AocCloseTitle No 0x0080
0x122 MCP_AocTestScanned No
0x123 MCP_AocLockTitle No
0x124 MCP_AocUnlockTitle No
0x125 MCP_AocGetOpenInfo No 0x0010 COS-KERNEL only?
0x130 MCP_ChangeEcoSettings No
0x131 MCP_GetEcoSettings No
0x131 MCP_GetEcoWDSetting No
0x132 MCP_ChangeStandbySettings No
0x133 MCP_GetStandbySettings No
0x134 MCP_ChangeEcoWDSetting Debug only
0x135 MCP_Get4SecondOffStatus No
0x138 MCP_SetSyslogFilterMask No
0x139 MCP_GetSyslogFilterMask No
0x140 MCP_CopyTitleAbort No
0x141 MCP_DeleteTitleAbort No
0x142 MCP_InstallTitleAbort No
0x143 MCP_InstallCleanupAsync No 0x0004
0x143 MCP_InstallCleanupWithoutFlushAsync No 0x0004
0x145 MCP_InstallCleanupAbort No
0x147 MCP_CreateLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x148 MCP_DeleteLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x149 MCP_InstallGetAvailableUpdateOp No 0x0004
0x149 MCP_InstallUtilIsResumeAvailable No 0x0004
0x150 MCP_GetInstalledTitleVersion No 0x0010
0x151 ? 0x0010
0x152 ? 0x0010
0x160 MCP_WagonUCreateArchive No 0x0400
0x161 MCP_WagonUInstallArchive No 0x0400
0x162 MCP_WagonUEstimateArchiveSize No
0x162 MCP_WagonUEstimateArchiveSizeEx No
0x163 MCP_WagonUGetProgress No 0x0400
0x164 MCP_WagonUCheckArchiveExists No 0x0400
0x165 MCP_WagonUDeleteArchive No 0x0400
0x166 MCP_WagonUFormatDestination No 0x0400
0x167 MCP_WagonUSetSessionId No 0x0400
0x170 MCP_AppTagSetEnability No
0x171 MCP_AppTagGetEnability No 0x0010
0x172 MCP_AppTagFlush No
0x173 MCP_AppTagRollback No 0x0004
0x174 MCP_AppTagCreate No
0x175 MCP_AppTagRemove No 0x0004
0x176 MCP_AppTagGetSize No 0x0010
0x177 MCP_AppTagReadWithPos No
0x178 MCP_AppTagWriteWithPos No
0x179 MCP_AppTagTruncateWithPos No
0x180 MCP_NominalTitleGetTitleId No 0x0010
0x210 MCPFlush_LockRootQuota No
0x211 MCPFlush_UnlockRootQuota No
0x215 MCPFlush_FlushLockedRootQuota No
0x216 MCPFlush_RollbackLockedRootQuota No
0x217 MCPFlush_GetRootQuotaPath No