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| Yes
| Yes
| 00050000-101C9300
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| No
| 00050000-101C9400
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| No
| 00050000-101C9500
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| No
| 00050000-101C9600
| 00050000-101C9600
Line 25,780: Line 25,810:
| 16
| 16
| 0005000E-101C9300
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| -
| 0005000E-101C9400
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| -
| 0005000E-101C9500
| The Legend of Zelda
Breath of the Wild
| -

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This page serves to document the Title-ID scheme as used on the Wii U.

A Title-ID is a 64-bit number that describes an "application" -- generally, a channel or a game. The high 32 bits are used to indicate the type of title, and the low 32 bits are used to identify the particular title. For more information on the title ID structure, refer to 3DBrew.

To use these in Uwizard, you must remove the "-" separating the Title ID high and low that editors of this page have added for readability. Make sure the whole thing is copied, as the Uwizard field has a length limitation.

Title-ID Types

Title ID Description
00050000 eShop title
00050002 eShop title demo
0005000C eShop title DLC
0005000E eShop title update
00050010 System-app, last byte OS version
0005001B System-data, last byte OS version
00050030 Background title, last byte OS version

0005xxxx: System titles

Title ID Description Notes (?) Versions Region
00050010-10000100 boot1 Ancast encrypted by boot1 key. v8296, v8325, v8339, v8342, v8377 all
00050010-10000200 DRH firmware v5128, v5382, v5406, v5896, v6164, v6412 all
00050010-10000400 Bluetooth firmware v517 all
00050010-10004000 OSv0 cafe2wii, this loads the vWii mode v0, v1 all
00050010-10004001 OSv1 Loads the enhanced vWii mode for eShop titles v12 all
00050010-10004009 OSv9 Launch-day OS (before Nintendo Network was fully implemented) v1005, v1006 all
00050010-1000400A OSv10 Base release OS v1099, v3733, v3816(2.1.0), v3955(2.1.3), v4877(3.0.0), v4914(3.0.1), v5062(3.1.0), v5632(4.0.0), v5718(4.0.2-4.0.3), v5883(4.1.0), v8208(5.0.0), v8776(5.1.0), v8820(5.1.1), v9602(5.1.2), v9816(5.2.0), v11336(5.3.0-5.3.1), v11464(5.3.2-5.4.0), v15702(5.5.0-5.5.1) all
00050010-100040FF OSv255 System updater OS v771, v1054, v1057, v1086, v1104, v1110, v2092, v2108 all
00050010-10066000 ECO process v14, v16, v20 all
0005001B-10042300 Contains exceptions.txt file v0, v16, v34 all
0005001B-10042400 Fonts v0, v48 all
0005001B-1004F000 SWKBD (Software Keyboard) related v0, v16, v35, v36, v48 all
0005001B-10050000 DeviceEula v0, v17, v32, v66 all
0005001B-10051000 ErrEula v0, v17, v18, v36, v68, v71, v84, v100, v104 all
0005001B-10052000 Country/Location data v0, v16, v32, v48, v64 all
0005001B-10053000 Browser default sites and bad words filter v0, v16, v32, v48 all
0005001B-10054000 key and cert files v0, v5, v16, v20 all
0005001B-10056000 FFLResHigh.dat, FFLResHighLG.dat v1 all
0005001B-10057000 sound.z, splash.z v0 all
0005001B-10058000 Resources for DRMApp v0, v21, v25, v36, v39, v46, v49, v51 all
0005001B-1005C000 Country and language data for nn_ec.rpl v0, v16 all
0005001B-1005F000 app.xml, cos.xml, patch_map.txt v0, v16 all
0005001B-10063000 "WagonU list of files/folder for migration" v21, v48 all
0005001B-10067000 Caffeine TitleID list No not that Cafiine, the other one v3, v16 JPN
0005001B-10067100 Caffeine TitleID list v3, v16, v18 USA
0005001B-10067200 Caffeine TitleID list v3, v16 EUR
0005001B-10068000 MCP TitleID list...? v2, v4, v6 all
0005001B-10069000 "masterkey.bin" v0 JPN
0005001B-10069100 "masterkey.bin" v0 USA
0005001B-10069200 "masterkey.bin" v0 EUR
00050010-10040000 Updater v0, v24, v35, v71, v153, v171, v177, v196 JPN
00050010-10041000 "Version.bin" file with the current system version v17, v144, v178, v192, v195, v368, v384, v400, v432, v448, v464, v480, v496, v512, v528 JPN
00050010-10043000 DRC firmware v5126, v5382, v5406, v5896, v6164, v6412 JPN
00050010-10044000 v4864, v5636, v5890 JPN
00050010-10045000 System Updater v0, v22, v48, v83, v97 JPN
00050010-10047000 System Settings v0, v24, v35, v72, v137, v153, v164, v178 JPN
00050010-10048000 Parental Controls v0, v24, v35, v70, v120, v137 JPN
00050010-10049000 User Settings v0, v24, v35, v69 JPN
00050010-1004A000 Mii Maker v0, v22, v50 JPN
00050010-1004B000 Account Settings v6, v36, v65 JPN
00050010-1004C000 Daily Log v0, v24, v53 JPN
00050010-1004D000 Notifications v0, v24, v53 JPN
00050010-1004E000 Health and Safety Information v0, v25, v26, v37, v64, v113, v129 JPN
00050010-1005A000 Wii U Chat v9, v19 JPN
0005001B-10059000 Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v18, v19, v33, v100, v115, v133, v147 JPN
00050030-1006D00A amiibo Settings v0, v24 JPN
00050030-1006D10A amiibo Settings v0, v24 USA
00050030-1006D20A amiibo Settings v0, v24 EUR
00050030-1001000A HOME Menu v0, v24, v35, v72, v153, v169, v180 JPN
00050030-1001100A Error v0, v16, v72, v80, v100 JPN
00050030-1001200A Internet Browser v8, v20(2.1.0-2.1.3), v49(3.0.0-3.0.1-3.1.0), v89(4.0.0-4.0.2-4.0.3), v102(4.1.0), v113(5.0.0-5.1.0), v130(5.1.1-5.1.2-5.2.0), v177(5.3.0), v193(5.3.1-5.3.2), v220(5.4.0-5.5.0) JPN
00050030-1001300A Nintendo TVii v8, v19, v72, v81 JPN
00050030-1001400A Nintendo eShop v10, v20, v52, v100, v114, v131 JPN
00050030-1001500A Friend List v8, v19, v54, v105, v121 JPN
00050030-1001600A Miiverse v9, v18, v52, v107, v113 JPN
00050030-1001700A Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v23, v34, v68 JPN
00050030-1001800A Download Management v6, v21, v50, v96 JPN
00050030-1001900A Miiverse Post All v9, v18, v48, v102, v117, v130, v145 JPN
00050010-10040100 Wii U Menu v0, v24, v35, v71, v84, v153, 171, v177, v196 USA
00050010-10040200 Wii U Menu v0, v24, v35, v71, v84, v153, 171, v177, v196 EUR
00050010-10041100 "Version.bin" file with the current system version v17, v96, v114, v144, v178, v192, v195, v208, v320, v368, v384, v400, v432, v448, v464, v480, v496, v512 USA
00050010-10043100 DRC firmware v5126, v5382, v5406, v6164, v6412 USA
00050010-10044100 v4864, v5636, v5890 USA
00050010-10045100 System Updater v0, v22, v48, v83, v97 USA
00050010-10047100 System Settings v0, v17, v24, v35, v72, v84, v137, v153, v164, v178 USA
00050010-10048100 Parental Controls v0, v17, v24, v35, v70, v120, v137 USA
00050010-10049100 User Settings v0, v24, v35, v69 USA
00050010-1004A100 Mii Maker v0, v22, v50 USA
00050010-1004B100 Account Settings v6, v36, v65 USA
00050010-1004C100 Daily Log v0, v24, v53 USA
00050010-1004D100 Notifications v0, v24, v53 USA
00050010-1004E100 Health and Safety Information v0, v25, v37, v64, v113, v129 USA
00050010-1005A100 Wii U Chat v9, v19 USA
0005001B-10059100 Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v18, v19, v33, v49, v100, v115, v133, v147 USA
00050030-1001010A HOME Menu v0, v24, v35, v72, v84, v153, v169, v180 USA
00050030-1001110A Error v0, v16, v18, v80, v100 USA
00050030-1001210A Internet Browser v8, v20(2.1.0-2.1.3), v49(3.0.0-3.0.1-3.1.0), v89(4.0.0-4.0.2-4.0.3), v102(4.1.0), v113(5.0.0-5.1.0), v130(5.1.1-5.1.2-5.2.0), v177(5.3.0), v193(5.3.1-5.3.2), v220(5.4.0-5.5.0) USA
00050030-1001310A Nintendo TVii v8, v19, v72, v81 USA
00050030-1001410A Nintendo eShop v10, v20, v52, v100, v114, v131 USA
00050030-1001510A Friend List v8, v19, v54, v105, v121 USA
00050030-1001610A Miiverse v9, v18, v52, v107, v113 USA
00050030-1001710A Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v23, v34, v68 USA
00050030-1001810A Download Management v6, v21, v50, v96 USA
00050030-1001910A Miiverse Post All v9, v18, v48, v68, v102, v117, v130, v145 USA
00050010-10040200 Updater v0, v24, v35, v71, v153, v171, v177, v196 EUR
00050010-10041200 "Version.bin" file with the current system version v17, v96, v144, v178, v192, v195, v368, v384, v400, v432, v448, v464, v480, v496, v512 EUR
00050010-10043200 DRC firmware v5126, v5382, v5406, v6164, v6412 EUR
00050010-10044200 v4864, v5636, v5890 EUR
00050010-10045200 System Updater v0, v22, v48, v83, v97 EUR
00050010-10047200 System Settings v0, v24, v35, v72, v137, v153, v164, v178 EUR
00050010-10048200 Parental Controls v0, v24, v35, v70, v120, v137 EUR
00050010-10049200 User Settings v0, v24, v35, v69 EUR
00050010-1004A200 Mii Maker v0, v22, v50 EUR
00050010-1004B200 Account Settings v6, v36, v65 EUR
00050010-1004C200 Daily Log v0, v24, v53 EUR
00050010-1004D200 Notifications v0, v24, v53 EUR
00050010-1004E200 Health and Safety Information v0, v25, v34, v64, v113, v129 EUR
00050010-1005A200 Wii U Chat v9, v19 EUR
0005001B-10059200 Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v18, v19, v35, v100, v115, v133, v147 EUR
00050030-1001020A HOME Menu v0, v24, v35, v72, v153, v169, v180 EUR
00050030-1001120A Error v0, v16, v18, v80, v100 EUR
00050030-1001220A Internet Browser v8, v20(2.1.0-2.1.3), v49(3.0.0-3.0.1-3.1.0), v89(4.0.0-4.0.2-4.0.3), v102(4.1.0), v113(5.0.0-5.1.0), v130(5.1.1-5.1.2-5.2.0), v177(5.3.0), v193(5.3.1-5.3.2), v220(5.4.0-5.5.0) EUR
00050030-1001320A Nintendo TVii v8, v19, v72, v81 EUR
00050030-1001420A Nintendo eShop v10, v20, v52, v100, v114, v131 EUR
00050030-1001520A Friend List v8, v19, v54, v105, v121 EUR
00050030-1001620A Miiverse v9, v18, v52, v107, v113 EUR
00050030-1001720A Wii U Electronic Manual v0, v23, v34, v68 EUR
00050030-1001820A Download Management v6, v21, v50, v96 EUR
00050030-1001920A Miiverse Post All v9, v18, v48, v102, v117, v145 EUR
00050010-10062000 Software/Data Transfer v18, v40 JPN
00050010-10062100 Software/Data Transfer v18, v42 USA
00050010-10062200 Software/Data Transfer v18, v42 EUR
0005001B-1006C000 Contains trial_list.xml - a list of unreleased eShop demos of 1st party games. v0 all
00050030-1001A10A AOC Overlay App v9, v16, v34 all
00050030-100110FF Error (OSv255) v0, v16, v71 JPN
00050030-100111FF Error v0, v16, v71 USA (OSv255)
00050030-100112FF Error (OSv255) v0, v16, v71 EUR
00050030-10010009 HOME Menu (OSv9) v0 JPN
00050030-10011009 Error (OSv9) v0 JPN
00050030-10017009 Wii U Electronic Manual "Error" (OSv9) v0, v16 JPN
00050030-10010109 HOME Menu (OSv9) v0 USA
00050030-10011109 Error (OSv9) v0 USA
00050030-10017109 Wii U Electronic Manual "Error" (OSv9) v0, v16 USA
00050030-10010209 HOME Menu (OSv9) v0 EUR
00050030-10011209 Error (OSv9) v0 EUR
00050030-10017209 Wii U Electronic Manual "Error" (OSv9) v0, v16, v68 EUR
0005000E-1FBF1000 FBF10 [patched2] Gamepad update? code/drcsimple.rpx meta/bootMovie.h264 v32 (since 2.versionlist) all

00050000: eShop and disc titles

To do:

  • Remove updates and mentions of updates from this list, as they have their own section below
Title ID Description Product Code (XXX-X-XXXX) Company Code Notes Versions Region Available on CDN?
00050000-10013000 Nintendo TVii WUP-X-HBCJ JAP No TMD
00050000-10100600 鉄拳タッグトーナメント2 Wii U EDITION WUP-N-AKNJ 00AF v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10100D00 Nintendo×JOYSOUND Wii カラオケ U WUP-N-WAHJ - v112 JAP Yes
00050000-10101800 SiNG PARTY™ WUP-N-ASWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10101900 SiNG PARTY™ WUP-P-ASWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10101A00 LEGO® City: Undercover WUP-N-APLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10101B00 LEGO® City Undercover WUP-P-APLP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10101C00 New スーパーマリオブラザーズ U WUP-N-ARPJ 0001 v16, v65 (did this ever exist?) JAP Yes
00050000-10101D00 New Super Mario Bros.™ U WUP-N-ARPE 0001 v64 USA Yes
00050000-10101E00 New Super Mario Bros.™ U WUP-P-ARPP 0001 v0, v80 (did this ever exist?) EUR Yes
00050000-10101F00 Nintendo Land WUP-N-ALCJ 0001 v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10102000 Nintendo Land™ WUP-N-ALCE 0001 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10102100 Nintendo Land™ WUP-P-ALCP 0001 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10102200 Wii Fit U WUP-N-ASTJ 0001 v81 JAP Yes
00050000-10102300 Wii Fit™ U WUP-N-ASTE 0001 v81 USA Yes
00050000-10102400 Wii Fit™ U WUP-P-ASTP 0001 v81 EUR Yes
00050000-10102500 Nintendo×JOYSOUND Wii カラオケ U - - v80 JAP Yes
00050000-10102900 出前館 WUP-N-WALJ - v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10102A00 YNN WUP-N-HNMJ - v19 JAP Yes
00050000-10102D00 Hulu Plus WUP-N-HNPE - v48 USA Yes
00050000-10102E00 Amazon Instant Video WUP-N-HNQE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10102F00 Amazon Instant Video WUP-N-HNRP - v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10104C00 Hulu WUP-N-HNPJ - v48 JAP Yes
00050000-10104D00 モンスターハンター3(トライ)G HD Ver. WUP-N-AHDJ 0008 v96 JAP Yes
00050000-10105700 YouTube WUP-N-HNKA - v144, v176 all Yes
00050000-10105A00 Netflix WUP-N-HNNA - v96 EUR Yes
00050000-10106100 スーパーマリオ 3Dワールド WUP-N-ARDJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10106900 マリオ&ソニック AT ソチオリンピック™ WUP-N-AURJ 0001 v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10106B00 Assassin's Creed® III WUP-N-ASSE 0041 v80 USA Yes
00050000-10106C00 スーパーマリオブラザーズ WUP-N-FAAJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10106D00 Super Mario Bros.™ WUP-N-FAAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10106E00 Super Mario Bros.™ WUP-N-FAAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10106F00 スーパーマリオブラザーズ3 WUP-N-FABJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10107000 Super Mario Bros.™ 3 WUP-N-FABE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10107100 Super Mario Bros.™ 3 WUP-N-FABP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10107200 アイスクライマー WUP-N-FACJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10107500 Ice Climber™ WUP-N-FACE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10107600 Ice Climber™ WUP-N-FACP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10107700 星のカービィ 夢の泉の物語 WUP-N-FADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10107800 Kirby's Adventure™ WUP-N-FADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10107900 Kirby's Adventure™ WUP-N-FADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10107A00 Kirby's Adventure - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10107B00 マリオブラザーズ WUP-N-FAEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10107C00 Mario Bros™ WUP-N-FAEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10107D00 Mario Bros. WUP-N-FAEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10107E00 ドンキーコング WUP-N-FAFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10107F00 Donkey Kong™ WUP-N-FAFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10108000 Donkey Kong™ WUP-N-FAFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10108100 エキサイトバイク WUP-N-FAGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10108200 Excitebike™ WUP-N-FAGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10108300 Excitebike™ WUP-N-FAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10108400 スーパーマリオUSA WUP-N-FAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10108500 Super Mario Bros.™ 2 WUP-N-FAHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10108600 Super Mario Bros. 2 WUP-N-FAHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10108700 バルーンファイト WUP-N-FAJJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10108800 Balloon Fight™ WUP-N-FAJE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10108900 Balloon Fight WUP-N-FAJP - v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10108A00 パンチアウト WUP-N-FAKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10108B00 Punch-Out!!™ Featuring Mr. Dream WUP-N-FAKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10108C00 Punch-Out!!™ WUP-N-FAKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10108E00 スーパーマリオワールド WUP-N-JAAJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10108F00 Super Mario World™ WUP-N-JAAE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10109000 Super Mario World™ WUP-N-JAAP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10109100 スーパーマリオRPG WUP-N-JABJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10109200 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™ WUP-N-JABE USA Yes
00050000-10109300 Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™ WUP-N-JABP EUR Yes
00050000-10109400 スーパードンキーコング WUP-N-JACJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10109500 Donkey Kong Country™ WUP-N-JACE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10109600 Donkey Kong Country™ WUP-N-JACP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10109700 ゼルダの伝説 神々のトライフォース WUP-N-JADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10109800 The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™ WUP-N-JADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10109900 The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past WUP-N-JADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10109A00 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10109B00 The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10109C00 星のカービィ スーパーデラックス WUP-N-JAEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10109D00 Kirby Super Star™ WUP-N-JAEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10109E00 Kirby Super Star™ WUP-N-JAEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10109F00 ファイアーエムブレム 聖戦の系譜 WUP-N-JAFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1010A000 スーパードンキーコング2 ディクシー&ディディー WUP-N-JAGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1010A100 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest™ WUP-N-JAGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010A200 Donkey Kong Country 2™: Diddy's Kong Quest™ WUP-N-JAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010A300 Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010A400 ファイアーエムブレム 紋章の謎 WUP-N-JAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1010A500 スーパーメトロイド WUP-N-JAJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1010A600 Super Metroid™ WUP-N-JAJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010A700 Super Metroid WUP-N-JAJP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010A800 スーパーマリオカート WUP-N-JAKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1010A900 Super Mario Kart™ WUP-N-JAKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010AA00 Super Mario Kart™ WUP-N-JAKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010AB00 Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition WUP-N-ABTE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1010AC00 Ben 10 Omniverse WUP-N-ABEE 00G9 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010AD00 Darksiders II WUP-N-AD2E - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1010AE00 Just Dance 4 WUP-N-AJDE 0041 v32 USA Yes
00050000-1010AF00 Marvel Avengers™: Battle for Earth WUP-N-AMVE 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1010B000 Rabbids® Land WUP-N-ARBE 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1010B100 Rayman® Legends WUP-N-ARME 0041 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010B200 Scribblenauts™ Unlimited WUP-N-ASCE 00WR v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010B300 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed WUP-N-AS2E 008P v48 USA Yes
00050000-1010B400 ESPN Sports Connection WUP-N-ASPE 0041 v33 USA Yes
00050000-1010B500 TRANSFORMERS PRIME™ WUP-P-ATRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010B600 Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2013 WUP-N-AYSE 0041 v32 USA Yes
00050000-1010B800 Wii カラオケ U トライアルディスク - - v1 JAP No TMD
00050000-1010C700 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games WUP-P-AURE 0001 v32 USA Yes
00050000-1010C800 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games WUP-P-AURP 0001 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1010CF00 Call of Duty: Black Ops II WUP-P-AECE 0052 v128 USA No TMD
00050000-1010D800 Madden NFL 13 WUP-N-AMDE 0069 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010D900 EA SPORTS FIFA Soccer 13 WUP-N-AF3E 0069 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010DA00 NBA® 2K13 WUP-N-ANBE 0054 v32 USA Yes
00050000-1010DB00 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two WUP-N-AEME 004Q v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010DC00 Mass Effect 3 Special Edition WUP-P-AMEE 0069 v16 USA No TMD
00050000-1010DD00 ZombiU™ WUP-N-AZUE 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1010E300 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell® Blacklist™ WUP-N-AS9E 0041 v48 USA Yes
00050000-1010E400 Game Party™ Champions WUP-N-AGPE 00WR v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010E600 007™ Legends WUP-P-ASVE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-1010E700 Cabela's® Dangerous Hunts 2013 WUP-P-ACAE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-1010E800 Wipeout 3 WUP-P-AW3E 0052 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010EA00 無双OROCHI2 Hyper WUP-N-AHBJ 00C8 v64 JAP Yes
00050000-1010EB00 マリオカート8 WUP-N-AMKJ 0001 v33 JAP Yes
00050000-1010EC00 Mario Kart™ 8 WUP-N-AMKE 0001 v32 USA Yes
00050000-1010ED00 Mario Kart™ 8 WUP-P-AMKP 0001 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1010EE00 FIFA 13 WUP-P-AF3P 0069 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1010EF00 ZombiU™ WUP-P-AZUP 0041 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F000 Just Dance® 4 WUP-P-AJDP 0041 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F100 Rise of the Guardians WUP-P-ARGP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F200 Rise of the Guardians: The Video Game WUP-N-ARGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010F300 Family Party: 30 Great Games® Obstacle Arcade WUP-N-AFPE 00G9 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010F400 TRANSFORMERS PRIME™ The Game WUP-P-ATRP 0052 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F500 Mass Effect 3 Special Edition WUP-P-AMEP 0069 v16 EUR No TMD
00050000-1010F600 Assassin’s Creed® III WUP-P-ASSP 0041 v80 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F700 Your Shape®: Fitness Evolved 2013 WUP-P-AYSP 0041 v33 EUR Yes
00050000-1010F900 Scribblenauts™ Unlimited WUP-P-ASCP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1010FA00 The Cave WUP-N-WCVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1010FB00 Puddle™ WUP-P-WDLP 00NK v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1010FC00 Rabbids® Land WUP-P-ARBP 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1010FD00 TANK! TANK! TANK!™ WUP-P-ATKE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-1010FE00 TANK! TANK! TANK! WUP-P-ATKP 00AF v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10110000 TEKKEN TAG TOURNAMENT™ 2 Wii U EDITION WUP-N-AKNE 00AF v32 USA Yes
00050000-10110100 Nano Assault Neo WUP-N-WASE 00JX v17 USA Yes
00050000-10110200 WARRIORS OROCHI® 3 Hyper WUP-N-AHBE 00C8 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10110500 Puddle WUP-N-WDLE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10110600 Nano Assault Neo WUP-P-WASP 00JX v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10110700 007™ Legends - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10110800 Marvel Avengers™: Battle for Earth WUP-P-AMVP 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10110900 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge WUP-N-ANGJ 00C8 v64 JAP Yes
00050000-10110A00 NINJA GAIDEN™ 3: Razor’s Edge WUP-N-ANGE 0001 v80 USA Yes
00050000-10110B00 Ninja Gaiden 3™: Razor’s Edge WUP-P-ANGP 0001 v48 EUR Yes
00050000-10110C00 FIFA 13 ワールドクラスサッカー WUP-N-AF3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10110E00 大乱闘スマッシュブラザーズ for Wii U WUP-N-AXFJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10110F00 Darksiders II WUP-P-AD2P 0078 v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10111000 Ben 10 Omniverse WUP-P-ABEP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10111100 JEOPARDY!™ WUP-N-AJPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10111200 Wheel of Fortune® WUP-N-AWFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10111300 Batman Arkham City: Armoured Edition WUP-P-ABTP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10111400 Rayman® Legends WUP-P-ARMP 0041 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10111600 Fast & Furious™: Showdown WUP-P-AF6E - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-10111700 Injustice: Gods Among Us WUP-N-AJSE 00WR v16 USA Yes
00050000-10111A00 Injustice: Gods Among Us WUP-P-AJSP 00WR v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10111B00 ニンテンドー3DS版モンスターハンター3G・パケットリレーツール WUP-N-WLYJ - v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10111C00 三國志12 WUP-N-AG9J 00C8 v33 JAP Yes
00050000-10111D00 Sports Connection™ WUP-P-ASPP 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10111E00 Scribblenauts Unlimited - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10111F00 Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed WUP-P-AS2P 008P v48 EUR Yes
00050000-10112000 The Croods: Prehistoric Party! WUP-N-ACRE 00G9 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10112100 Know Your Friends WUP-U-AKFP 0041 v16 EUR No TMD
00050000-10112200 Trine 2: Director's Cut WUP-P-WBDP 00FZ v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10112300 ZombiU(ゾンビU) WUP-N-AZUJ 0041 v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10112400 アサシン クリードⅢ WUP-N-ASSJ 0041 v80 JAP Yes
00050000-10112500 スポーツコネクション WUP-N-ASPJ 0041 v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10112600 レイマン レジェンド WUP-N-ARMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10112700 ラビッツランド WUP-N-ARBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10112800 スプリンターセル ブラックリスト WUP-N-AS9J 0041 v48 JAP Yes
00050000-10112900 バットマン:アーカム・シティ アーマード・エディション WUP-N-ABTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10112B00 Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper WUP-P-AHBP 00C8 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10112D00 ゲーム&ワリオ WUP-N-ASAJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10112E00 Disney Epic Mickey 2 - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10112F00 NBA 2K13 WUP-P-ANBP 0054 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10113000 マスエフェクト 3 - 特別版 - WUP-P-AMEJ 0013 v16 JAP No TMD
00050000-10113100 バイオハザード リベレーションズ アンベールド エディション WUP-N-ABHJ 0008 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10113200 Family Party: 30 Great Games® Obstacle Arcade WUP-P-AFPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10113300 The Smurfs™ 2 WUP-P-ASUE 0041 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10113400 Call of Duty: Black Ops II WUP-U-AECP 0052 v128 EUR No TMD
00050000-10113500 Call of Duty: Black Ops II WUP-U-AECI 0052 v144 EUR No TMD
00050000-10113600 タンク!タンク!タンク! WUP-P-ATKJ - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-10113700 Call of Duty: Black Ops II WUP-U-AECD 0052 v144 EUR No TMD
00050000-10113800 Zen Pinball 2 WUP-P-WBAP 00Y4 v65 EUR Yes
00050000-10113A00 CastleStorm WUP-P-WCSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10113B00 KickBeat Special Edition WUP-P-WKBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10113C00 Funky Barn WUP-P-AFBE 00GT v16 USA No TMD
00050000-10113D00 Rapala® Pro Bass Fishing WUP-P-ABFE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-10113E00 ゼビウス WUP-N-FALJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10113F00 Xevious™ WUP-N-FALE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10114000 Xevious™ WUP-N-FALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114100 ヨッシーのたまご WUP-N-FAMJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10114200 Yoshi™ WUP-N-FAME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10114300 Mario&Yoshi™ WUP-N-FAMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114400 ロックマン WUP-N-FANJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10114500 Mega Man™ WUP-N-FANE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10114600 Mega Man™ WUP-N-FANP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114700 ロックマン2 Dr.ワイリーの謎 WUP-N-FAPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10114800 Mega Man™ 2 WUP-N-FAPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10114900 Mega Man™ 2 WUP-N-FAPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114A00 ダウンタウン熱血行進曲 それゆけ大運動会 WUP-N-FAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10114B00 がんばれゴエモン ゆき姫救出絵巻 WUP-N-JALJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10114C00 The Legend of The Mystical Ninja™ WUP-N-JALE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10114D00 The Legend of The Mystical Ninja WUP-N-JALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114E00 The Legend of The Mystical Ninja - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10114F00 ストリートファイターⅡ ザ ワールド ウォーリアー WUP-N-JAMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10115000 Street Fighter™ II: The World Warrior WUP-N-JAME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10115100 Street Fighter II: The World Warrior™ WUP-N-JAMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10115200 星のカービィ3 WUP-N-JANJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10115300 Kirby's Dream Land™ 3 WUP-N-JANE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10115400 Kirby's Dream Land™ 3 WUP-N-JANP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10115A00 マリオのスーパーピクロス WUP-N-JAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10115B00 Mario’s Super Picross™ WUP-N-JAQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10115D00 The Smurfs™ 2 WUP-P-ASUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10115E00 ドラゴンクエストⅩ 目覚めし五つの種族 オンライン WUP-N-ADQJ 00GD v1312 JAP Yes
00050000-10115F00 Zen Pinball™ 2 WUP-N-WBAE 00Y4 v65 USA Yes
00050000-10116000 Skylanders Giants - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10116100 XenobladeX ゼノブレイドクロス WUP-N-AX5J 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10116300 The Wonderful 101 WUP-N-ACMJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10116400 ニコニコ WUP-N-HNAJ - v114 JAP Yes
00050000-10116500 Toki Tori 2+ WUP-P-WAAP 00TW v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10116600 真・北斗無双 WUP-N-AH9J 00C8 v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10116700 KickBeat Special Edition WUP-N-WKBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10117200 Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate WUP-P-AHDP 0008 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10117700 Chasing Aurora WUP-P-WCAP 00TJ v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10117800 Kung Fu Rabbit WUP-P-WKFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10118000 SIMPLEシリーズ for Wii U Vol.1 THE ファミリーパーティー WUP-N-AFPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10118100 Barbie Dreamhouse Party - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10118200 Monster High 13 Wishes - - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10118300 Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate WUP-N-AHDE 0008 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10118400 Funky Barn WUP-P-AFBP 00GT v16 EUR No TMD
00050000-10119100 パックマン WUP-N-FARJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119200 PAC-MAN® WUP-N-FARE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10119300 PAC-MAN™ WUP-N-FARP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10119400 スペランカー WUP-N-FASJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119500 グラディウス WUP-N-FATJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119700 Gradius WUP-N-FATP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10119800 ツインビー WUP-N-FAUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119900 F-ZERO WUP-N-JARJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119A00 F-Zero™ WUP-N-JARE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10119B00 F-ZERO™ WUP-N-JARP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10119C00 カービィボウル WUP-N-JASJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10119D00 Kirby's Dream Course™ WUP-N-JASE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10119E00 Kirby's Dream Course™ WUP-N-JASP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10119F00 超魔界村 WUP-N-JATJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1011A000 Super Ghouls'n Ghosts™ WUP-N-JATE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011A100 Super Ghouls'n Ghosts™ WUP-N-JATP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1011A200 がんばれゴエモン2 奇天烈将軍マッギネス WUP-N-JAUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1011A300 スーパーストリートファイターⅡ ザ ニューチャレンジャーズ WUP-N-JAVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1011A400 Super Street Fighter™ II: The New Challengers WUP-N-JAVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011A500 Super Street Fighter™Ⅱ: The New Challengers WUP-N-JAVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1011A600 Dangerous Hunts 2013 - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-1011A700 ZombiU WUP-P-AZUD 0041 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1011A800 Wii Party U WUP-N-ANXJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1011A900 Spelunker™ WUP-N-FASE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1011AA00 Spelunker™ WUP-N-FASP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1011AB00 ロードランナー WUP-N-FAVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1011AC00 Lode Runner™ WUP-N-FAVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011AD00 Lode Runner™ WUP-N-FAVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1011AE00 Gradius™ WUP-N-FATE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011AF00 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien WUP-N-WBTE 00XY v33 USA Yes
00050000-1011B000 Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two WUP-P-AEMS - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1011B100 Mighty Switch Force!™ Hyper Drive Edition WUP-N-WHYE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1011B200 Little Inferno WUP-N-WLFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011B300 Funky Barn WUP-P-AFBZ 00TZ v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1011B400 コール オブ デューティ ブラックオプスII WUP-P-AECJ 00GD v96 JAP No TMD
00050000-1011B600 Dragon Quest X Beta test WUP-U-AQDJ 00GD v96 JAP Yes
00050000-1011B700 UPLAY WUP-N-WLAP 0041 v64 EUR Yes
00050000-1011B900 ベヨネッタ2 WUP-N-AQUJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1011BA00 Uplay WUP-N-WLAE 0041 v64 USA Yes
00050000-1011C000 Chasing Aurora WUP-N-WCAE 00TJ v16 USA Yes
00050000-1011C100 Mutant Mudds Deluxe WUP-N-WMME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011C300 The Amazing Spider-Man™ Ultimate Edition WUP-P-AMZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011C500 Disney Planes WUP-N-APAE 004Q v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011C600 Cloudberry Kingdom™ WUP-N-WCKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011F200 Game & Wario™ WUP-N-ASAE 0001 v0 USA Yes
00050000-1011F300 The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct WUP-P-AWDE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-10128200 Mighty Switch Force!™ Hyper Drive Edition WUP-P-WHYP - v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10128300 The Amazing Spider-Man™ Ultimate Edition WUP-P-AMZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10128400 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U WUP-P-ANSP 0069 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10128600 Little Inferno WUP-P-WLFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10128700 Toki Tori 2+ WUP-N-WAAE 00TW v32 USA Yes
00050000-10128800 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U WUP-N-ANSE 0069 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10128900 Game & Wario™ WUP-P-ASAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10128A00 Trine 2™: Director's Cut WUP-N-WBDE 00FZ v16 USA Yes
00050000-10128C00 Tank! Tank ! Tank! (DL) WUP-P-WAKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10128F00 Sonic Lost World™ WUP-N-ASNE 008P v48 USA Yes
00050000-10129000 DuckTales: Remastered WUP-N-WDKE 0008 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10129200 DuckTales: Remastered WUP-P-WDKP 0008 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10129400 The Walking Dead : Survival Instinct - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10129500 Funky Barn Download WUP-N-AFBY - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10129600 Wii U Panorama View 予告編 WUP-N-SPGJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10129700 ドンキーコングJR. WUP-N-FAWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10129800 Donkey Kong Jr.™ WUP-N-FAWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10129900 Donkey Kong™ Jr. WUP-N-FAWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10129A00 忍者じゃじゃ丸くん WUP-N-FAXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10129B00 ソロモンの鍵 WUP-N-FAYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10129C00 Solomon's Key™ WUP-N-FAYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10129D00 Solomon's Key™ WUP-N-FAYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10129E00 ロックマン3 Dr.ワイリーの最期!? WUP-N-FAZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10129F00 Mega Man™ 3 WUP-N-FAZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012A000 Mega Man™ 3 WUP-N-FAZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012A100 マッピー WUP-N-FA2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012A200 カービィのきらきらきっず WUP-N-JAWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012A300 がんばれゴエモン3 獅子重禄兵衛のからくり卍固め WUP-N-JAXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012A500 ストリートファイターⅡ ターボ ハイパー ファイティング WUP-N-JAYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012A600 Street Fighter™ II Turbo: Hyper Fighting WUP-N-JAYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012A700 かまいたちの夜 WUP-N-JAZJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1012A800 ヘラクレスの栄光Ⅲ 神々の沈黙 WUP-N-JA2J - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-1012AC00 Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist WUP-P-AS9P 0041 v48 EUR Yes
00050000-1012AD00 Street Fighter™ II Turbo: Hyper Fighting WUP-N-JAYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B100 Sonic Lost World WUP-P-ASNP 008P v48 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B200 Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut WUP-P-ADXP 00GD v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B400 Resident Evil Revelations WUP-P-ABHP 0008 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B500 The Cave WUP-P-WCVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B700 NEED FOR SPEED MOST WANTED U WUP-N-ANSJ 0013 v32 JAP Yes
00050000-1012B800 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 WUP-P-AH9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012B900 Fist of the North Star®: Ken's Rage 2 WUP-N-AH9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012BA00 Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut WUP-N-ADXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012BC00 ピクミン3 WUP-N-AC3J 0001 v96 JAP Yes
00050000-1012BD00 Pikmin™ 3 WUP-N-AC3E 0001 v96 USA Yes
00050000-1012BE00 Pikmin™ 3 WUP-P-AC3P 0001 v96 EUR Yes
00050000-1012BF00 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara WUP-P-WDDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012C000 Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara WUP-N-WDDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012C400 Disney Epic Mickey 2 - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012C500 THE CROODS WUP-P-ACRP 00AF v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1012CB00 2.1.0U System ate Disc - - v16 USA No TMD
00050000-1012CC00 2.1.0E System ate Disc - - v16 EUR No TMD
00050000-1012CD00 Jett Tailfin WUP-N-AJEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012CF00 Resident Evil® Revelations WUP-N-ABHE 0008 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1012D000 Cocoto Magic Circus 2 - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-1012D300 Wii Street U powered by Google WUP-N-WHXJ - v144 JAP Yes
00050000-1012D400 Wii U Panorama View ロンドンバスでいこう WUP-N-WLNJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1012D500 Wii U Panorama View 鳥の飛行隊 WUP-N-WETJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1012D600 Wii U Panorama View リオでカーニバル! WUP-N-WBRJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1012D700 Wii U Panorama View 京の町ゆく人力車 WUP-N-WKYJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1012D800 Kung Fu Rabbit WUP-N-WKFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012DA00 Fast & Furious™: Showdown - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-1012DC00 The Wonderful 101™ WUP-N-ACME 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1012DE00 レッキングクルー WUP-N-FA4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012DF00 Wrecking Crew™ WUP-N-FA4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012E000 Wrecking Crew WUP-N-FA4P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012E100 ふぁみこんむかし話 新・鬼ヶ島(前後編) WUP-N-FA5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012E200 ギャラガ WUP-N-FA6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012E300 Galaga™ WUP-N-FA6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012E400 Galaga™ WUP-N-FA6P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012E600 ロックマン4 新たなる野望!! WUP-N-FA7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012E700 Mega Man™ 4 WUP-N-FA7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012E800 Mega Man™ 4 WUP-N-FA7P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012E900 パネルでポン WUP-N-JA3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012EC00 真・女神転生 WUP-N-JA4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012ED00 魂斗羅スピリッツ WUP-N-JA5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012EE00 Contra® III: The Alien Wars™ WUP-N-JA5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012EF00 Contra III The Alien Wars WUP-N-JA5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012F000 FAST Racing NEO WUP-N-WFSE USA Yes
00050000-1012F100 Wii Sports Club WUP-N-AWSJ 0001 v112 JAP Yes
00050000-1012F200 タンク!タンク!タンク! (DL) WUP-N-WAKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012F300 メトロイド WUP-N-FA8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012F400 Metroid™ WUP-N-FA8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012F500 Metroid™ WUP-N-FA8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012F600 スーパーマリオブラザーズ2 WUP-N-FA9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012F700 Super Mario Bros.™: The Lost Levels WUP-N-FA9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012F800 Super Mario Bros.™: The Lost Levels WUP-N-FA9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012F900 ゼルダの伝説 WUP-N-FBAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012FA00 The Legend of Zelda™ WUP-N-FBAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012FB00 The Legend of Zelda™ WUP-N-FBAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012FC00 光神話 パルテナの鏡 WUP-N-FBBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1012FD00 Kid Icarus™ WUP-N-FBBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1012FE00 Kid Icarus™ WUP-N-FBBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1012FF00 リンクの冒険 WUP-N-FBCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10130000 Zelda II - The Adventure of Link™ WUP-N-FBCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10130100 Zelda II - The Adventure of Link™ WUP-N-FBCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10130200 ファミコン探偵倶楽部 PARTⅡ うしろに立つ少女(スーパーファミコン版) WUP-N-JA6J - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10130300 パイロットウイングス WUP-N-JA7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10130400 Pilotwings™ WUP-N-JA7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10130500 Pilotwings™ WUP-N-JA7P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10130600 ファイナルファイト WUP-N-JA8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10130700 Final Fight™ WUP-N-JA8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10130800 Final Fight WUP-N-JA8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10130900 悪魔城ドラキュラ WUP-N-JA9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10130A00 Super Castlevania® IV WUP-N-JA9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10130B00 Super Castlevania IV WUP-N-JA9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10130C00 ロックマンX WUP-N-JBAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10130D00 Mega Man™ X WUP-N-JBAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10130E00 Mega Man™ X WUP-N-JBAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131000 Wii U™ Panorama View: Double-Decker Tour WUP-N-WLNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10131100 Wii U™ Panorama View: Bird’s-Eye View WUP-N-WETE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10131200 Wii U™ Panorama View: Carnival in Rio WUP-N-WBRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10131300 Wii U™ Panorama View: Kyoto Sightseeing WUP-N-WKYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10131400 Wii U™ Panorama View Double-Decker Tour WUP-P-WLNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131500 Wii U™ Panorama View Birds in Flight WUP-P-WETP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131600 Wii U™ Panorama View Carnival! WUP-P-WBRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131700 Wii U™ Panorama View Rickshaw Around Kyoto WUP-P-WKYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131900 F1 RACE STARS™ POWERED UP EDITION WUP-P-AF9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131A00 Cloudberry Kingdom WUP-P-WCKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131B00 Wii U™ Panorama View: Demo Trailer WUP-N-SPGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10131C00 Wii U™ Panorama View Interactive Trailer WUP-P-SPGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10131D00 幻影異聞録♯FE WUP-N-ASEJ 0001 v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10131E00 ポケモンスクランブル U WUP-N-WCNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10131F00 ヨッシー ウールワールド WUP-N-AYCJ 0001 v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10132000 Wii Street U powered by Google - - v144 USA Yes
00050000-10132100 Wii Street U powered by Google - - v144 EUR Yes
00050000-10132200 太鼓の達人 Wii Uば~じょん! WUP-N-AT5J 00AF v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10132400 LEGO Marvel Super Heroes WUP-P-ALMP 00WR v48 EUR Yes
00050000-10132500 Wii Fit U Quick Check WUP-U-WB9J 0001 v81 JAP Yes
00050000-10132600 Wii Fit U Quick Check WUP-U-WB9E 0001 v81 USA Yes
00050000-10132700 Wii Fit U Quick Check WUP-U-WB9P 0001 v81 EUR Yes
00050000-10132800 Unepic WUP-N-WEPE 00UP v16 USA Yes
00050000-10132900 Disney Infinity WUP-P-ADSE 004Q v49 USA Yes
00050000-10132A00 Star Wars Pinball WUP-P-WA2P 00Y4 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10132B00 LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes WUP-N-ALME 00WR v32 USA Yes
00050000-10132C00 Scribblenauts™ Unmasked: A DC Comics Adventure WUP-N-ADCE 00WR v1 USA Yes
00050000-10132D00 Scribblenauts Unmasked A DC Comics Adventure - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10132F00 Monster Hunter™ 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for Nintendo 3DS WUP-P-WLYP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10133000 MOTHER WUP-N-FBDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10133100 EarthBound™ Beginnings WUP-N-FBDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10133200 EarthBound™ Beginnings WUP-N-FBDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10133300 MOTHER2 ギーグの逆襲 WUP-N-JBBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10133400 EarthBound™ WUP-N-JBBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10133500 EarthBound™ WUP-N-JBBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10133600 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Packet Relay Tools for Nintendo 3DS WUP-N-WLYE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10133700 CastleStorm WUP-N-WCSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10133800 TANK! TANK! TANK!™ (DL) WUP-N-WAKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10133900 Turbo: Super Stunt Squad™ WUP-N-ATBE 00G9 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10133B00 Sniper Elite V2 - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10133C00 いっき WUP-N-FBEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134000 高橋名人の冒険島 WUP-N-FBGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134100 Adventure Island WUP-N-FBGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10134200 Adventure Island WUP-N-FBGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10134300 魔界村 WUP-N-FBHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134400 GHOSTS'N GOBLINS™ WUP-N-FBHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10134500 Ghosts'n Goblins™ WUP-N-FBHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10134600 三國志Ⅳ WUP-N-JBCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134700 Romance of the Three Kingdoms™ IV Wall of Fire WUP-N-JBCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10134A00 ブレス オブ ファイアⅡ 使命の子 WUP-N-JBEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134B00 Breath of Fire® II WUP-N-JBEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10134C00 Breath of Fire II™ WUP-N-JBEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10134D00 ファイアーエムブレム トラキア776 WUP-N-JBFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10134E00 Sniper Elite V2 WUP-P-AS8E - v1 USA No TMD
00050000-10135000 Art of Balance WUP-N-WABE 00JX v16 USA Yes
00050000-10135100 Darts Up WUP-N-WDUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10135200 Star Wars Pinball WUP-N-WA2E 00Y4 v33 USA Yes
00050000-10135300 The Wonderful 101 WUP-P-ACMP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10135500 LEGO® BATMAN 2: DC Super Heroes WUP-P-ALBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10135600 運命の洞窟 THE CAVE WUP-N-WCVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10135700 ソニック ロストワールド WUP-N-ASNJ 008P v48 JAP Yes
00050000-10135C00 スーパーファミコンウォーズ WUP-N-JBGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10135E00 LEGO® Batman™ 2: DC Super Heroes WUP-N-ALBE 00WR v0 USA Yes
00050000-10136000 Romance of the three Kingdoms™ IV Wall of Fire WUP-N-JBCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10136100 バンダイチャンネル WUP-N-HNBJ - v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10136300 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien WUP-P-WBTP 00XY v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10136400 ナノアサルト ネオ WUP-N-WASJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10136500 龍が如く 1&2 HD for Wii U WUP-N-ARYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10136700 Turbo: Super Stunt Squad WUP-P-ATBP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10136900 Disney Planes WUP-P-APAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10136A00 Disney Planes - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10136B00 Disney Planes - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10136C00 Batman: Arkham Origins WUP-P-AZEP 00WR v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10136D00 Disney Epic Mickey 2 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10136F00 Disney Infinity WUP-U-ADSP 004Q v49 EUR No TMD
00050000-10137000 Disney Infinity WUP-U-ADSZ 004Q v49 EUR No TMD
00050000-10137200 Fit Music for Wii U WUP-P-AFMP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10137300 はじまりの森 WUP-N-JBHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10137400 Vegas Stakes™ WUP-N-JBJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10137500 Vegas Stakes™ WUP-N-JBJP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10137600 Harvest Moon® WUP-N-JBKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10137700 Harvest Moon® WUP-N-JBKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10137800 Harvest Moon - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10137A00 Final Fight™ 2 WUP-N-JBLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10137B00 Final Fight™ 2 WUP-N-JBLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10137C00 Batman: Arkham Origins WUP-N-AZEE 00WR v16 USA Yes
00050000-10137D00 Wii Party™ U WUP-N-ANXE 0001 v1 USA Yes
00050000-10137E00 Wii Party™ U WUP-P-ANXP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10137F00 Donkey Kong Country™: Tropical Freeze WUP-N-ARKE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10138000 ファイナルファイト2 WUP-N-JBLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10138300 Donkey Kong™ Country Tropical Freeze WUP-P-ARKP 0001 v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10138500 Pinball Arcade WUP-N-WACE USA Yes
00050000-10138600 Falling Skies: The Game WUP-N-AF8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10138700 Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party WUP-P-WB6P 00YV v33 EUR Yes
00050000-10138800 Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag WUP-P-ASBP 0041 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10138900 How To Survive WUP-P-WHTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10138A00 Angry Birds Trilogy - - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10138B00 Assassin's Creed® IV Black Flag™ WUP-N-ASBE 0041 v32 USA Yes
00050000-10138E00 Rayman® Legends Challenges App WUP-P-WB7P 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10138F00 Devil's Third WUP-N-ADNJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10139200 Skylanders SWAP Force™ WUP-N-ASFE 0052 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10139400 Phineas and Ferb : Quest for Cool Stuff WUP-P-APFE 005G v0 USA Yes
00050000-10139500 Rayman Legends Challenges App WUP-U-WB7E 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10139800 ドルアーガの塔 WUP-N-FBKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10139900 Just Dance® 2014 WUP-N-AJ5E 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10139A00 Cocoto Magic Circus 2 WUP-N-ACCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10139B00 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10140000 Angry Birds Trilogy WUP-P-ANRP 0052 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10140300 Hunter's Trophy 2: Europa EUR No TMD
00050000-10140400 Skylanders SWAP Force WUP-P-ASFP 0052 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10140500 Watch_Dogs™ WUP-P-AWCP 0041 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10140600 銀星将棋 強天怒闘風雷神 WUP-N-AGZJ JAP Yes
00050000-10140700 インジャスティス:神々(ヒーロー)の激突 WUP-N-AJSJ 00WR v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10140800 ARC STYLE: 野球!!SP WUP-N-WBSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10140900 オセロ WUP-N-WCEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10140C00 スーパーワギャンランド WUP-N-JBMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10140D00 重装機兵ヴァルケン WUP-N-JBNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10140E00 Cybernator WUP-N-JBNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10140F00 Cybernator WUP-N-JBNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10141100 大航海時代Ⅱ WUP-N-JBQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141200 Uncharted Waters™: New Horizons WUP-N-JBQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10141300 Uncharted Waters: New Horizons WUP-N-JBQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10141400 真・女神転生Ⅱ WUP-N-JBRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141500 真・女神転生if... WUP-N-JBSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141600 ロックマンX2 WUP-N-JBTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141700 Mega Man™ X2 WUP-N-JBTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10141800 Mega Man™ X2 WUP-N-JBTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10141900 ファイナルファイト タフ WUP-N-JBUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141A00 Final Fight™ 3 WUP-N-JBUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10141B00 Final Fight™ 3 WUP-N-JBUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10141C00 RUSHING BEAT 乱 複製都市 WUP-N-JBVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10141D00 Brawl Brothers™ WUP-N-JBVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10141E00 Brawl Brothers WUP-N-JBVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10141F00 クロックタワー WUP-N-JBWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10142000 Watch Dogs™ WUP-N-AWCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10142200 New スーパールイージ U WUP-P-ARSJ - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-10142300 New SUPER LUIGI U - - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-10142400 New SUPER LUIGI U WUP-P-ARSP 0001 v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-10142700 Art Academy™: SketchPad WUP-P-AA9P 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10142800 TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition WUP-P-WAYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10142A00 Zumba® Fitness World Party WUP-N-AZBE 005G v16 USA Yes
00050000-10142B00 絵心教室 スケッチ WUP-N-AA9J 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10142C00 Art Academy: SketchPad WUP-P-AA9E 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10142D00 スカイランダーズ スパイロの大冒険 WUP-P-AS7J - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-10142F00 レゴ®シティ アンダーカバー WUP-N-APLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10143200 Cabela's® Big Game Hunter® Pro Hunts WUP-P-ACEE - v0 USA No TMD
00050000-10143300 Hot Wheels World's Best Driver™ WUP-N-AHWE 00WR v1 USA Yes
00050000-10143400 ゼルダの伝説 風のタクト HD WUP-N-BCZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10143500 The Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker HD WUP-N-BCZE 0001 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10143600 The Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker HD WUP-P-BCZP 0001 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10143700 聖剣伝説2 WUP-N-JBXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10143C00 ファイナルファンタジーVI WUP-N-JBYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10143F00 Just Dance® 2014 WUP-P-AJ5P 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10144000 Adventure Time™: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! WUP-N-ADVE 00G9 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10144800 ドンキーコング トロピカルフリーズ WUP-N-ARKJ 0001 v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10144D00 Wii Sports™ Club WUP-N-AWSE 0001 v112 USA Yes
00050000-10144E00 Wii Sports™ Club WUP-N-AWSP 0001 v112 EUR Yes
00050000-10144F00 Super Smash Bros.™ for Wii U WUP-N-AXFE 0001 v80 USA Yes
00050000-10145000 Super Smash Bros.™ for Wii U WUP-P-AXFP 0001 v96 EUR Yes
00050000-10145100 Hot Wheels World's Best Driver WUP-P-AHWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10145200 Just Dance® Kids 2014 WUP-N-AJKE 0041 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10145300 スナイパー エリートV2 WUP-N-AS8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10145500 Wipeout Create & Crash - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10145600 Animal Crossing Plaza WUP-U-ADBA 0001 v16 all Yes
00050000-10145800 Unepic WUP-P-WEPP 00UP v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10145900 Coaster Crazy Deluxe© WUP-P-WCDP 00HL v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10145A00 Pure Chess® WUP-P-WC9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10145B00 Just Dance® Kids 2014 WUP-P-AJKP 0041 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10145C00 Super Mario™ 3D World WUP-N-ARDE 0001 v1 USA Yes
00050000-10145D00 Super Mario 3D World™ WUP-P-ARDP 0001 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10145E00 Angry Birds Star Wars WUP-P-AGRE 0052 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10145F00 ファミコンリミックス WUP-N-WMGJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10146000 NES™ REMIX WUP-N-WMGE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10146100 NES™ Remix WUP-N-WMGP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10146300 PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures WUP-N-APCE 00AF v0 USA Yes
00050000-10146600 Ben 10 Omniverse™ 2 WUP-P-ABVP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10146800 Call of Duty®: Ghosts WUP-P-ACPE 0052 v112 USA No TMD
00050000-10146900 SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge WUP-P-AS5E 0052 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10146A00 The Amazing Spider-Man 2™ WUP-P-AM9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10147300 Evofish WUP-N-WEVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10147400 Pure Chess® WUP-N-WC9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10147500 Ben 10 Omniverse™ 2 WUP-N-ABVE 00G9 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10147600 Evofish WUP-P-WEVP 00DZ v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10147700 Pokémon Rumble U WUP-N-WCNZ - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10147900 PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures WUP-P-APCP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10147A00 Monster High 13 Wishes WUP-P-AC2P 00VZ v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10147B00 Barbie Dreamhouse Party WUP-P-ABBP 00VZ v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10147D00 SpongeBob SquarePants: Plankton’s Robotic Revenge - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10147E00 Hello Kitty® Kruisers WUP-N-AHKE 00YM v1 USA Yes
00050000-10147F00 Spin The Bottle: Bumpie's Party WUP-N-WB6E 00YV v32 USA Yes
00050000-10148000 ワンピース アンリミテッドワールド R WUP-N-AUNJ 00AF v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10148200 Rock 'N Racing Off Road WUP-N-WAEE 00UP v16 USA Yes
00050000-10148500 Abyss WUP-N-WAGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10148F00 Uplay WUP-N-WLAJ 0041 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10149000 三國志12 with パワーアップキット WUP-N-APUJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10149100 Angry Birds Star Wars WUP-P-AGRP 0052 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10149200 Spot The Differences: Party! WUP-P-WDFP 00SS v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10149300 Mario vs. Donkey Kong™: Tipping Stars WUP-N-WAFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10149400 Art of Balance WUP-P-WABP 00JX v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10149500 Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails WUP-N-WKTE 00CS v16 USA Yes
00050000-10149600 Wii Karaoke U™ by JOYSOUND™ WUP-N-WAHP - v48 EUR Yes
00050000-10149700 役満 鳳凰 WUP-N-WAUJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10149800 ベースボール WUP-N-FBLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10149900 Baseball WUP-N-FBLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10149A00 Baseball WUP-N-FBLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10149B00 テニス WUP-N-FBMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10149C00 Tennis WUP-N-FBME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10149D00 Tennis WUP-N-FBMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10149E00 ピンボール WUP-N-FBNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10149F00 Pinball WUP-N-FBNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014A000 Pinball WUP-N-FBNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014A100 アーバンチャンピオン WUP-N-FBPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014A200 Urban Champion™ WUP-N-FBPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014A300 Urban Champion™ WUP-N-FBPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014A400 クルクルランド WUP-N-FBQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014A500 Clu Clu Land™ WUP-N-FBQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014A600 Clu Clu Land™ WUP-N-FBQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014A700 ドンキーコング3 WUP-N-FBRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014A800 Donkey Kong™ 3 WUP-N-FBRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014A900 Donkey Kong™ 3 WUP-N-FBRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014AA00 ゴルフ WUP-N-FBSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014AB00 Golf WUP-N-FBSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014AC00 GOLF WUP-N-FBSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014AD00 ファイナルファンタジー WUP-N-FBTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014B000 ファイナルファンタジーIV WUP-N-JBZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014B300 伝説のオウガバトル WUP-N-JB2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014B700 New Super Mario Bros.™ U and New Super Luigi U™ WUP-N-ATWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014B800 New Super Mario Bros.™ U + New Super Luigi™ U WUP-P-ATWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014BF00 @SIMPLE DLシリーズ for Wii U Vol.1 THE 密室からの脱出 ~すべての始まり16の謎~ WUP-N-WD4J - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-1014C000 ウォッチドッグス WUP-N-AWCJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1014C100 TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark WUP-N-AYEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014C300 引ク押ス ワールド WUP-N-WKEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014C600 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams WUP-P-WGSP 00CX v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1014C700 How to Survive WUP-N-WHTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014C800 アサシン クリード4 ブラック フラッグ WUP-N-ASBJ 0041 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-1014C900 My Farm WUP-P-WMFP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1014CA00 The Legend of Zelda™: Hyrule Historia - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014CB00 Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams WUP-N-WGSE 00CX v16 USA Yes
00050000-1014CC00 Cocoto Magic Circus 2 WUP-P-ACCZ - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014CE00 YouTube - - v64 USA Yes
00050000-1014CF00 Coaster Crazy Deluxe© WUP-N-WCDE 00HL v32 USA Yes
00050000-1014D000 My Farm WUP-N-WMFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014D100 Scram Kitty and his Buddy on Rails WUP-P-WKTP 00CS v17 EUR Yes
00050000-1014D200 零 ~濡鴉ノ巫女~ WUP-N-AL5J - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1014D600 TRINE 2 三つの力と不可思議の森 WUP-N-WBDJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-1014D800 Knytt Underground™ WUP-P-WBCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014D900 ぷよぷよテトリス WUP-N-APTJ 008P v32 JAP Yes
00050000-1014DA00 モンスターハンター フロンティアG WUP-N-AMFJ 0008 v784 JAP Yes
00050000-1014DB00 BAYONETTA - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-1014DD00 Chimpuzzle Pro WUP-P-WCPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014DE00 The LEGO® Movie Videogame WUP-N-ALAE 00WR v16 USA Yes
00050000-1014DF00 Spot The Differences: Party! WUP-N-WDFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014E000 The LEGO® Movie Videogame WUP-P-ALAP 00WR v18 EUR Yes
00050000-1014E100 Adventure Time™: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW! WUP-P-ADVP 00AF v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1014E200 Phineas and Ferb : Quest for Cool Stuff - - v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-1014E300 Zumba Fitness World Party WUP-U-AZBP 00GT v16 EUR No TMD
00050000-1014EF00 Knytt Underground™ WUP-N-WBCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014F000 TNT Racers - Nitro Machines Edition WUP-N-WAYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014F100 Mighty Switch Force! 2 WUP-P-WM2P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014F300 パックワールド WUP-N-APCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014F400 クラウドベリー キングダム WUP-N-WCKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1014FB00 Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut WUP-P-WDCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1014FC00 Mighty Switch Force!™ 2 WUP-N-WM2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014FD00 Cubemen 2 WUP-N-WANE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014FE00 My Style Studio: Hair Salon WUP-N-WHSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1014FF00 Percy's Predicament WUP-N-WAPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10150200 Cubemen 2 WUP-P-WANP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10150300 Dr.LUIGI & 細菌撲滅 WUP-N-WAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150400 アイスホッケー WUP-N-FBUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150500 Ice Hockey WUP-N-FBUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10150600 Ice Hockey WUP-N-FBUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10150700 ワリオの森 WUP-N-FBVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150800 Wario's Woods™ WUP-N-FBVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10150900 Wario's Woods™ WUP-N-FBVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10150A00 BUBBLE BOBBLE WUP-N-FBWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150D00 ファイナルファンタジーII WUP-N-FBXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150E00 ファイナルファンタジーIII WUP-N-FBYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10150F00 ダウンタウンスペシャル くにおくんの時代劇だよ全員集合! WUP-N-FBZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10151000 熱血高校ドッジボール部 WUP-N-FB2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10151100 Super Dodge Ball® WUP-N-FB2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10151200 Super Dodge Ball WUP-N-FB2P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10151300 悪魔城ドラキュラ WUP-N-FB3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10151400 Castlevania® WUP-N-FB3E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10151500 Castlevania WUP-N-FB3P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10151600 ロマンシング サ・ガ WUP-N-JB3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10152100 EDGE WUP-P-WEDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10152200 EDGE WUP-N-WEDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10152300 Toki Tori WUP-N-WKRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10152400 Toki Tori WUP-P-WKRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10152500 RUSH WUP-P-WCFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10152600 RUSH WUP-N-WCFE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10152700 Wooden Sen'SeY WUP-P-WDSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10152A00 Dr. Luigi™ WUP-N-WAQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10152B00 Dr. Luigi™ WUP-P-WAQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10152C00 マリオオープンゴルフ WUP-N-FB4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10152E00 NES™ Open Tournament Golf WUP-N-FB4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10152F00 NES™ Open Tournament Golf WUP-N-FB4P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10153000 ドクターマリオ WUP-N-FB5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153100 Dr. Mario™ WUP-N-FB5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10153200 Dr. Mario™ WUP-N-FB5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10153300 熱血硬派くにおくん WUP-N-FB6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153400 Renegade™ WUP-N-FB6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10153500 Renegade WUP-N-FB6P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10153600 ダブルドラゴン WUP-N-FB7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153700 Double Dragon™ WUP-N-FB7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10153800 Double Dragon WUP-N-FB7P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10153900 ドラキュラⅡ 呪いの封印 WUP-N-FB8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153B00 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest WUP-N-FB8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10153C00 Castlevania® Ⅱ Simon's Quest WUP-N-FB8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10153D00 タクティクスオウガ WUP-N-JB4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153E00 ロマンシング サ・ガ2 WUP-N-JB5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10153F00 ファイナルファンタジーV WUP-N-JB6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10154000 ファイナルファンタジーUSA ミスティッククエスト WUP-N-JB7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10154500 トガビトノセンリツ WUP-N-WGBJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10154600 バットマン:アーカム・ビギンズ WUP-N-AZEJ 00WR v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10154800 BBC iPlayer WUP-N-HNSP - v33 EUR Yes
00050000-10154900 Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade WUP-P-WBEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10154A00 My Style Studio: Notebook WUP-P-WBKP - v2 EUR Yes
00050000-10154B00 Rubik's® Cube WUP-P-WC2P EUR Yes
00050000-10154C00 My Style Studio: Hair Salon WUP-P-WHSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10154D00 The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths WUP-P-WC3P 00BU v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10154E00 Luv Me Buddies Wonderland WUP-P-ALVP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10155B00 Tengami WUP-P-WG3P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10155F00 ドラゴンクエストⅩ 眠れる勇者と導きの盟友 オンライン WUP-P-ANYJ JAP No TMD
00050000-10156000 My Style Studio: Notebook WUP-N-WBKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10156100 Call of Duty®: Ghosts WUP-P-ACPP 0052 v112 EUR No TMD
00050000-10156400 Rubik's® Cube WUP-N-WC2E USA Yes
00050000-10156500 The Mysterious Cities of Gold: Secret Paths WUP-N-WC3E 00BU v16 USA Yes
00050000-10156600 F-ZERO FOR GAMEBOY ADVANCE WUP-N-PAAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10156700 F-Zero™ Maximum Velocity WUP-N-PAAE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10156800 F-Zero™: Maximum Velocity WUP-N-PAAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10156900 スーパーマリオアドバンス3 WUP-N-PABJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10156A00 Yoshi's Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3 WUP-N-PABE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10156B00 Yoshi's Island™: Super Mario™ Advance 3 WUP-N-PABP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10156C00 メイド イン ワリオ WUP-N-PACJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10156E00 WarioWare™, Inc.: Mega Microgame$ WUP-N-PACE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10156F00 WarioWare, Inc™: Minigame Mania WUP-N-PACP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10157000 メトロイド フュージョン WUP-N-PADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10157100 Metroid™ Fusion WUP-N-PADE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10157200 Metroid™ Fusion WUP-N-PADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10157300 マリオ&ルイージRPG WUP-N-PAEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10157400 Mario & Luigi™: Superstar Saga WUP-N-PAEE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10157500 Mario & Luigi™: Superstar Saga WUP-N-PAEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10157600 Call of Duty: Ghosts WUP-P-ACPI 0052 v112 EUR No TMD
00050000-10157800 Squids Odyssey WUP-P-WJCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10157900 コール オブ デューティ ゴースト WUP-P-ACPJ 00GD v112 JAP No TMD
00050000-10157A00 Squids Odyssey WUP-N-WJCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10157C00 アルファディア ジェネシス WUP-N-WGEJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10157D00 ガイアブレイカー WUP-N-WBGJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10157E00 Bayonetta™ WUP-N-AAFE 0001 v1 USA Yes
00050000-10157F00 Bayonetta™ WUP-P-AAFD 0001 v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10158000 ELEVATOR ACTION WUP-N-FB9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10158300 Wooden Sen'SeY WUP-N-WDSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10158400 My First Songs WUP-N-WMSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10158500 ファミコン探偵倶楽部 消えた後継者(前後編) WUP-N-FCAJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10158600 忍者龍剣伝 WUP-N-FCBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10158700 Ninja Gaiden® WUP-N-FCBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10158800 Ninja Gaiden® WUP-N-FCBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10158900 マイティボンジャック WUP-N-FCCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10158A00 Mighty Bomb Jack™ WUP-N-FCCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10158B00 Mighty Bomb Jack™ WUP-N-FCCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10158C00 がんばれゴエモン!からくり道中 WUP-N-FCDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10158D00 SUPER魂斗羅 WUP-N-FCEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10158E00 Super C™ WUP-N-FCEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10158F00 Super C™ WUP-N-FCEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10159000 スーパーパンチアウト!! WUP-N-JB8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10159100 Super Punch-Out!!™ WUP-N-JB8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10159200 Super Punch-Out!!™ WUP-N-JB8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10159300 ロマンシング サ・ガ3 WUP-N-JB9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10159400 バハムート ラグーン WUP-N-JCAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10159500 Pop'nツインビー WUP-N-JCBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10159600 Pop'n Twinbee WUP-N-JCBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10159800 Wii Fit U (Free) WUP-U-AFCJ 0001 v81 JAP Yes
00050000-10159900 Wii Fit U (Free) WUP-U-AFCE 0001 v81 USA Yes
00050000-10159A00 Wii Fit U (promo) WUP-U-AFCP 0001 v81 EUR Yes
00050000-1015A300 ディズニーインフィニティ WUP-P-ADSJ 00AF v17 JAP No TMD
00050000-1015B100 Tengami WUP-N-WG3E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015B200 Child of Light™ WUP-N-ACLE 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1015B400 ソニック&オールスターレーシング TRANSFORMED WUP-N-AS2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015B500 グラディウス WUP-N-PNAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015B600 PC原人 WUP-N-PNBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015B700 高橋名人の新冒険島 WUP-N-PNCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015B800 スーパースターソルジャー WUP-N-PNDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015B900 ニュートピア WUP-N-PNEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BA00 PC電人 WUP-N-PNFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BB00 PC原人2 WUP-N-PNGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BC00 PC原人3 WUP-N-PNHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BD00 THE 功夫 WUP-N-PNJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BE00 ブレイジングレーザーズ WUP-N-PNKJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1015BF00 エイリアンクラッシュ WUP-N-PNLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C000 ニュートピアII WUP-N-PNMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C100 改造町人シュビビンマン2 ―新たなる敵― WUP-N-PNNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C200 BE BALL WUP-N-PNPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C300 ファイナルソルジャー WUP-N-PNQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C400 ビクトリーラン WUP-N-PNRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C500 ダブルダンジョン WUP-N-PNSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C600 ソルジャーブレイド WUP-N-PNTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C700 パワーゴルフ WUP-N-PNUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C800 沙羅曼蛇 WUP-N-PNVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015C900 ボンバーマン '94 WUP-N-PNWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CA00 出たな!! ツインビー WUP-N-PNXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CB00 デジタルチャンプ WUP-N-PNYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CC00 BREAK IN WUP-N-PNZJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CD00 モトローダー WUP-N-PN2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CE00 ダンジョンエクスプローラー WUP-N-PN3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015CF00 パワースポーツ WUP-N-PN4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015D000 WINDS OF THUNDER ウィンズ オブ サンダー WUP-N-PN5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015D100 デビルクラッシュ WUP-N-PN6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015D200 ボンバーマン ぱにっくボンバー WUP-N-PN7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015D300 Lucadian Chronicles WUP-N-WLCE 00AS v16 USA Yes
00050000-1015D700 黄金の太陽 開かれし封印 WUP-N-PAFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015D800 Golden Sun™ WUP-N-PAFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015D900 Golden Sun™ WUP-N-PAFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015DA00 マリオvs.ドンキーコング WUP-N-PAGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015DC00 Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ WUP-N-PAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015DD00 星のカービィ 鏡の大迷宮 WUP-N-PAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015DE00 Kirby™ & The Amazing Mirror WUP-N-PAHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015DF00 Kirby™ & The Amazing Mirror WUP-N-PAHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015E000 ゲームボーイウォーズアドバンス1+2 WUP-N-PAJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015E100 Advance Wars™ WUP-N-PALE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015E200 Advance Wars™ WUP-N-PALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015E300 ゼルダの伝説 ふしぎのぼうし WUP-N-PAKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015E400 The Legend of Zelda™: The Minish Cap WUP-N-PAKE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1015E500 The Legend of Zelda™: The Minish Cap™ WUP-N-PAKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015EA00 おきらくテニスSP WUP-N-WLKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015EB00 マイティー スイッチ フォース! ハイパードライブエディション WUP-N-WHYJ 00R7 v18 JAP Yes
00050000-1015ED00 @SIMPLE DLシリーズ for Wii U Vol.2 THE 密室からの脱出2 ~消された19の記憶~ WUP-N-WE2J - v4 JAP Yes
00050000-1015EF00 バレーボール WUP-N-FCFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015F000 Volleyball WUP-N-FCFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015F100 Volleyball WUP-N-FCFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015F200 ファイアーエムブレム 暗黒竜と光の剣 WUP-N-FCGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015F300 悪魔城伝説 WUP-N-FCHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015F400 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse™ WUP-N-FCHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1015F500 Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse WUP-N-FCHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015F600 半熟英雄 WUP-N-FCJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015F700 影の伝説 WUP-N-FCKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015FA00 熱血高校ドッジボール部 サッカー編 WUP-N-FCLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015FB00 飛龍の拳 奥義の書 WUP-N-FCMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015FC00 Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll WUP-N-FCME USA YES
00050000-1015FD00 Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll WUP-N-FCMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1015FE00 マーヴェラス ~もうひとつの宝島~ WUP-N-JCCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1015FF00 悪魔城ドラキュラXX WUP-N-JCDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160000 Castlevania Dracula X WUP-N-JCDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10160100 Castlevania Dracula X WUP-N-JCDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10160200 弟切草 WUP-N-JCEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160300 ファイアーエムブレム 外伝 WUP-N-FCNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160400 サッカー WUP-N-FCPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160500 Soccer WUP-N-FCPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10160600 Soccer WUP-N-FCPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10160700 マッハライダー WUP-N-FCQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160800 Mach Rider™ WUP-N-FCQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10160900 Mach Rider WUP-N-FCQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10160A00 いけいけ!熱血ホッケー部「すべってころんで大乱闘」 WUP-N-FCRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160B00 ロックマン6 史上最大の戦い!! WUP-N-FCSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160C00 MEGA MAN™ 6 WUP-N-FCSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10160D00 Mega Man™ 6 WUP-N-FCSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10160E00 バトルシティー WUP-N-FCTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10160F00 ワギャンランド WUP-N-FCUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10161000 サラダの国のトマト姫 WUP-N-FCVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10161100 スーパーチャイニーズ WUP-N-FCWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10161300 Kung-Fu Heroes WUP-N-FCWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10161400 ツインビー レインボーベルアドベンチャー WUP-N-JCFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10161500 Pop'n TwinBee Rainbow Bell Adventures WUP-N-JCFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10161600 Falling Skies: The Game WUP-P-AF8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10161700 PIKMIN Short Movies HD WUP-N-MCVJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10161800 Pikmin™ Short Movies HD WUP-N-MCVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10161900 PIKMIN Short Movies HD WUP-N-MCVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10161A00 How to Train Your Dragon 2 WUP-N-ATDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10161B00 Teslagrad WUP-P-WGDP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10161F00 マリオパーティ10 WUP-N-ABAJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10162200 Monkey Pirates WUP-P-WMPP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10162300 Color Zen WUP-P-WCZP 00YR v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10162400 ファミコンリミックス2 WUP-N-WF2J - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10162500 NES™ Remix 2 WUP-N-WF2E - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10162600 NES™ Remix 2 WUP-P-WF2P - v3 EUR Yes
00050000-10162700 ファミコンリミックス1+2 WUP-P-AFDJ - v1 JAP No TMD
00050000-10162800 NES REMIX PACK - - v2 USA No TMD
00050000-10162A00 How to Train Your Dragon 2 WUP-P-ATDP 00VZ v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10162B00 Splatoon(スプラトゥーン) WUP-N-AGMJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10162D00 Mario Party™ 10 WUP-N-ABAE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10162E00 Mario Party™ 10 WUP-P-ABAP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10162F00 Just Dance®: Disney Party 2 WUP-N-ADPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10163200 R-TYPE® WUP-N-PPAE USA Yes
00050000-10163300 ビジランテ WUP-N-PPBJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10163600 レジェンド・オブ・ヒーロー・トンマ WUP-N-PPCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10163900 最後の忍道 WUP-N-PPDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10163C00 イメージファイト WUP-N-PPEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10163F00 イメージファイトII WUP-N-PPFJ JAP Yes
00050000-10164200 Mr.HELIの大冒険 WUP-N-PPGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10164700 Bonk's Adventure® WUP-N-PNBE USA Yes
00050000-10164800 Bonk's Adventure™ WUP-N-PNBP EUR Yes
00050000-10164900 New Adventure Island WUP-N-PNCE USA Yes
00050000-10164A00 New Adventure Island™ WUP-N-PNCP EUR Yes
00050000-10168100 パロディウス WUP-N-MNAJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10168200 夢大陸アドベンチャー WUP-N-MNBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168300 スペースマンボウ WUP-N-MNCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168400 イーガー皇帝の逆襲 イー・アル・カンフー2 WUP-N-MNDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168500 ロードファイター WUP-N-MNEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168600 クォース WUP-N-MNFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168700 魂斗羅 WUP-N-MNGJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10168800 魔城伝説 WUP-N-MNHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168900 グラディウス2 WUP-N-MNJJ JAP Yes
00050000-10168A00 ゴーファーの野望・EPISODE II WUP-N-MNKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10168B00 沙羅曼蛇 WUP-N-MNLJ JAP Yes
00050000-10168D00 LEGO® The Hobbit WUP-P-ALHP 00WR v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10168F00 JUST DANCE® Wii U WUP-P-AJ5J - v16 JAP No TMD
00050000-10169000 My Exotic Farm WUP-P-WEFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10169500 My Exotic Farm WUP-N-WEFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10169600 UnepicEnjoyUp Games WUP-U-WEPS 00UP v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10169700 ミスタードリラー2 WUP-N-PAMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10169800 風のクロノア ~夢見る帝国~ WUP-N-PANJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10169900 マリオテニスアドバンス WUP-N-PAPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10169A00 Mario Tennis™: Power Tour™ WUP-N-PAPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10169B00 Mario Power Tennis™ WUP-N-PAPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10169C00 スーパーマリオアドバンス4 WUP-N-PAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10169D00 Super Mario™ Advance 4: Super Mario Bros.™ 3 WUP-N-PAQE USA Yes
00050000-10169E00 Super Mario Advance™ 4: Super Mario Bros.™ 3 WUP-N-PAQP EUR Yes
00050000-10169F00 ワリオランドアドバンス ヨーキのお宝 WUP-N-PARJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016A000 Wario Land™ 4 WUP-N-PARE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016A100 Wario Land™ 4 WUP-N-PARP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016A200 Bombing Bastards WUP-P-WBXP 00SS v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1016A300 My First Songs WUP-P-WMSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016A400 LEGO® Batman™ 3: BEYOND GOTHAM WUP-P-BTMP 00WR v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1016A500 R-TYPE™ WUP-N-PPAP EUR Yes
00050000-1016A600 わいわい!みんなでチャレンジ WUP-N-WB6J 00TF v17 JAP Yes
00050000-1016A700 LEGO® The Hobbit™ WUP-N-ALHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016A800 Wii Fit U Information - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016A900 Wii Fit U Info - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016AA00 Wii Fit U Info - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016AB00 Bombing Bastards WUP-N-WBXE 00SS v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016AC00 Armillo WUP-N-WMLE 009T v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016AD00 LEGO® Batman™ 3: Beyond Gotham WUP-N-BTME 00WR v32 USA Yes
00050000-1016AE00 Wings of Magloryx WUP-N-WGME USA Yes
00050000-1016B000 まちがいさがしパーティー WUP-N-WDFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016B100 Gravity Badgers WUP-N-WGVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016B200 Master Reboot WUP-N-WMRE 009V v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016B300 アドベンチャーズ オブ ロロ WUP-N-FCXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016B400 Adventures of Lolo™ WUP-N-FCXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016B500 Adventures of Lolo™ WUP-N-FCXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016B600 ジョイメカファイト WUP-N-FCYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016B700 パックランド WUP-N-FCZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016B800 Pac-Land WUP-N-FCZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016B900 PAC-LAND WUP-N-FCZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016BA00 燃えろ!!プロ野球 WUP-N-FC2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016BB00 Bases Loaded™ WUP-N-FC2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016BC00 イー・アル・カンフー WUP-N-FC3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016BD00 けっきょく南極大冒険 WUP-N-FC4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016BE00 ロックマン5 ブルースの罠!? WUP-N-FC5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016BF00 Mega Man™ 5 WUP-N-FC5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016C000 Mega Man™ 5 WUP-N-FC5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016C100 レッドアリーマーⅡ WUP-N-FC6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016C200 Gargoyle's Quest™ II: The Demon Darkness WUP-N-FC6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016C300 Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness WUP-N-FC6P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016C400 ストリートファイターZERO2 WUP-N-JCGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016C500 Street Fighter™ Alpha 2 WUP-N-JCGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016C600 Street Fighter™ Alpha 2 WUP-N-JCGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016C700 Armillo WUP-P-WMLP 009T v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1016C800 Just Dance Disney Party 2 WUP-P-ADPP 0041 v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-1016CE00 Color Zen WUP-N-WCZE 00YR v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016CF00 Mr. Driller 2 WUP-N-PAME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016D000 Mr. Driller™2 WUP-N-PAMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D100 KLONOA: Empire of Dreams WUP-N-PANE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016D200 Klonoa™: Empire of Dreams WUP-N-PANP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D300 Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate Deluxe Edition WUP-P-WBMP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D400 Stick it to the Man™ WUP-P-WMNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D500 Super Toy Cars WUP-P-WCTP 009Y v22 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D600 The Amazing Spider-Man 2™ WUP-P-AM9P 0052 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016D800 チャイルド オブ ライト WUP-N-ACLJ 0041 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-1016D900 Abyss WUP-P-WAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016DA00 Nihilumbra WUP-P-WHLP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1016DB00 Ittle Dew WUP-P-WDWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016DC00 Disney Infinity (2.0 Edition) WUP-N-ADRE 004Q v32 USA Yes
00050000-1016DD00 Mon Premier Karaoké WUP-N-WMKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016DE00 Super Toy Cars WUP-N-WCTE 009Y v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016DF00 Batman™: Arkham Origins Blackgate - Deluxe Edition WUP-N-WBME - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016E000 Stick it to the Man™ WUP-N-WMNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016E100 Shovel Knight WUP-N-WKNE 00AY v48 USA Yes
00050000-1016E200 XType Plus WUP-P-WEXP - v32 EUR Yes
00050000-1016E300 GravBlocks+™ WUP-N-WGRE 008S v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016E500 BLOK DROP U WUP-N-WBUE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1016E600 ZaciSa's Last Stand WUP-N-WLSE - v33 USA Yes
00050000-1016E700 99Seconds WUP-N-WCQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016E800 Master Reboot WUP-P-WMRP 009V v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1016E900 Gravity Badgers WUP-P-WGVP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1016EA00 Child of Light™ WUP-P-ACLP 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1016EF00 Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade WUP-N-WBEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016F100 悪魔城ドラキュラ ~サークル オブ ザ ムーン~ WUP-N-PASJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016F200 Castlevania Circle of the Moon WUP-N-PASE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016F300 星のカービィ 夢の泉デラックス WUP-N-PATJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016F400 Kirby™: Nightmare in Dream Land WUP-N-PATE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016F500 スーパーマリオアドバンス2 WUP-N-PAUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016F600 Super Mario World™: Super Mario Advance 2 WUP-N-PAUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016F700 マリオゴルフ GBAツアー WUP-N-PAVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016F800 Mario Golf™: Advance Tour WUP-N-PAVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016F900 メトロイド ゼロミッション WUP-N-PAWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1016FA00 Metroid™: Zero Mission WUP-N-PAWE USA Yes
00050000-1016FB00 Mon Premier Karaoké WUP-P-WMKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1016FD00 Ava and Avior Save the Earth WUP-N-WEAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016FE00 Ballpoint Universe: Infinite WUP-N-WBPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1016FF00 Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure WUP-N-WFWE 00NT v16 USA Yes
00050000-10170100 Monkey Pirates WUP-N-WMPE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10170200 Pier Solar and the Great Architects WUP-N-WGAE 007Z v16 USA Yes
00050000-10170400 XType Plus WUP-N-WEXE - v32 USA Yes
00050000-10170700 仮面ライダー バトライド・ウォーⅡ WUP-N-ABWJ 00AF v17 JAP Yes
00050000-10170800 R-TYPE WUP-N-PPAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10170900 Castlevania® WUP-N-PASP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10170A00 謎の村雨城 WUP-N-FC7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10170B00 ダブルドラゴンⅡ The Revenge - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10170C00 Double Dragon II: The Revenge WUP-N-FC8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10170D00 Double Dragon II: The Revenge WUP-N-FC8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10170E00 沙羅曼蛇 WUP-N-FC9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10170F00 Life Force WUP-N-FC9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10171000 Life Force WUP-N-FC9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10171100 へべれけ WUP-N-FDAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171200 Ufouria™: The Saga WUP-N-FDAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10171300 Ufouria: THE SAGA WUP-N-FDAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10171400 バベルの塔 WUP-N-FDBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171500 クインティ WUP-N-FDCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171600 ラストバイブルⅢ WUP-N-JCHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171700 スーパーチャイニーズワールド WUP-N-JCJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171A00 くにおくんのドッジボールだよ全員集合! WUP-N-JCKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171B00 SUPER 信長の野望・全国版 WUP-N-JCLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171C00 Nobunaga's Ambition WUP-N-JCLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10171D00 Nobunaga's Ambition WUP-N-JCLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10171E00 Wii Sports Club Lite - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10171F00 Pushmo™ World WUP-N-WKEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10172000 Pullblox™ World WUP-P-WKEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10172100 Meine Ersten Mitsing-Lieder - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10172200 Color Zen Kids WUP-N-WKDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10172600 Bayonetta™ 2 WUP-N-AQUE 0001 v0 USA Yes
00050000-10172700 Bayonetta™ 2 WUP-P-AQUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10172A00 Crunchyroll WUP-N-HRLE 009Z v16 USA Yes
00050000-10172B00 Crunchyroll WUP-N-HRLP 009Z v17 EUR Yes
00050000-10172C00 Kirby™: Nightmare in Dream Land WUP-N-PATP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10172D00 Super Mario World™: Super Mario Advance™ 2 WUP-N-PAUP EUR Yes
00050000-10172E00 Mario Golf™: Advance Tour WUP-N-PAVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10172F00 Metroid™: Zero Mission WUP-N-PAWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10173000 任天堂ゲームセミナー2013 受講生作品 WUP-N-WGXJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10173100 I've Got to Run! WUP-N-WGTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10173200 Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition WUP-P-WEUP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10173300 Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones WUP-P-WCGP 00UB v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10173400 TRANSFORMERS: Rise of the Dark Spark WUP-P-AYEP 0052 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10173500 スーパーマリオアドバンス WUP-N-PAXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10173600 Super Mario™ Advance WUP-N-PAXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10173700 Super Mario Advance™ WUP-N-PAXP EUR Yes
00050000-10173800 パックマンコレクション WUP-N-PAYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10173900 PAC-MAN Collection WUP-N-PAYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10173A00 ファイアーエムブレム 烈火の剣 WUP-N-PAZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10173B00 Fire Emblem™ WUP-N-PAZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10173C00 Fire Emblem™ WUP-N-PAZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10173D00 Fire Emblem - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10173E00 スーパーマリオボール WUP-N-PA2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10173F00 PAC-MAN COLLECTION™ WUP-N-PAYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10174000 Mario Pinball Land™ WUP-N-PA4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10174100 Super Mario Ball™ WUP-N-PA4P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10174200 Color Zen Kids WUP-P-WKDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10174300 ドンキーコングJR.の算数遊び WUP-N-FDDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174400 Donkey Kong Jr.™ Math WUP-N-FDDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10174500 Donkey Kong Jr.™ Math WUP-N-FDDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10174600 ディグダグ WUP-N-FDEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174700 DIG DUG™ WUP-N-FDEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10174800 Dig Dug™ WUP-N-FDEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10174900 ドラゴンバスター WUP-N-FDFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174A00 つっぱり大相撲 WUP-N-FDGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174B00 ナッツ&ミルク WUP-N-FDHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174C00 平成 新・鬼ヶ島 前編 WUP-N-JCMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174D00 ロックマン7 宿命の対決! WUP-N-JCNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10174E00 MEGA MAN™ 7 WUP-N-JCNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10174F00 Mega Man™ 7 WUP-N-JCNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10175100 ロックマンX3 WUP-N-JCPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10175200 Mega Man™ X3 WUP-N-JCPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10175300 Mega Man™ X3 WUP-N-JCPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10175400 Paper Monsters Recut WUP-N-WM3E - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10175500 Another World - 20th Anniversary Edition WUP-N-WEUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10175700 BLOK DROP U WUP-P-WBUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10175800 My Jurassic Farm WUP-N-WMJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10175900 My Arctic Farm WUP-N-WMAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10175A00 6180 the moon WUP-N-WM6E USA Yes
00050000-10175B00 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric WUP-N-BSSE 008P v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10175C00 ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red WUP-N-AUNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10175D00 ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red WUP-P-AUNP 00AF v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10175E00 ギアナシスターズ:ツイステッドドリームズ WUP-N-WGSJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10175F00 D.M.L.C. -デスマッチラブコメ- WUP-N-WDMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10176000 Castlevania 白夜の協奏曲 WUP-N-PA5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10176100 Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance WUP-N-PA5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10176200 Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance WUP-N-PA5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10176300 Little Inferno リトル インフェルノ WUP-N-WLFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10176400 Pixel Paint WUP-N-WD9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10176500 Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones WUP-N-WCGE 00UB v16 USA Yes
00050000-10176600 グレートレース WUP-N-WG8J JAP Yes
00050000-10176700 ケモノダッシュ! WUP-N-WKMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10176800 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition WUP-N-WGCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10176900 Splatoon™ WUP-N-AGME 0001 v96 USA Yes
00050000-10176A00 Splatoon™ WUP-P-AGMP 0001 v80 EUR Yes
00050000-10176B00 1001 Spikes WUP-N-WM9E - v32 USA Yes
00050000-10176C00 黄金の太陽 失われし時代 WUP-N-PA6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10176D00 Golden Sun™: The Lost Age WUP-N-PA6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10176E00 Golden Sun™: The Lost Age WUP-N-PA6P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10176F00 Just Dance® 2015 WUP-P-BJDP 0041 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10177000 Hello Kitty Kruisers WUP-P-AHKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10177200 Citizens of Earth WUP-N-WCUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177300 Fit Music WUP-N-AFME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177400 Luv Me Buddies Wonderland WUP-N-ALVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177500 Nihilumbra WUP-N-WHLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177600 Devil’s Third WUP-N-ADNE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10177700 Devil's Third™ WUP-P-ADNP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10177800 Sonic Boom™: Rise Of Lyric WUP-P-BSSP 008P v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10177900 五目ならべ 連珠 WUP-N-FDJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10177A00 マイティファイナルファイト WUP-N-FDKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10177B00 Mighty Final Fight® WUP-N-FDKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177C00 Mighty Final Fight™ WUP-N-FDKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10177D00 2010 ストリートファイター WUP-N-FDLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10177E00 Street Fighter™ 2010: The Final Fight WUP-N-FDLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10177F00 Street Fighter™ 2010: The Final Fight WUP-N-FDLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178000 平成 新・鬼ヶ島 後編 WUP-N-JCQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10178100 すってはっくん WUP-N-JCRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10178200 学校であった怖い話 WUP-N-JCSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10178300 Wild Guns™ WUP-N-JCTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10178400 Wild Guns™ WUP-N-JCTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178600 Natsume Championship Wrestling™ WUP-N-JCUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10178700 Natsume Championship Wrestling™ WUP-N-JCUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178800 ブレス オブ ファイア 竜の戦士 WUP-N-JCVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10178900 BREATH OF FIRE WUP-N-JCVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10178A00 Breath of Fire™ WUP-N-JCVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178B00 デモンズブレイゾン 魔界村 紋章編 WUP-N-JCWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10178C00 DEMON'S CREST™ WUP-N-JCWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10178D00 Demon's Crest™ WUP-N-JCWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178E00 Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ Tipping Stars WUP-P-WAFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10178F00 Shovel Knight WUP-P-WKNP 00AY v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10179100 Just Dance 2015 WUP-N-BJDE 0041 v16 USA Yes
00050000-10179200 マリオvs.ドンキーコング みんなでミニランド WUP-N-WAFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10179300 Internal Invasion WUP-N-WG9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10179400 Ittle Dew WUP-N-WDWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10179500 Plenty of Fishies WUP-N-WFPE - v17 USA Yes
00050000-10179600 Shiny The Firefly WUP-N-WFRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10179700 Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition WUP-P-WGCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10179900 Chariot WUP-P-WC4P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10179A00 東北大学未来科学技術共同研究センター川島隆太教授監修 脳を鍛える大人のDSトレーニング WUP-N-DAAJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10179B00 Brain Age™: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! WUP-N-DAAE USA Yes
00050000-10179C00 Dr Kawashima’s BRAIN TRAINING™: How Old is Your Brain? WUP-N-DAAP - v0, v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10179D00 キャッチ!タッチ!ヨッシー! - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10179E00 Yoshi™ Touch & Go WUP-N-DABE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10179F00 Yoshi™ Touch & Go WUP-N-DABP - v0, v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1017A000 NAMCO MUSEUM WUP-N-PA7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017A100 ナムコミュージアム WUP-N-PA7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017A200 くるくるくるりん WUP-N-PA8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017A300 Megaman Battle Chip Challenge WUP-N-PA9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017A400 ロックマンエグゼ バトルチップGP WUP-N-PA9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017A500 ロックマン エグゼ WUP-N-PBAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017A700 BrickBlast U! WUP-N-WBQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017A800 GAIABREAKER™ WUP-N-WBGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017AB00 GAIABREAKER™ WUP-P-WBGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017AC00 CHARIOT WUP-N-WC4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017AD00 Chubbins WUP-N-WC7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017AE00 GEOM WUP-N-WG2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017AF00 PING 1.5+ WUP-N-WK2E - v17 USA Yes
00050000-1017B000 Roving Rogue WUP-N-WCJE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1017B100 Shuttle Rush WUP-N-WC5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017B200 Turtle Tale WUP-N-WK8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017B300 A World of Keflings WUP-N-WKLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017B500 Art Academy™ Atelier WUP-P-BXAP 0001 v17 EUR Yes
00050000-1017B600 ご当地鉄道 ~ご当地キャラと日本全国の旅~ WUP-N-BLTJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1017B700 クニットアンダーグラウンド WUP-N-WBCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017B800 タッチバトル戦車SP WUP-N-WBWJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1017B900 アミーロ・ザ・アルマジロ WUP-N-WMLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017BA00 Namco Museum WUP-N-PA7P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017BB00 Kuru Kuru Kururin™ WUP-N-PA8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017BC00 Kuru Kuru Kururin WUP-N-PA8Z USA Yes
00050000-1017BE00 じっくり絵心教室 WUP-N-BXAJ 0001 v48 JAP Yes
00050000-1017BF00 Art Academy: Home Studio WUP-N-BXAE 0001 v17 USA Yes
00050000-1017C200 Baila Latino WUP-P-ABLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017C400 Baila Latino WUP-N-ABLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017C600 Skylanders Trap Team™ WUP-P-BK7E 0052 v16 USA Yes
00050000-1017C700 Swords & Soldiers WUP-N-WKSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017C800 Swords & Soldiers WUP-P-WKSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017C900 EDGE WUP-N-WEDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017CA00 TOKI TORI 2+ 秘められた謎と不思議な島 WUP-N-WAAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017CB00 アートオブバランス WUP-N-WABJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017CD00 ゼルダ無双 WUP-N-BWPJ 00C8 v80 JAP Yes
00050000-1017CE00 ファイアーエムブレム 聖魔の光石 WUP-N-PBBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017CF00 Fire Emblem™: The Sacred Stones WUP-N-PBBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017D000 Fire Emblem™: The Sacred Stones WUP-N-PBBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017D100 ぶらぶらドンキー WUP-N-PBCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017D200 Mario Kart™ Super Circuit WUP-N-PBDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017D300 Mario Kart™: Super Circuit™ WUP-N-PBDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017D500 マリオカートアドバンス WUP-N-PBDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017D600 DK™: King of Swing WUP-N-PBCE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017D700 DK™: King of Swing WUP-N-PBCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017D800 Hyrule Warriors™ WUP-N-BWPE 0001 v48 USA Yes
00050000-1017D900 Hyrule Warriors™ WUP-P-BWPP 0001 v48 EUR Yes
00050000-1017DA00 Costume Quest 2 WUP-N-ACQE 011S v16 USA Yes
00050000-1017DB00 Dolphin Up WUP-N-WUPE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1017DC00 Frenchy Bird WUP-N-WFUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017E000 Turtle Tale WUP-P-WK8P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017E100 Ice Cream Surfer WUP-P-WSFP - v33 EUR Yes
00050000-1017E200 3Souls WUP-P-WTSP EUR Yes
00050000-1017E300 Splatoon - Global Testfire - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017E400 Chasing Dead WUP-N-WZHE USA Yes
00050000-1017E500 PAC-MAN and the Ghostly Adventures 2 WUP-P-BPMP 00AF v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017E600 PAC-MAN™ and the Ghostly Adventures 2 WUP-N-BPME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017E700 3Souls WUP-N-WTSE USA Yes
00050000-1017EB00 SDK Paint WUP-N-WSPE - v32 USA Yes
00050000-1017EC00 Guac' a Mole WUP-P-WGYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017ED00 Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure WUP-P-WFWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017EE00 デビルワールド WUP-N-FDMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017EF00 Devil World WUP-N-FDMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017F000 ワイワイワールド2 SOS!!パセリ城 WUP-N-FDNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017F100 がんばれゴエモン外伝2 天下の財宝 WUP-N-FDPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017F200 闘いの挽歌 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017F300 妖怪道中記 WUP-N-FDRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017F400 びっくり熱血新記録! はるかなる金メダル WUP-N-FDSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017F500 Crash 'n the Boys™ Street Challenge WUP-N-FDSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017F600 Crash 'n the Boys™ Street Challenge WUP-N-FDSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017F700 Shadow of the Ninja™ WUP-N-FDTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017F800 Shadow of the Ninja™ WUP-N-FDTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017F900 S.C.A.T. WUP-N-FDUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017FA00 S.C.A.T.™ WUP-N-FDUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017FB00 スーパードンキーコング3 謎のクレミス島 WUP-N-JCXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1017FC00 Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble™ WUP-N-JCXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1017FD00 Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble™ WUP-N-JCXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1017FE00 ヘラクレスの栄光Ⅳ 神々からの贈り物 WUP-N-JCYJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10180000 Megaman Battle Network WUP-N-PBAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10180200 Mega Man Zero WUP-N-PBEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10180300 MEGA MAN™ ZERO WUP-N-PBEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10180400 ロックマン ゼロ WUP-N-PBEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10180500 進め!キノピオ隊長 WUP-N-AKBJ 0001 v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10180600 Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker WUP-N-AKBE 0001 Title ID shared by disc version. v0 USA Yes
00050000-10180700 Captain Toad™: Treasure Tracker WUP-P-AKBP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10180B00 Citizens of Earth WUP-P-WCUP - v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10180D00 Shiny The Firefly WUP-P-WFRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10180E00 Roving Rogue WUP-P-WCJP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10181000 マリオパーティアドバンス WUP-N-PBFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10181100 Mario Party™ Advance WUP-N-PBFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10181200 Mario Party™ Advance WUP-N-PBFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10181700 The Letter WUP-N-ATLE - v32 USA Yes
00050000-10181F00 Skylanders Trap Team™ WUP-P-BK7P 0052 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10182300 パックワールド2 WUP-N-BPMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10182400 わいわい!みんなでシューティング クラフトアイランドからの脱出! WUP-N-ACCJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10182600 Ice Cream Surfer WUP-N-WSFE - v2 USA Yes
00050000-10182700 99Seconds WUP-P-WCQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10182800 Frenchy Bird WUP-P-WFUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10182900 F-ZERO ファルコン伝説 WUP-N-PBGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10182A00 F-Zero™ - GP Legend WUP-N-PBGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10182B00 F-Zero™: GP Legend WUP-N-PBGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10182C00 Jett Tailfin© WUP-P-AJTP 00XT v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10182D00 Fat City WUP-N-AFTE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10182E00 GetClose: A game for RIVALS WUP-N-AGCE - v48 USA Yes
00050000-10182F00 Midtown Crazy Race WUP-N-BCRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10183000 Runbow WUP-N-ARNE 010P v16 USA Yes
00050000-10183100 Snake Den WUP-N-ASDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10183300 The Voice - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10183400 U Host WUP-N-AUHE USA Yes
00050000-10183500 ポケモンピンボール ルビー&サファイア WUP-N-PBHJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10183600 Pokémon™ Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire WUP-N-PBHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10183700 Pokémon™ Pinball Ruby & Sapphire WUP-N-PBHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10183900 99Moves WUP-N-BMVE 00UP v16 USA Yes
00050000-10183A00 MARIOKART 8 Campaign Soft - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10183C00 Infinity Runner WUP-N-BRNE USA Yes
00050000-10183E00 Castlevania 暁月の円舞曲 WUP-N-PBJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10183F00 Castlevania Aria of Sorrow WUP-N-PBJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10184000 Castlevania Aria of Sorrow WUP-N-PBJP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10184200 風のクロノアG2 ドリームチャンプ・トーナメント WUP-N-PBKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10184300 KLONOA 2: Dream Champ Tournament WUP-N-PBKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10184400 Infinity Runner WUP-P-BRNP EUR Yes
00050000-10184500 Frederic: Resurrection of Music WUP-N-BRME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10184900 Slender: The Arrival WUP-N-BSAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10184D00 Yoshi’s Woolly World™ WUP-N-AYCE 0001 v17 USA Yes
00050000-10184E00 Yoshi's™ Woolly World WUP-P-AYCP 0001 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10185000 ブタメダル - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10185100 Nintendo Land (Trial) - - v32 JAP Yes
00050000-10185200 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U (Trial) - - Unreleased. v64 JAP Yes
00050000-10185300 PIKMIN 3 (Trial) - - v96 JAP Yes
00050000-10185400 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA The Wind Waker HD (Trial) - - Unreleased. v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10185500 Game & Wario (Trial) - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10185600 The Wonderful 101 (Trial) - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10185900 GolT Stadium - - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10185C00 スマッシュピンポン WUP-N-FDVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10185D00 ファミコンウォーズ WUP-N-FDWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10185E00 ワルキューレの冒険 時の鍵伝説 WUP-N-FDXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10185F00 スカイキッド WUP-N-FDYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186000 SkyKid WUP-N-FDYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10186100 POOYAN(プーヤン) WUP-N-FDZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186200 マッド・シティ - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186400 The Adventures of Bayou Billy™ WUP-N-FD2P EUR Yes
00050000-10186500 AXELAY(アクスレイ) WUP-N-JCZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186600 AXELAY WUP-N-JCZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10186700 Axelay WUP-N-JCZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10186800 すーぱーぐっすんおよよ WUP-N-JC2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186900 ミリティア WUP-N-JC3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186A00 Metal Marines WUP-N-JC3E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10186B00 コズモギャング ザ パズル WUP-N-JC4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10186C00 PAC-ATTACK WUP-N-JC4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10186D00 Pac-Attack™ WUP-N-JC4P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10187000 Pier Solar and the Great Architects WUP-P-WGAP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10187100 Underground WUP-P-BUGP 00LW v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10187200 Chests O' Booty WUP-N-BCBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10187400 Gemology WUP-N-BGME - v3 USA Yes
00050000-10187B00 Planes Fire & Rescue WUP-N-AFRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10187F00 ナポレオン WUP-N-PBLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10188000 ことばのパズル もじぴったんアドバンス WUP-N-PBMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10188100 ロックマン エグゼ 2 WUP-N-PBPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10188200 MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 2 WUP-N-PBPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10188300 Megaman Battle Network 2 WUP-N-PBPZ - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10188400 ロックマン エグゼ 3 WUP-N-PBQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10188600 Megaman Battle Network 3 White WUP-N-PBQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10188700 ロックマン エグゼ 3 BLACK WUP-N-PBRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10188800 MEGA MAN BATTLE NETWORK 3 BLUE WUP-N-PBRE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10188900 Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue WUP-N-PBRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10188B00 タッチ!カービィ スーパーレインボー WUP-N-AXYJ 0001 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10188C00 Disney Infinity 2.0 : Play without limits WUP-P-ADRP 004Q v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10188D00 Disney Infinity 2.0 WUP-P-ADRZ 004Q v32 EUR Yes
00050000-10188E00 Soul Axiom WUP-P-BAXP EUR Yes
00050000-10189100 Soul Axiom WUP-N-BAXE USA Yes
00050000-10189200 Sportsball WUP-N-BSPE 011C v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10189300 The Fall WUP-N-BTFE - v32 USA Yes
00050000-10189400 c - - v0, v2 all Yes
00050000-10189500 戦車SP WUP-N-BTKJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10189A00 TEMPLE OF YOG WUP-N-BTYE USA Yes
00050000-10189B00 Midtown Crazy Race WUP-P-BCRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10189C00 Trine Enchanted Edition WUP-P-BTEP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10189D00 ライブ・ア・ライブ WUP-N-JC5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10189E00 Trine Enchanted Edition WUP-N-BTEE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10189F00 Shadow Puppeteer WUP-N-BPTE 16, 32 USA Yes
00050000-1018A100 Teslagrad WUP-N-WGDE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1018A200 Darts Up WUP-P-WDUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018A700 Dinox WUP-P-BDNP EUR Yes
00050000-1018A800 SMART Adventures Mission Math: Sabotage at the Space Station WUP-P-ADMP EUR Yes
00050000-1018A900 Thomas Was Alone WUP-P-BTWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018AB00 Affordable Space Adventures WUP-N-AFSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018AC00 ボールポイントユニバース: インフィニット WUP-N-WBPJ - v4 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B000 Thomas Was Alone WUP-N-BTWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018B100 月風魔伝 WUP-N-FD3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B200 ESPER DREAM(エスパードリーム) WUP-N-FD4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B300 がんばれゴエモン2 WUP-N-FD5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B400 もえろツインビー シナモン博士を救え! WUP-N-FD6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B500 STINGER WUP-N-FD6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018B600 すごろクエスト ダイスの戦士たち WUP-N-FD7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B700 セクロス WUP-N-FD8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B800 マッピーランド WUP-N-FD9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018B900 MAPPY-LAND WUP-N-FD9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018BA00 Mappy-Land WUP-N-FD9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018BB00 アトランチスの謎 WUP-N-FEAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018BC00 超惑星戦記 メタファイト WUP-N-FEBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018BD00 Blaster Master WUP-N-FEBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018BE00 Blaster Master™ WUP-N-FEBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018BF00 アルバートオデッセイ WUP-N-JC6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018C400 藤子・F・不二雄キャラクターズ 大集合!SFドタバタパーティー!! WUP-N-BSFJ 00AF v16 JAP Yes
00050000-1018C500 ロデア・ザ・スカイソルジャー WUP-N-BRDJ - v3 JAP Yes
00050000-1018C600 The Swapper WUP-P-AXZP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1018C700 THE SWAPPER ザ・スワッパー WUP-N-AXZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018C800 スティックイットトゥザマン! WUP-N-WMNJ - v3 JAP Yes
00050000-1018CB00 Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut WUP-P-BSWP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-1018CC00 Disney© Planes: Fire & Rescue WUP-P-AFRP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018CD00 Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues WUP-P-ACNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018CF00 Adventures of Pip™ WUP-N-BAPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018D000 IQ Test WUP-N-AQTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018D100 Lone Survivor: The Director's Cut WUP-N-ALSE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1018D300 The Swapper WUP-N-AXZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018D400 Cake Ninja 3: The Legend Continues WUP-N-ACNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018D700 SHUT THE BOX WUP-N-BSHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018D800 SteamWorld Dig WUP-P-ADGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018D900 LOST REAVERS WUP-N-APHJ 00AF v17 JAP Yes
00050000-1018DB00 スーパーマリオメーカー WUP-N-AMAJ 0001 v48 JAP Yes
00050000-1018DC00 Super Mario Maker™ WUP-N-AMAE 0001 v48 USA Yes
00050000-1018DD00 Super Mario Maker™ WUP-P-AMAP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-1018DE00 Tetrobot & Co. WUP-P-ATCP 00NK v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018E000 ズンバ フィットネス ワールドパーティ WUP-N-AZBJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-1018E300 超魔界村 R WUP-N-PBSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018E400 Super Ghouls'n Ghosts™ WUP-N-PBSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018E500 Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts WUP-N-PBSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018E600 ロックマン&フォルテ WUP-N-PBTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018E700 MEGA MAN & BASS WUP-N-PBTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018E800 Megaman™ & Bass WUP-N-PBTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018E900 ロックマン ゼロ 2 WUP-N-PBUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1018EA00 MEGA MAN ZERO 2 WUP-N-PBUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018EB00 Mega Man™ Zero 2 WUP-N-PBUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018EC00 Soon Shine WUP-N-BSNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018ED00 Tetrobot & Co. WUP-N-ATCE 00NK v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018EE00 Don't Touch Anything Red WUP-N-ANTE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1018F100 SteamWorld Dig WUP-N-ADGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018F300 Xavier WUP-N-AXAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018F400 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures WUP-N-AVGE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1018F500 Dinox WUP-N-BDNE USA Yes
00050000-1018F600 Jumpy Cat - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018F800 Smart Adventures - Mission Math WUP-N-ADME USA Yes
00050000-1018F900 TOSS N GO WUP-N-ATGE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1018FB00 Alphadia Genesis™ WUP-N-WGEE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-1018FD00 Penguins of Madagascar WUP-N-APGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1018FE00 Sense by Play.me WUP-N-BPLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1018FF00 Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town WUP-N-PBVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10190000 Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town WUP-N-PBWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10190100 どうぶつの森 amiiboフェスティバル WUP-P-AALJ - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-10190300 M & S at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games WUP-U-ABJJ 0001 - 48 JAP Yes
00050000-10190400 Red Riding Hood WUP-N-ARHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10190700 バイオミラクル ぼくってウパ WUP-N-FECJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190800 チャンピオンシップ・ロードランナー WUP-N-FEDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190900 かんしゃく玉なげカン太郎の 東海道五十三次 WUP-N-FEEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190A00 ワギャンランド2 WUP-N-FEFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190B00 メトロクロス WUP-N-FEGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190C00 スーパー蒼き狼と白き牝鹿 元朝秘史 WUP-N-JC7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10190E00 Genghis Khan II: Clan of the Grey Wolf WUP-N-JC7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10190F00 太閤立志伝 WUP-N-JC8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10191000 魔神転生 WUP-N-JC9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10191100 SUPER E.D.F. EARTH DEFENSE FORCE WUP-N-JDAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10191200 SUPER E.D.F. Earth Defense Force WUP-N-JDAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10191300 ラッシング・ビート WUP-N-JDBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10191400 Rival Turf WUP-N-JDBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10191700 99Moves WUP-P-BMVP 00UP v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10191800 Rock 'N Racing Off Road WUP-P-WAEP 00UP v16 EUR Yes
00050000-10191F00 ソニックトゥーン 太古の秘宝 WUP-N-BSSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192000 太鼓の達人 特盛り! WUP-N-BT9J 00AF v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192100 LEGO®ムービー ザ・ゲーム WUP-N-ALAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192200 仮面ライダー サモンライド! WUP-P-BRSJ 00AF v18 JAP No TMD
00050000-10192400 ダックハント WUP-N-FEHJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10192500 Duck Hunt™ WUP-N-FEHE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10192600 Duck Hunt WUP-N-FEHP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10192700 ロックマン エグゼ 4 トーナメント ブルームーン WUP-N-PBXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192900 Megaman Battle Network 4 Blue Moon WUP-N-PBXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10192A00 ロックマン エグゼ 4 トーナメント レッドサン WUP-N-PBYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192C00 Megaman Battle Network 4 Red Sun WUP-N-PBYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10192D00 ロックマン ゼロ 3 WUP-N-PBZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10192E00 MEGA MAN ZERO 3 WUP-N-PBZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10192F00 Mega Man™ Zero 3 WUP-N-PBZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10193100 FINAL FIGHT ONE WUP-N-PB2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10193200 Final Fight™ One WUP-N-PB2P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10193300 Legend of Kay Anniversary WUP-P-BLKP 006V v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10193400 Legend of Kay Anniversary WUP-N-BLKE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10193900 Flapp & Zegeta WUP-N-AFZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10193D00 Tiny Galaxy WUP-N-BTGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10193E00 Twisted Fusion WUP-P-ATFE USA Yes
00050000-10193F00 The Penguins of Madagascar WUP-P-APGP 00VZ v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10194000 Meme Run - - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10194200 LEGO® Dimensions™ WUP-N-APZE 00WR v16 USA No TMD
00050000-10194600 ファイナルファイト ONE WUP-N-PB2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10194800 ツインビー WUP-N-MNMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10194900 けっきょく南極大冒険 ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE WUP-N-MNNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10194A00 悪魔城ドラキュラ WUP-N-MNPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10194B00 イー・アル・カンフー WUP-N-MNQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10194C00 コナミのサッカー WUP-N-MNRJ JAP Yes
00050000-10194E00 スカイジャガー WUP-N-MNTJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10194F00 マジカル ツリー WUP-N-MNUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195000 HYPER SPORTS 2 ハイパースポーツ2 WUP-N-MNVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195200 ウシャス WUP-N-MNXJ JAP Yes
00050000-10195300 GRADIUS グラディウス WUP-N-MNYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195400 がんばれゴエモン! からくり道中 WUP-N-MNZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195500 サーカスチャーリー WUP-N-MN2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195600 マリオカートDS - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195700 Mario Kart™ DS WUP-N-DACE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10195800 Mario Kart™ DS WUP-N-DACP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10195900 New スーパーマリオブラザーズ WUP-N-DADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10195A00 New Super Mario Bros.™ WUP-N-DADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10195B00 New Super Mario Bros.™ WUP-N-DADP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10195C00 Cosmophony WUP-P-BCYP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-10195D00 LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ WUP-U-APZP 00WR v32 EUR No TMD
00050000-10195E00 Rock Zombie WUP-N-ARZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10195F00 Arrow Time U WUP-N-ARUE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10196000 Ninja Pizza Girl WUP-N-ANPE USA Yes
00050000-10196400 スターラスター WUP-N-FEJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10196500 がんばれゴエモン外伝 きえた黄金キセル WUP-N-FEKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10196600 フィールドコンバット WUP-N-FELJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10196700 晦-つきこもり - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10196800 ファイヤー・ファイティング - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-10196900 THE IGNITION FACTOR WUP-N-JENE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10196A00 豪血寺一族 WUP-N-JEPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10197000 逆転裁判 WUP-N-PB3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10197100 ミスタードリラーエース ふしぎなパクテリア WUP-N-PB4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10197200 Cosmophony WUP-N-BCYE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10197300 Electronic Super Joy: Groove City WUP-N-BESE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-10197700 イトルデューの伝説 失われた島と謎の城 WUP-N-WDWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10197800 Costume Quest 2 WUP-P-ACQP 011S v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10197D00 Devil's Third - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10197E00 Medabots™: Rokusho WUP-N-PB5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10197F00 Medabots: Rokusho WUP-N-PB5E USA Yes
00050000-10198000 メダロット弐CORE クワガタVer. WUP-N-PB5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198100 Medabots™: Metabee WUP-N-PB6P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10198200 Medabots: Metabee WUP-N-PB6E USA Yes
00050000-10198300 メダロット弐CORE カブトVer. WUP-N-PB6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198400 ファミリーテニスアドバンス WUP-N-PB7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198600 ソニック アドバンス WUP-N-PB8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198700 Watchup: Your Daily Newscast WUP-N-AWUE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-10198800 ヨッシーアイランドDS WUP-N-DAEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198900 Yoshi’s Island DS™ WUP-N-DAEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10198A00 Yoshi’s Island DS™ WUP-N-DAEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10198B00 やわらかあたま塾 WUP-N-DAFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10198C00 Big Brain Academy™ WUP-N-DAFE USA Yes
00050000-10198D00 Big Brain Academy™ WUP-N-DAFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10198F00 Terraria WUP-P-BTXP EUR Yes
00050000-10199000 マリオテニス ウルトラスマッシュ WUP-N-AVXJ - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-10199100 ドンキーコング64 WUP-N-NAAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10199200 Donkey Kong™ 64 WUP-N-NAAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10199300 Donkey Kong® 64 WUP-N-NAAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10199400 スーパーマリオ64 WUP-N-NABJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-10199500 Super Mario 64™ WUP-N-NABE - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10199600 マリオストーリー WUP-N-NACJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10199700 Paper Mario™ WUP-N-NACE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10199800 Paper Mario™ WUP-N-NACP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10199A00 ゼルダの伝説 時のオカリナ WUP-N-NADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-10199B00 The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time™ WUP-N-NADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10199C00 The Legend of Zelda™: Ocarina of Time WUP-N-NADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-10199E00 High Strangeness WUP-N-BHSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-10199F00 Maze WUP-N-BMZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019A100 Shapes of Gray WUP-N-BSGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019A300 SPIKEY WALLS WUP-N-BWLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019A600 BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition WUP-N-BADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019AB00 High Strangeness WUP-P-BHSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019AD00 Elliot Quest WUP-N-BEQE 011A v48 USA Yes
00050000-1019AE00 Family Tennis SP WUP-N-WLKE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-1019B000 Tachyon Project WUP-N-BTCE USA Yes
00050000-1019B200 Tachyon Project WUP-P-BTCP EUR Yes
00050000-1019BC00 Super Street Fighter™ II Turbo Revival WUP-N-PB9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019BE00 Super Street FighterⅡ X Revival WUP-N-PB9J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019C100 Spy Chameleon WUP-N-BC9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019C300 Terraria WUP-N-BTXE USA Yes
00050000-1019C800 ゼルダの伝説 トワイライトプリンセス HD WUP-N-AZAJ - v82 JAP Yes
00050000-1019C900 Alphadia Genesis™ WUP-P-WGEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019CA00 Rock Zombie WUP-P-ARZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019CB00 スーパーマリオギャラクシー2 WUP-N-VAAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019CC00 Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 WUP-N-VAAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019CD00 Super Mario Galaxy™ 2 WUP-N-VAAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019CE00 ドンキーコング リターンズ WUP-N-VABJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019CF00 Donkey Kong Country Returns WUP-N-VABE USA Yes
00050000-1019D000 Donkey Kong Country™ Returns WUP-N-VABP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019D100 PUNCH-OUT!!(パンチアウト!!) WUP-N-VACJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019D200 Punch-Out!!™ WUP-N-VACE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019D300 Punch-Out!!™ WUP-N-VACP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019D400 星のカービィ Wii WUP-N-VADJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019D500 Kirby's Return to Dream Land™ WUP-N-VADE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019D600 Kirby's Adventure™ Wii WUP-N-VADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019D700 Xenoblade Chronicles - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019D800 Xenoblade Chronicles™ WUP-N-VAEE USA Yes
00050000-1019D900 Xenoblade Chronicles WUP-N-VAEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019DA00 New Super Mario Bros. Wii - - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-1019DC00 New Super Mario Bros.™ Wii WUP-N-VAFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019DD00 Metroid™ Prime: Trilogy WUP-N-VAGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019DE00 Metroid™ Prime Trilogy WUP-N-VAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019DF00 METROID Other M WUP-N-VAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019E100 Metroid™: Other M WUP-N-VAHP EUR Yes
00050000-1019E200 PokéPark Wii Pikachu's Adventure - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-1019E300 PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure WUP-N-VAJE USA Yes
00050000-1019E400 PokéPark™ Wii: Pikachu's Adventure WUP-N-VAJP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019E500 The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess HD WUP-N-AZAE 0001 v81 USA Yes
00050000-1019E600 The Legend of Zelda™: Twilight Princess HD WUP-P-AZAP 0001 v81 EUR Yes
00050000-1019ED00 STARWHAL WUP-N-BJTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-1019EE00 Zombie Defense WUP-N-AZDE - v2 USA Yes
00050000-1019EF00 Mega Man™ Zero 4 WUP-N-PCAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019F000 MEGA MAN ZERO 4 WUP-N-PCAE USA Yes
00050000-1019F100 ロックマン ゼロ 4 WUP-N-PCAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019F200 Megaman Battle Network 5 Team: Colonel WUP-N-PCBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019F500 ロックマン エグゼ 5 チーム オブ カーネル WUP-N-PCBJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019F600 Megaman Battle Network 5 Team: Protoman WUP-N-PCCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019F800 ロックマン エグゼ 5 チーム オブ ブルース WUP-N-PCCJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-1019F900 スーパーチャイニーズ2 ドラゴンキッド WUP-N-FEMJ JAP Yes
00050000-1019FB00 Little Ninja Brothers WUP-N-FEMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019FC00 飛龍の拳Ⅱ ドラゴンの翼 WUP-N-FENJ JAP Yes
00050000-1019FE00 Flying Warriors WUP-N-FENP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-1019FF00 マグマックス - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0200 フォーメーションZ - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-101A0300 エクセリオン WUP-N-FERJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0400 ダウンタウン熱血物語 WUP-N-FESJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0500 River City Ransom WUP-N-FESE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A0600 Street Gangs WUP-N-FESP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A0700 メタルスレイダーグローリー WUP-N-FETJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0800 スーパーマリオコレクション - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-101A0B00 美少女雀士スーチーパイ - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-101A0C00 魔神転生Ⅱ SPIRAL NEMESIS - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0D00 星のカービィ64 WUP-N-NAEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A0E00 Kirby 64™: The Crystal Shards WUP-N-NAEE - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A0F00 マリオテニス64 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A1000 Mario Tennis™ WUP-N-NAFE - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A1200 Affordable Space Adventures WUP-P-AFSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A1300 Paper Monsters Recut WUP-P-WM3P - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101A1400 Ultratron WUP-P-AUTP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A1600 Teslagrad WUP-P-WGDZ 013A v0 EUR No TMD
00050000-101A1800 Zombie Defense WUP-P-AZDP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A1B00 Swords & Soldiers II WUP-N-BS2E 00RG v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A1C00 Ultratron WUP-N-AUTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A1E00 さわるメイドインワリオ WUP-N-DAGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A1F00 WarioWare™: Touched! WUP-N-DAGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A2000 WarioWare™: Touched! WUP-N-DAGP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A2100 マリオ&ルイージRPG2 WUP-N-DAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2200 Mario & Luigi™: Partners in Time™ WUP-N-DAHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A2300 Mario & Luigi™: Partners in Time WUP-N-DAHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A2400 Tested with robots ! WUP-P-AR5P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A2500 カラクリWooden Sen'Sey WUP-N-WDSJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2600 カンフーラビット WUP-N-WKFJ 00W4 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2700 パドル WUP-N-WDLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2800 スチームワールド ディグ HD WUP-N-ADGJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2C00 Family Tennis SP WUP-P-WLKP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101A2D00 LEGO®マーベル スーパー・ヒーローズ ザ・ゲーム WUP-N-ALMJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2E00 XTYPE+ WUP-N-WEXJ 00TF v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101A2F00 Super Toy Cars WUP-N-WCTJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-101A3000 Advance Wars 2™: Black Hole Rising WUP-N-PCDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A3100 Advance Wars™ 2: Black Hole Rising WUP-N-PCDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A3200 伝説のスタフィー WUP-N-PCEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A3300 トマトアドベンチャー WUP-N-PCFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A3400 マジカルバケーション WUP-N-PCGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A3500 Mario Tennis™: Ultra Smash WUP-N-AVXE 0001 v32 USA Yes
00050000-101A3600 Mario Tennis™ Ultra Smash WUP-P-AVXP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101A3700 SteamWorld Heist WUP-P-AY5P EUR Yes
00050000-101A3800 Spy Chameleon WUP-P-BC9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A3900 Blek WUP-P-BL9P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A3B00 Life of Pixel WUP-N-BLPE 00LY v1 USA Yes
00050000-101A3C00 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth WUP-N-BRXE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101A3E00 Defense Dome WUP-N-BDFE - v4 USA Yes
00050000-101A3F00 Heptrix WUP-N-BHPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A4000 SteamWorld Heist WUP-N-AY5E USA Yes
00050000-101A4300 Beatbuddy WUP-N-BTBE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A4400 Toon Tanks WUP-N-ATNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A4700 チューチューロケット! WUP-N-PCHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A4800 LOST REAVERS WUP-N-APHE USA Yes
00050000-101A4900 Life of Pixel WUP-P-BLPP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A4B00 Blek WUP-N-BL9E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A4C00 Stone Shire WUP-N-BSVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A5200 ドンキーコング ジャングルクライマー WUP-N-DAJJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101A5300 DK™ Jungle Climber WUP-N-DAJE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101A5400 Donkey Kong™ Jungle Climber WUP-N-DAJP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5500 星のカービィ 参上!ドロッチェ団 WUP-N-DAKJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101A5600 Kirby™ Squeak Squad WUP-N-DAKE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101A5700 Kirby™: Mouse Attack WUP-N-DAKP - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5800 マリオゴルフ64 WUP-N-NAGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A5900 Mario Golf™ WUP-N-NAGE - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5A00 テン・エイティ スノーボーディング WUP-N-NAHJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A5B00 1080º ™ Snowboarding WUP-N-NAHE EUR,USA Yes
00050000-101A5C00 LEGO® Jurassic World™ WUP-P-ALJP 00WR v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5D00 BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition WUP-P-BADP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5E00 OlliOlli WUP-P-ALLP 00UB v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A5F00 Shantae and the Pirate's Curse WUP-N-BSXE 00WY v16 USA Yes
00050000-101A6000 Tadpole Treble WUP-N-ATAE USA Yes
00050000-101A6100 Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut WUP-N-ARRE USA Yes
00050000-101A6200 LEGO® Jurassic World™ WUP-N-ALJE 00WR v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A6300 Cube Life: Island Survival WUP-P-ACUP 00YR v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101A6400 Cube Life: Island Survival WUP-N-ACUE 00YR v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A6500 Kung Fu Panda™: Showdown of Legendary Legends WUP-N-BKFE 00VZ v0,v16 USA Yes
00050000-101A6700 Suspension Railroad Simulator WUP-P-AS3P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A6900 OlliOlli WUP-N-ALLE 00UB v17 USA Yes
00050000-101A7100 ワイルドガンマン - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7200 Wild Gunman™ WUP-N-FEUE USA Yes
00050000-101A7300 Wild Gunman WUP-N-FEUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A7400 超人ウルトラベースボール WUP-N-FEVJ JAP Yes
00050000-101A7500 Baseball Simulator 1000 WUP-N-FEVE USA Yes
00050000-101A7600 ディグダグⅡ - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7700 DIG DUG II WUP-N-FEWE USA Yes
00050000-101A7800 Dig Dug II™ WUP-N-FEWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A7900 キングスナイト - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7A00 FRONT LINE フロントライン - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7B00 ルドラの秘宝 WUP-N-JDGJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7C00 SPACE INVADERS - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7D00 ダライアスツイン DARIUS TWIN - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A7E00 Bit Dungeon+ WUP-N-BTDE USA Yes
00050000-101A7F00 Shiftlings WUP-N-ALGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A8000 uWordsmith WUP-N-AUWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A8100 Dodge Club Party WUP-N-BDGE USA Yes
00050000-101A8200 Epic Dumpster Bear WUP-N-BDPE USA Yes
00050000-101A8300 Journey of a Special Average Balloon WUP-N-AJBE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-101A8600 Puzzle Monkeys WUP-N-BPZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A8700 Suspension Railroad Simulator WUP-N-BSUE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A8900 Breezeblox WUP-N-BRZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A9100 楽天SHOWTIME WUP-N-BR9J - v64 JAP Yes
00050000-101A9200 Onimusha Tactics™ WUP-N-PCKP EUR Yes
00050000-101A9300 ONIMUSHA® TACTICS WUP-N-PCKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A9400 鬼武者~Onimusha Tactics~ WUP-N-PCKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A9500 Shantae and the Pirate's Curse WUP-P-BSXP 00WY v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101A9600 Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut WUP-P-ARRP EUR Yes
00050000-101A9800 Pocky & Rocky with Becky WUP-N-PCJE - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A9900 Car Battler Joe WUP-N-PCLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101A9A00 シャイニング・フォース 黒き竜の復活 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101A9B00 Rakoo & Friends WUP-P-ARVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101A9C00 Chompy Chomp Chomp Party WUP-P-BCHP EUR Yes
00050000-101A9E00 Chompy Chomp Chomp Party WUP-N-BCHE USA Yes
00050000-101A9F00 Dot Arcade WUP-N-BDAE 0147 v16 USA Yes
00050000-101AA100 Paparazzi WUP-N-BPPE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-101AA200 Vector Assault WUP-N-APJE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101AA300 SDK Spriter WUP-N-ASKE USA No TMD
00050000-101AA500 Kung Fu Panda: Showdown of Legendary Legends WUP-P-BKFP 00VZ v32 EUR Yes
00050000-101AAC00 Red Riding Hood WUP-P-ARHP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AAF00 Factotum WUP-N-BFTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AB100 Outer World 20th Anniversary Edition WUP-N-WEUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101ABB00 COLOR BOMBS WUP-N-BW2E - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101ABC00 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse™ WUP-N-AXYE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-101ABD00 怪盗ワリオ・ザ・セブン WUP-N-DALJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101ABE00 Wario™: Master of Disguise WUP-N-DALE USA Yes
00050000-101ABF00 Wario™ Master of Disguise WUP-N-DALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AC000 スターフォックス コマンド - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AC100 Star Fox™ Command WUP-N-DAME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AC200 Star Fox™ Command WUP-N-DAMP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AC300 スターフォックス64 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AC400 Star Fox® 64 WUP-N-NAJE EUR Yes
00050000-101AC500 ウエーブレース64 WUP-N-NAKJ JAP Yes
00050000-101AC600 Wave Race™ 64 WUP-N-NAKE EUR Yes
00050000-101AC700 Adventure Time: Finn & Jake Investigations WUP-N-BFNE 00VZ v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AC900 Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition WUP-N-BD3E 004Q v32 USA Yes
00050000-101ACA00 Free Balling WUP-N-BFRE USA Yes
00050000-101ACB00 psyscrolr WUP-N-BPYE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-101ACC00 Shiftlings WUP-P-ASXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101ACD00 ファイアーエムブレム 封印の剣 WUP-N-PCNJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101ACF00 Medabots AX Rokusho Vers. WUP-N-PCPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AD000 Medabots AX: Rokusho WUP-N-PCPE USA Yes
00050000-101AD100 メダロットG クワガタバージョン WUP-N-PCPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AD200 Medabots AX Metabee Vers. WUP-N-PCQP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AD300 Medabots AX: Metabee WUP-N-PCQE USA Yes
00050000-101AD400 メダロットG カブトバージョン WUP-N-PCQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AD500 ソニック アドバンス 2 WUP-N-PCRJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AD800 Cube Blitz WUP-N-BLZE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101AD900 Dare Up Adrenaline WUP-N-BDUE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101ADE00 Space Hulk WUP-N-BHKE USA Yes
00050000-101AE300 Toto Temple Deluxe WUP-N-BT2E - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101AE400 Contra Advance™ The Alien Wars Ex WUP-N-PCSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AE600 魂斗羅ハードスピリッツ WUP-N-PCSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AE700 Konami Krazy Racers™ WUP-N-PCTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AE900 コナミ ワイワイレーシング アドバンス WUP-N-PCTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AEA00 逆転裁判 2 WUP-N-PCUJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101AEB00 SDK Paint WUP-P-WSPP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101AEF00 Midnight WUP-N-BMDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AF400 PixlCross WUP-N-AXLE USA Yes
00050000-101AFA00 Tilelicious: Delicious Tiles WUP-N-BTSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AFC00 Puzzle Monkeys WUP-P-BPZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AFD00 Crab Cakes Rescue WUP-N-BCEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101AFE00 Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations WUP-P-BFNP 00VZ v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101AFF00 スターフォックス ゼロ WUP-N-AFXJ 0001 16 JAP Yes
00050000-101B0100 Funk of Titans WUP-N-BFSE - v16 USA Yes
00050000-101B0200 PixelJunk Monsters™ WUP-N-BPHE USA Yes
00050000-101B0400 Star Fox™ Zero WUP-N-AFXE 0001 16 USA Yes
00050000-101B0500 Star Fox™ Zero WUP-P-AFXP EUR Yes
00050000-101B0600 みんなのリズム天国 WUP-N-VAKJ JAP Yes
00050000-101B0900 罪と罰 宇宙の後継者 WUP-N-VALJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B0A00 Sin & Punishment™: Star Successor WUP-N-VALE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101B0B00 Sin and Punishment™: Successor of the Skies WUP-N-VALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B0F00 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B1000 The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword WUP-N-VANE USA Yes
00050000-101B1100 The Legend of Zelda™: Skyward Sword WUP-N-VANP EUR Yes
00050000-101B1200 パンドラの塔 君のもとへ帰るまで WUP-N-VAPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B1300 Pandora's Tower WUP-N-VAPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B1400 Pandora's Tower™ WUP-N-VAPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B1500 斬撃のREGINLEIV WUP-N-VAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B1600 Kirby's Epic Yarn - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B1700 Kirby’s Epic Yarn™ WUP-N-VARE USA Yes
00050000-101B1800 Kirby's™ Epic Yarn WUP-N-VARP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B1900 MARIO SPORTS MIX (マリオスポーツミックス) WUP-N-VASJ JAP Yes
00050000-101B1A00 Mario™ Sports Mix WUP-N-VASE USA Yes
00050000-101B1B00 Mario Sports Mix WUP-N-VASP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B2300 [1 ~眞紅の蝶~ WUP-N-VAWJ JAP Yes
00050000-101B2400 Project Zero™ 2: Wii Edition WUP-N-VAWP EUR Yes
00050000-101B2700 LEGO®バットマン3 ザ・ゲーム ゴッサムから宇宙へ WUP-N-BTMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B2800 The Fall WUP-P-BTFP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B2900 Dragon Fantasy: The Black Tome of Ice WUP-N-AFYE USA Yes
00050000-101B2A00 Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria WUP-N-ADWE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101B2C00 Shütshimi WUP-N-BSEE USA Yes
00050000-101B2E00 Tri-Strip WUP-N-ATPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B2F00 ドキドキ手紙リレー(任天堂ゲームセミナー2014 受講生作品) WUP-N-BDKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3000 ミチコジャンプ!(任天堂ゲームセミナー2014 受講生作品) WUP-N-BMJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3100 ジカンサタンサ(任天堂ゲームセミナー2014 受講生作品) WUP-N-BYSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3200 ゾンビディフェンス WUP-N-AZDJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3400 ドラゴンクエストⅩ いにしえの竜の伝承 オンライン WUP-P-BDLJ JAP No TMD
00050000-101B3600 アルクラッシュ(任天堂ゲームセミナー2014 受講生作品) WUP-N-ALTJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3700 ファイアーエムブレム 新・暗黒竜と光の剣 WUP-N-DANJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3900 Fire Emblem™: Shadow Dragon WUP-N-DANP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B3A00 メトロイドプライム ハンターズ WUP-N-DAPJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B3B00 Metroid Prime™ Hunters WUP-N-DAPE USA Yes
00050000-101B3C00 Metroid™ Prime Hunters WUP-N-DAPP EUR Yes
00050000-101B3D00 Disney Infinity 3.0 : Play without limits WUP-P-BD3P 004Q v32 EUR Yes
00050000-101B4100 タッチ!amiibo いきなりファミコン名シーン WUP-N-AAVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B4200 amiibo™ tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits WUP-N-AAVE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B4300 amiibo™ Touch & Play: Nintendo Classics Highlights WUP-P-AAVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B4400 Chariot WUP-N-WC4J - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101B4500 マリオカート64 WUP-N-NALJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B4600 Mario Kart™ 64 WUP-N-NALE EUR Yes
00050000-101B4700 罪と罰 地球の継承者 WUP-N-NAMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B4800 Sin & Punishment™ WUP-N-NAME - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B4900 Blockara WUP-N-BLRE USA Yes
00050000-101B4E00 Funk of Titans WUP-P-BFSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B4F00 Asteroid Quarry WUP-N-AQYE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B5100 Kirby™ and the Rainbow Paintbrush WUP-P-AXYP 0001 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B5400 ホーガンズアレイ - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B5500 Hogan's Alley™ WUP-N-FHAE USA Yes
00050000-101B5600 Hogan's Alley WUP-N-FHAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B5700 VS.エキサイトバイク WUP-N-FEZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B5800 VS. Excitebike™ WUP-N-FEZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B5900 レッキングクルー'98 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B5A00 StarTropics™ WUP-N-FE2E USA Yes
00050000-101B5B00 StarTropics™ WUP-N-FE2P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B5C00 Zoda's Revenge™: Star Tropics II™ WUP-N-FE3E USA Yes
00050000-101B5D00 Zoda's Revenge™: StarTropics II WUP-N-FE3P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B5F00 TABLETOP GALLERY WUP-P-ATYP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B6000 SPACE HULK WUP-P-BHKP EUR Yes
00050000-101B6500 TENGAMI WUP-N-WG3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B7400 朧村正 WUP-N-VA5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B7700 HOSPITAL. ホスピタル 6人の医師 WUP-N-VA6J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B7800 Trauma Team WUP-N-VA6E USA Yes
00050000-101B7D00 Lost in Shadow WUP-N-VA8E USA Yes
00050000-101B7E00 A Shadow’s Tale™ WUP-N-VA8P EUR Yes
00050000-101B8400 Mortar Melon WUP-N-AMTE - v2 USA Yes
00050000-101B8500 Skylanders® SuperChargers Portal Owner's Pack WUP-N-BS5E 0052 v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B8800 タッチ!カービィ WUP-N-DAQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B8900 Kirby™ Canvas Curse WUP-N-DAQE USA Yes
00050000-101B8A00 Kirby™: Power Paintbrush WUP-N-DAQP EUR Yes
00050000-101B8B00 ゼルダの伝説 大地の汽笛 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B8C00 The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks WUP-N-DARE USA Yes
00050000-101B8D00 The Legend of Zelda™: Spirit Tracks WUP-N-DARP EUR Yes
00050000-101B9000 Just Dance® 2016 WUP-N-AJ6E 0041 v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B9100 シャイニング・ソウルⅡ WUP-N-PCVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B9200 くるりんパラダイス WUP-N-PCWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B9600 Super Destronaut WUP-N-ASJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101B9700 SDK Spriter WUP-P-ASKP EUR Yes
00050000-101B9800 Just Dance® 2016 WUP-P-AJ6P 0041 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101B9900 LOST REAVERS WUP-P-APHP EUR Yes
00050000-101B9B00 Mutant Mudds Super Challenge WUP-N-AMUE USA Yes
00050000-101B9C00 Polarium™ Advance WUP-N-PCXP EUR Yes
00050000-101B9D00 Polarium Advance WUP-N-PCXE USA Yes
00050000-101B9E00 通勤ヒトフデ WUP-N-PCXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101B9F00 Extreme Exorcism WUP-P-AEEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101BA000 Severed WUP-P-BSJP EUR Yes
00050000-101BA100 学びゲット! WUP-N-AGAJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101BA400 Guitar Hero® Live WUP-P-AGNE 0052 v32 USA No TMD
00050000-101BA500 Extreme Exorcism WUP-N-AEEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101BA700 PENTAPUZZLE WUP-N-AP8E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101BA900 Severed WUP-N-BSJE USA Yes
00050000-101BAA00 Totem Topple WUP-N-ATTE 010C v16 USA Yes
00050000-101BAE00 ゼルダの伝説 ムジュラの仮面 WUP-N-NANJ JAP Yes
00050000-101BB000 The Legend of Zelda™: Majora's Mask™ WUP-N-NANP EUR Yes
00050000-101BB100 ヨッシーストーリー WUP-N-NAPJ JAP Yes
00050000-101BB200 Yoshi's Story™ WUP-N-NAPE EUR,USA Yes
00050000-101BB300 ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimensions! WUP-P-WLSP 008V v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101BB400 Teslagrad WUP-N-WGDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BB700 Blocky Bot WUP-P-BYBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101BB800 Elliot Quest WUP-P-BEQP 011A v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101BB900 F-ZERO クライマックス WUP-N-PCYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BBA00 伝説のスタフィー2 WUP-N-PCZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BBB00 シャイニング・ソウル WUP-N-PC2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BBC00 Astral Breakers WUP-N-BS6E - v2 USA Yes
00050000-101BBD00 Bubble Gum Popper WUP-N-BBLE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101BBF00 ねじ巻きナイト2 WUP-N-AN2J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BC000 ドットペイント WUP-N-WD9J JAP Yes
00050000-101BC100 ガールズ・ライク・ロボッツ WUP-N-AGTJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101BC200 Santa Factory WUP-N-BS4E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101BC300 Beatbuddy WUP-P-BTBP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101BC400 Plenty of Fishies WUP-P-WFPP EUR Yes
00050000-101BC500 Mortar Melon WUP-P-AMTP EUR Yes
00050000-101BC600 Guitar Hero Live WUP-P-AGNP 0052 v32 EUR No TMD
00050000-101BC700 Blocky Bot WUP-N-BYBE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101BC800 Paranautical Activity WUP-N-APRE USA Yes
00050000-101BCA00 Napster WUP-N-ANAP EUR Yes
00050000-101BCB00 Rhapsody - Music & Radio WUP-N-ANAE USA Yes
00050000-101BCD00 Underground WUP-N-BUGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101BCE00 Woah Dave! WUP-N-AWEE - v2 USA Yes
00050000-101BCF00 Word Search by POWGI WUP-N-AWBE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101BD000 Super Paper Mario - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BD100 Super Paper Mario™ WUP-N-VBBE USA Yes
00050000-101BD200 Super Paper Mario™ WUP-N-VBBP EUR Yes
00050000-101BD800 Resident Evil™ 4 Wii edition WUP-N-VBDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101BDB00 Zack and Wiki™: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure WUP-N-VBEP EUR Yes
00050000-101BDC00 Mario Strikers Charged Football - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BDD00 Mario™ Strikers Charged Football WUP-N-VBFP EUR Yes
00050000-101BDE00 Wario Land: Shake It - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BE000 Wario Land™: The Shake Dimension WUP-N-VBGP EUR Yes
00050000-101BE100 Mario Super Sluggers - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BE200 Mario™ Super Sluggers WUP-N-VBHE USA Yes
00050000-101BE600 Mario Strikers™ Charged WUP-N-VBFE USA Yes
00050000-101BEB00 スターフォックス ガード WUP-N-BWFJ JAP Yes
00050000-101BEC00 Star Fox™ Guard WUP-N-BWFE USA Yes
00050000-101BED00 Star Fox™ Guard WUP-P-BWFP EUR Yes
00050000-101BEF00 LEGO® Marvel's Avengers WUP-N-ALRE 00WR v16 USA Yes
00050000-101BF000 RACE THE SUN® WUP-N-ARCE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101BF400 Shutshimi WUP-P-BSEP EUR Yes
00050000-101BF600 Rodea the Sky Soldier WUP-N-BRDE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101BFC00 Skylanders SuperChargers WUP-P-BS5P 0052 v32 EUR Yes
00050000-101BFD00 スーパーマリオギャラクシー WUP-N-VBKJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101BFE00 Super Mario Galaxy™ WUP-N-VBKE USA Yes
00050000-101BFF00 Super Mario Galaxy™ WUP-N-VBKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C0000 キキトリック - - Not currently on CDN (16/12/2015). v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-101C0100 Megaman Battle Network 6: Cybeast Falzar WUP-N-PC3P EUR Yes
00050000-101C0300 ロックマン エグゼ 6 電脳獣ファルザー WUP-N-PC3J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C0400 Megaman Battle Network 6: Cybeast Gregar WUP-N-PC4P EUR Yes
00050000-101C0600 ロックマン エグゼ 6 電脳獣グレイガ WUP-N-PC4J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C0700 Nova-111 WUP-P-AN3P 00UB v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C0800 FullBlast WUP-N-AFLE - v2 USA Yes
00050000-101C0A00 Nova-111 WUP-N-AN3E 00UB v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C0B00 The Swindle WUP-N-BS7E 00UB v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C0C00 The Swindle WUP-P-BS7P 00UB v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C1F00 シティコネクション - - v0 JAP No TMD
00050000-101C2000 City Connection WUP-N-FE4E USA Yes
00050000-101C2100 LOST REAVERS BETA TEST VERSION - - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101C2200 Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos WUP-N-FE5E USA Yes
00050000-101C2300 Ninja Gaiden™ II: The Dark Sword of Chaos WUP-N-FE5P EUR Yes
00050000-101C2400 Ninja Gaiden™ III: The Ancient Ship of Doom WUP-N-FE6E USA Yes
00050000-101C2500 Ninja Gaiden III™: The Ancient Ship of Doom WUP-N-FE6P EUR Yes
00050000-101C2600 TECMO BOWL WUP-N-FE7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C2700 Tecmo Bowl™ WUP-N-FE7P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C2800 Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones WUP-N-FE8E USA Yes
00050000-101C2900 Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones WUP-N-FE8P EUR Yes
00050000-101C2A00 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures WUP-N-JDKE USA Yes
00050000-101C2B00 Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures™ WUP-N-JDKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C2E00 メタルスレイダーグローリー ディレクターズカット WUP-N-JDLJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3000 The Perplexing Orb WUP-N-APEE USA Yes
00050000-101C3100 Freedom Planet WUP-N-AFEE 0167 v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C3300 スーパーマリオ64DS WUP-N-DASJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3400 Super Mario 64™ DS WUP-N-DASE USA Yes
00050000-101C3500 Super Mario™ 64 DS WUP-N-DASP EUR Yes
00050000-101C3600 ゼルダの伝説 夢幻の砂時計 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3700 The Legend of Zelda™: Phantom Hourglass WUP-N-DATE USA Yes
00050000-101C3800 The Legend of Zelda™: Phantom Hourglass WUP-N-DATP EUR Yes
00050000-101C3900 Word Search by POWGI WUP-P-AWBP 015G v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C3A00 ロックマン エグゼ 4.5 リアルオペレーション WUP-N-PC5J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3B00 逆転裁判 3 WUP-N-PC6J JAP Yes
00050000-101C3C00 PictoParty WUP-P-APQP EUR Yes
00050000-101C3D00 伝説のスタフィー3 WUP-N-PC7J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3E00 ソニック アドバンス 3 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C3F00 MOTHER3 WUP-N-PC9J JAP Yes
00050000-101C4000 Rodea the Sky Soldier WUP-P-BRDP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C4100 FullBlast WUP-P-AFLP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C4200 The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure WUP-N-BPEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C4300 Don't Starve: Giant Edition WUP-N-ADAE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101C4500 Year Walk 最後の啓示 WUP-N-APNJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101C4600 99Seconds WUP-N-WCQJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101C4700 メダロット・ナビ クワガタ - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C4800 メダロット・ナビ カブト - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C4A00 Word Party WUP-P-AWPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C4C00 Xenoblade Chronicles™ X WUP-P-AX5D 0001 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C4D00 Xenoblade Chronicles™ X WUP-N-AX5E 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-101C5400 The Bridge WUP-N-ABCE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101C5500 Word Party WUP-N-AWPE USA Yes
00050000-101C5700 Abyss WUP-N-WAGJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101C5800 ポッ拳 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT WUP-N-APKJ 002P v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101C5900 サイコロの森 3-in-1 WUP-N-ATYJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C5A00 Mighty No. 9 WUP-P-AMQP EUR Yes
00050000-101C5B00 Secret Files Tunguska - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C5C00 マリオパーティ2 WUP-N-NAQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101C5D00 Mario Party™ 2 WUP-N-NAQE EUR Yes
00050000-101C5E00 カスタムロボV2 WUP-N-NARJ JAP Yes
00050000-101C5F00 Sanatory Hallways WUP-P-AHSP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C6000 Epic Dumpster Bear WUP-P-BDPP EUR Yes
00050000-101C6100 ミニマリオ & フレンズ amiiboチャレンジ WUP-N-AP5J JAP Yes
00050000-101C6200 Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge WUP-N-AP5E USA Yes
00050000-101C6300 Mini Mario & Friends: amiibo Challenge WUP-P-AP5P EUR Yes
00050000-101C6400 Animal Crossing™: amiibo Festival WUP-P-AALE USA No TMD
00050000-101C6500 Animal Crossing™: amiibo festival WUP-P-AALP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C6A00 Octodad: Dadliest Catch WUP-N-AD5E - v4 USA Yes
00050000-101C6C00 Typoman WUP-N-ATVE USA Yes
00050000-101C6D00 RACE THE SUN WUP-P-ARCP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C6E00 Swords & Soldiers II WUP-P-BS2P 00RG v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C7300 The Stonecutter WUP-N-BTTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C7400 Momonga Pinball Adventures WUP-P-AMPP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C7600 Pumped BMX + WUP-P-BPBP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101C7B00 Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus WUP-N-AF2E USA Yes
00050000-101C7D00 Pumped BMX + WUP-N-BPBE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101C7E00 Whispering Willows WUP-N-AWWE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C7F00 Toto Temple Deluxe WUP-P-BT2P - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C8100 Wicked Monsters BLAST! HD+ WUP-N-AWME USA Yes
00050000-101C8200 Momonga Pinball Adventures WUP-N-AMPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101C8300 マリオvs.ドンキーコング2 ミニミニ大行進! - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C8400 Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis WUP-N-DAUE USA Yes
00050000-101C8500 Mario vs. Donkey Kong™ 2: March of the Minis WUP-N-DAUP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C8600 あつめて!カービィ WUP-N-DAVJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C8700 Kirby™ Mass Attack WUP-N-DAVE USA Yes
00050000-101C8800 Kirby™ Mass Attack WUP-N-DAVP EUR Yes
00050000-101C8900 妖怪ウォッチダンス JUST DANCE® スペシャルバージョン WUP-P-AVAJ JAP No TMD
00050000-101C8D00 Monster High New Ghoul in School WUP-N-BMSE USA Yes
00050000-101C9300 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

00050000-101C9400 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

00050000-101C9500 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

00050000-101C9600 Mighty No. 9 WUP-N-AMQE USA Yes
00050000-101C9800 千年家族 - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C9900 川のぬし釣り3&4 WUP-N-PDDJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101C9A00 Don't Starve: Giant Edition WUP-P-ADAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101C9B00 The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth WUP-P-BRXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CA000 1001 Spikes WUP-P-WM9P - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101CA100 Bigley's Revenge WUP-N-AT3E USA Yes
00050000-101CA200 Lucentek - Activate WUP-N-ALUE USA Yes
00050000-101CA300 Neon Battle WUP-N-ANLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CA600 Year Walk WUP-N-APNE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CA700 PONCHO WUP-P-BP4P EUR Yes
00050000-101CA800 Mutant Mudds Super Challenge WUP-P-AMUP EUR Yes
00050000-101CA900 Monster High New Ghoul in School™ WUP-P-BMSP 00VZ v EUR Yes
00050000-101CAA00 マッドアタック!マックスVS泥々星人 WUP-N-WMMJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CAF00 Drill Dozer™ WUP-N-PDEP EUR Yes
00050000-101CB000 Drill Dozer™ WUP-N-PDEE USA Yes
00050000-101CB100 Game & Watch™ Gallery Advance WUP-N-PDFP EUR Yes
00050000-101CB200 Game & Watch™ Gallery 4 WUP-N-PDFE USA Yes
00050000-101CB300 ゲームボーイギャラリー4 WUP-N-PDFJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CB400 forma.8 Event Preview - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CB500 (Event Preview) Freedom Planet - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CB600 Event Preview Version Lovely P - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CB700 Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Event Preview) - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CB900 (Event Preview) Runbow - - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101CBA00 (Event Preview) Soul Axiom - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CBB00 (Event Preview) Typoman - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CBD00 The Bridge WUP-P-ABCP - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101CBE00 Extreme Exorcism (Event Preview Version) - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CBF00 RIVE Event Preview - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CC000 PONCHO WUP-N-BP4E USA Yes
00050000-101CC100 スクリューブレイカー 轟振どりるれろ WUP-N-PDEJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CC200 ポケモンレンジャー WUP-N-DAWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CC300 Pokémon Ranger WUP-N-DAWE USA Yes
00050000-101CC400 Pokémon™ Ranger WUP-N-DAWP EUR Yes
00050000-101CC500 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 青の救助隊 WUP-N-DAXJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CC700 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team WUP-N-DAXE USA Yes
00050000-101CC800 Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team WUP-N-DAXP EUR Yes
00050000-101CC900 Freedom Planet WUP-P-AFEP 0167 v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CCD00 The Rivers of Alice : Extended Version WUP-N-BRAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CCF00 Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) WUP-N-BNAE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CD100 (Event Preview) Soul Axiom - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD200 Extreme Exorcism (Event Preview Version) - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD300 Mutant Mudds Super Challenge (Event Preview) - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD400 Typoman Event Preview - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD500 (Event Preview) Freedom Planet - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD600 RIVE Event Preview - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD700 Event Preview Version Lovely P - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD800 forma.8 Event Preview - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CD900 (Event Preview) Runbow - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CDB00 Splatoon Pre-Launch Review - - v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101CDC00 Splatoon Pre-Launch Review - - v16 USA Yes
00050000-101CDD00 Splatoon Pre-Launch Review - - v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101CDE00 Splatoon - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CDF00 LEGO®ジュラシック・ワールド WUP-N-ALJJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CE000 Typoman WUP-P-ATVP EUR Yes
00050000-101CE100 Canvaleon WUP-N-ACHE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CE300 ネバーアローン WUP-N-BNAJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CE600 Swords & Soldiers ソード アンド ソルジャーズ WUP-N-WKSJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101CE800 Never Alone (Kisima Ingitchuna) WUP-P-BNAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CEE00 Electronic Super Joy WUP-N-AEJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CF100 Island Flight Simulator WUP-N-AFVE USA Yes
00050000-101CF200 Island Flight Simulator WUP-P-AFVP EUR Yes
00050000-101CF500 Quadcopter Pilot Challenge WUP-N-AQPE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CF700 Wind-up Knight 2 WUP-N-AN2E - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101CF800 Brave Tank Hero™ WUP-P-BTKP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101CF900 Word Puzzles by POWGI WUP-P-AW2P EUR Yes
00050000-101CFA00 Word Puzzles by POWGI WUP-N-AW2E USA Yes
00050000-101CFB00 Brave Tank Hero™ WUP-N-BTKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CFC00 KEYTARI: 8-bit Music Maker WUP-N-AKEE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101CFD00 Near Earth Objects WUP-N-ANHE USA Yes
00050000-101CFF00 Job the Leprechaun WUP-N-AJLE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D0000 Solitaire Dungeon Escape WUP-N-AD7E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D0100 The Quiet Collection WUP-N-AQCE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D0300 Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water WUP-P-AL5P ? 01 ? v0 ? EUR No TMD
00050000-101D0600 Fatal Frame™: Maiden of Black Water WUP-N-AL5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D0700 Canvaleon WUP-P-ACHP 0175 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101D0800 Outside the Realm WUP-N-ARLE USA Yes
00050000-101D0900 Gunman Clive HD Collection WUP-N-AGWE 00FV v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D0A00 Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team WUP-N-PDGP EUR Yes
00050000-101D0B00 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 赤の救助隊 WUP-N-PDGJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D0C00 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team WUP-N-PDGE USA Yes
00050000-101D0D00 グランボ WUP-N-PDHJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D0E00 川のぬし釣り5 ~不思議の森から~ - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101D1000 Barbie and her Sisters Puppy Rescue WUP-N-BRQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D1400 Endless Golf WUP-N-AEGE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D1600 Xeodrifter™ WUP-N-AXJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D1800 Girls Like Robots WUP-N-AGTE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D1A00 Aenigma Os WUP-N-BASE USA Yes
00050000-101D1D00 Barbie™ and her Sisters Puppy Rescue WUP-P-BRQP EUR Yes
00050000-101D1F00 おいでよ どうぶつの森 WUP-N-DAYJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D2000 Animal Crossing™: Wild World WUP-N-DAYE USA Yes
00050000-101D2100 Animal Crossing™: Wild World WUP-N-DAYP EUR Yes
00050000-101D2200 マリオパーティDS WUP-N-DAZJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D2300 Mario Party™ DS WUP-N-DAZE USA Yes
00050000-101D2400 Mario Party™ DS WUP-N-DAZP EUR Yes
00050000-101D2500 チョコボランド WUP-N-PDKJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D2600 ファイナルファンタジーI・II アドバンス WUP-N-PDLJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D2700 沈黙の遺跡 ~エストポリス外伝~ WUP-N-PDMJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D2800 DON'T CRASH WUP-N-AC5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D2900 PIXEL SLIME U WUP-N-AUPE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D2A00 Land it Rocket WUP-N-AL6E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D2B00 テトロボット AND CO. WUP-N-ATCJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101D2C00 チャリ走 Ultra DX - 世界ツアー WUP-N-ATXJ 00SA v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101D2D00 みんなで宇宙ツアー - チャリ走DX2 WUP-N-ATQJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101D2F00 バードマニアパーティ WUP-N-ABKJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D3000 太鼓の達人 あつめて★ともだち大作戦! WUP-N-BT3J 00AF v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101D3100 Darts UP WUP-N-WDUJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101D3200 99Moves WUP-N-BMVJ - v2 JAP Yes
00050000-101D3300 6180 the moon WUP-P-WM6P EUR Yes
00050000-101D3700 Ninja Strike™: Dangerous Dash WUP-N-ANJE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D3900 The Quiet Collection WUP-P-AQCP 017D v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D3A00 Ninja Strike™: Dangerous Dash WUP-P-ANJP EUR Yes
00050000-101D3B00 Level 22 WUP-P-AL2P EUR Yes
00050000-101D3C00 Level 22 WUP-N-AL2E USA Yes
00050000-101D3F00 Project Zero™: Maiden of Black Water - Trial version WUP-P-AL5Z - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D4200 Brunswick® Pro Bowling WUP-N-ABPE 00DV v16 USA Yes
00050000-101D4500 Grumpy Reaper WUP-N-AGQE USA Yes
00050000-101D4600 Frankenstein - Master of Death WUP-P-AFQP EUR Yes
00050000-101D4700 STARWHAL WUP-P-BJTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D4800 Whispering Willows WUP-P-AWWP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D4A00 Rakoo & Friends WUP-N-ARFE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D4B00 Year Walk WUP-P-APNP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D4C00 Sketch Wars WUP-N-AWRE USA Yes
00050000-101D4D00 Joe's Diner WUP-P-AJAP EUR Yes
00050000-101D4E00 Jones on Fire WUP-P-AJFP EUR Yes
00050000-101D5000 The Peanuts Movie: Snoopy's Grand Adventure WUP-P-BPEP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D5100 Stone Shire WUP-P-BSVP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D5300 Cutie Pets Pick Berries WUP-N-ACKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D5500 Joe's Diner WUP-N-AJAE USA Yes
00050000-101D5600 Jones on Fire WUP-N-AJFE USA Yes
00050000-101D5C00 ファイナルファンタジーVI アドバンス WUP-N-PDQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D5D00 ファイナルファンタジーV アドバンス WUP-N-PDRJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D5E00 ファイナルファンタジーIV アドバンス WUP-N-PDSJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D5F00 FreezeME WUP-N-AF4E 16, 32 USA Yes
00050000-101D6000 FAST Racing NEO WUP-P-WFSP 00JX v2 EUR Yes
00050000-101D6100 Gunman Clive HD Collection WUP-P-AGWP 00FV v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D6200 Test Your Mind WUP-N-ATHE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D6300 Ascent of Kings WUP-N-AKSE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D6400 Kung Fu FIGHT! WUP-N-AK2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D6700 Star Sky WUP-P-ATZP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D6A00 Splatoon Testfire - - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101D6B00 Splatoon Testfire - - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D6C00 Splatoon Testfire - - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D6D00 Runbow WUP-P-ARNP 010P v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D6E00 Now I know my ABCs WUP-N-BC7E USA Yes
00050000-101D6F00 Cutie Clash WUP-N-BC8E USA Yes
00050000-101D7300 Molly Maggot WUP-N-AM5E USA Yes
00050000-101D7400 Totem Topple WUP-P-ATTP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D7500 Minecraft: Wii U Edition WUP-P-AUMP 00DU v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101D7600 Slots - Pharaoh's Riches WUP-N-BP3E USA Yes
00050000-101D7700 Explody Bomb WUP-N-AEXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D7800 Hold Your Fire: A Game About Responsibility WUP-N-AHGE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D7A00 6-Hand Video Poker WUP-N-AKPE USA Yes
00050000-101D7F00 153 Hand Video Poker WUP-N-BP6E USA Yes
00050000-101D8000 Q.U.B.E: Director's Cut WUP-N-AQEE - v1 USA Yes
00050000-101D8300 Electronic Super Joy WUP-P-AEJP 00TJ v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101D8900 Slender: The Arrival WUP-P-BSAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D8A00 Star Sky WUP-N-ATZE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D8B00 ヒラメキパズル テトグラム WUP-N-AP8J - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101D8C00 ブルームーン WUP-N-ATZJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101D8D00 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX WUP-N-ARXE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D9100 Dragon Skills WUP-N-BD5E USA Yes
00050000-101D9200 The Rivers of Alice : Extended Version WUP-P-BRAP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D9300 ショベルナイト WUP-N-WKNJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D9500 STEEL RIVALS WUP-N-BRCE USA Yes
00050000-101D9600 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX WUP-P-ARXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D9700 Kick & Fennick WUP-P-AKKP EUR Yes
00050000-101D9900 ファイナルファンタジータクティクス アドバンス WUP-N-PDTJ JAP Yes
00050000-101D9B00 Discovery WUP-N-ADUE USA Yes
00050000-101D9C00 Funky Physics WUP-N-AF5E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101D9D00 Minecraft: Wii U Edition WUP-N-AUME 00DU v16 USA Yes
00050000-101D9E00 Bike Rider UltraDX - WORLD TOUR WUP-P-ATXP - v0 EUR Yes
00050000-101D9F00 Job the Leprechaun WUP-P-AJLP EUR Yes
00050000-101DA100 マリオバスケ 3on3 WUP-N-DA2J JAP Yes
00050000-101DA300 Mario™ Slam Basketball WUP-N-DA2P EUR Yes
00050000-101DA400 ファミコンウォーズDS WUP-N-DA3J JAP Yes
00050000-101DA600 Advance Wars™: Dual Strike WUP-N-DA3P EUR Yes
00050000-101DA700 ポケモンスナップ WUP-N-NASJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DA900 Pokémon™ Snap WUP-N-NASP EUR Yes
00050000-101DAB00 LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens WUP-N-BLGE USA Yes
00050000-101DAD00 Tumblestone WUP-N-AT7E USA Yes
00050000-101DAF00 Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus WUP-P-AF2P EUR Yes
00050000-101DB000 Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty WUP-N-ANWE USA Yes
00050000-101DB100 PictoParty WUP-N-APQE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101DB600 Tiny Thief タイニーシーフ WUP-N-AAHJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DB800 VoxelMaker WUP-N-AVME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101DBB00 Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty WUP-P-ANWP EUR Yes
00050000-101DBC00 Star Ghost WUP-P-BD6P EUR Yes
00050000-101DBE00 MINECRAFT: Wii U EDITION WUP-N-AUMJ 0188 v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101DBF00 Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures WUP-P-AVGP EUR Yes
00050000-101DC000 Vektor Wars WUP-N-AVWE USA Yes
00050000-101DC100 Octodad: Dadliest Catch WUP-P-AD5P - v1 EUR Yes
00050000-101DC200 Vektor Wars WUP-P-AVWP EUR Yes
00050000-101DC300 Kick & Fennick WUP-N-AKKE USA Yes
00050000-101DCA00 VoxelMaker WUP-P-AVMP 017D v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101DCC00 スターフォックス ガード 特別体験版 WUP-N-BWGJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DCD00 Star Fox™ Guard Special Demo WUP-N-BWGE USA Yes
00050000-101DCE00 Star Fox™ Guard : Special Demo Version WUP-P-BWGP EUR Yes
00050000-101DCF00 Perpetual Blast WUP-N-BP2E - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101DD000 Star Ghost WUP-N-BD6E 17 USA Yes
00050000-101DD300 Rock 'N Racing Off Road WUP-N-WAEJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101DD400 Fullblast WUP-N-AFLJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DD500 エリエット クエスト WUP-N-BEQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DD600 Bit Trip Presents... Runner 2 リズム星人の爆走 WUP-N-WBTJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101DD700 Runbow WUP-N-ARNJ 013P v17 JAP Yes
00050000-101DD900 Mighty No. 9 WUP-N-AMQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101DDA00 ガンマンストーリーHDコレクション WUP-N-AGWJ - v0 JAP Yes
00050000-101DDC00 ディズニーインフィニティ3.0 WUP-P-BD3J 00AF v1 JAP No TMD
00050000-101DDD00 Swords & Soldiers II ソード アンド ソルジャーズ II WUP-N-BS2J JAP Yes
00050000-101DE000 Chroma Blast WUP-N-BPKE USA Yes
00050000-101DE400 ザ バインディング オブ アイザック:リバース WUP-N-BRXJ - v1 JAP Yes
00050000-101DE500 1001 Spikes WUP-N-WM9J JAP Yes
00050000-101DE700 Cutie Pets Jump Rope WUP-N-AR3E USA Yes
00050000-101DEE00 AVOIDER WUP-N-AVRE USA Yes
00050000-101DF400 Pokkén Tournament™ WUP-N-APKE 0001 v16 USA Yes
00050000-101DF500 Pokkén Tournament™ WUP-P-APKP 0001 v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101DFA00 Draw 2 Survive WUP-N-BDXE USA Yes
00050000-101DFE00 ニヒラブラ WUP-N-WHLJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E0100 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone WUP-N-BMTE USA Yes
00050000-101E0600 Final Fantasy Tactics™ Advance WUP-N-PDTP EUR Yes
00050000-101E0700 FINAL FANTASY Tactics Advance WUP-N-PDTE USA Yes
00050000-101E0900 Lovely Planet WUP-N-BLVE USA Yes
00050000-101E0A00 Lovely Planet WUP-P-BLVP EUR Yes
00050000-101E0C00 ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 空の探検隊 WUP-N-DA4J JAP Yes
00050000-101E0D00 Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky WUP-N-DA4E USA Yes
00050000-101E0E00 Pokémon™ Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky WUP-N-DA4P EUR Yes
00050000-101E0F00 ポケモンレンジャー バトナージ WUP-N-DA5J JAP Yes
00050000-101E1000 Pokémon™ Ranger: Shadows of Almia WUP-N-DA5E USA Yes
00050000-101E1100 Pokémon™ Ranger: Shadows of Almia WUP-N-DA5P EUR Yes
00050000-101E1200 PixelJunk Monsters WUP-P-BPHP 015D - 16 EUR Yes
00050000-101E1500 Fire: Ungh's Quest WUP-P-BFQP EUR Yes
00050000-101E1800 Human Resource Machine WUP-N-AHME - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101E1900 Rynn's Adventure: Trouble in the Enchanted Forest WUP-N-AR6E USA Yes
00050000-101E1A00 Human Resource Machine WUP-P-AHMP EUR Yes
00050000-101E1B00 Shadow Puppeteer WUP-P-BPWP EUR Yes
00050000-101E1E00 PSIBO WUP-N-BP8E USA Yes
00050000-101E1F00 B3 Game Expo For Bees WUP-N-AB3E USA Yes
00050000-101E2200 改造町人シュビビンマン WUP-N-PPHJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2300 うさぎの国のカンガルーレース ワラビー!! WUP-N-PPJJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2400 ガイフレーム WUP-N-PPKJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2700 改造町人シュビビンマン3 -異界のプリンセス- WUP-N-PPNJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2800 超兄貴 WUP-N-PPPJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2900 愛・超兄貴 WUP-N-PPQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E2C00 Bit Dungeon+ WUP-P-BDYP EUR Yes
00050000-101E2D00 REPLAY : VHS is not dead WUP-P-BREP EUR Yes
00050000-101E2E00 Christmas Adventure of Rocket Penguin WUP-N-BCKE - v0 USA Yes
00050000-101E3000 REPLAY : VHS is not dead WUP-N-BREE USA Yes
00050000-101E3200 Jewel Quest WUP-N-AJQE 0190 16 USA Yes
00050000-101E3300 Olympia Rising WUP-P-AR7P 011A v16 EUR Yes
00050000-101E3400 Olympia Rising WUP-N-AR7E USA Yes
00050000-101E3700 Cutie Pets Go Fishing WUP-N-BFGE USA Yes
00050000-101E3800 Dual Core WUP-N-BD8E USA Yes
00050000-101E4000 アスディバインハーツ WUP-N-AB8J JAP Yes
00050000-101E4100 FAST Racing NEO WUP-N-WFSJ 00JX JAP Yes
00050000-101E4200 Master Reboot WUP-N-WMRJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E4300 モモンガ ピンボール アドベンチャー WUP-N-AMPJ 00TF v16 JAP Yes
00050000-101E4800 Sudoku and Permudoku WUP-N-BPJE USA Yes
00050000-101E4B00 Bird Mania Party WUP-P-ABKP EUR Yes
00050000-101E4C00 Bird Mania Party WUP-N-ABKE USA Yes
00050000-101E5000 The Gem Collector WUP-N-AG2E USA Yes
00050000-101E5300 M & S at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games WUP-U-ABJE 0001 - 16 USA Yes
00050000-101E5400 Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games™ WUP-P-ABJP EUR Yes
00050000-101E5500 Escape From Flare Industries WUP-N-AEFE USA Yes
00050000-101E5600 Adventures of Pip™ WUP-P-BAPP EUR Yes
00050000-101E5800 Inside My Radio WUP-P-ARQP EUR Yes
00050000-101E5A00 Inside My Radio WUP-N-ARQE USA Yes
00050000-101E5E00 Chasing Dead WUP-P-WZHP EUR Yes
00050000-101E6200 Shooting Range by Thornbury Software WUP-N-AAZE USA Yes
00050000-101E6300 Archery by Thornbury Software WUP-N-AA2E USA Yes
00050000-101E6800 わがままファッション GIRLS MODE WUP-N-DA6J JAP Yes
00050000-101E6900 Style Savvy™ WUP-N-DA6E USA Yes
00050000-101E6A00 Nintendo presents: Style Boutique™ WUP-N-DA6P EUR Yes
00050000-101E6C00 立体ピクロス WUP-N-DA8J JAP Yes
00050000-101E6E00 Picross 3D™ WUP-N-DA8P EUR Yes
00050000-101E6F00 ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡 WUP-N-DA9J JAP Yes
00050000-101E7000 Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs WUP-N-DA9E USA Yes
00050000-101E7100 Pokémon™ Ranger: Guardian Signs WUP-N-DA9P EUR Yes
00050000-101E7300 The Deer God WUP-N-AA3E USA Yes
00050000-101E7400 Grumpy Reaper WUP-P-AGQP EUR Yes
00050000-101E7500 Dragon Skills WUP-P-BD5P EUR Yes
00050000-101E7800 SKEASY WUP-N-AYKE USA Yes
00050000-101E7900 SPLASHY DUCK WUP-N-AVLE USA Yes
00050000-101E7B00 Asdivine Hearts WUP-N-AB8E USA Yes
00050000-101E8000 FreezeME WUP-P-AF4P EUR Yes
00050000-101E8300 Discovery WUP-P-ADUP EUR Yes
00050000-101E8500 TEMPLE OF YOG WUP-P-BTYP EUR Yes
00050000-101E8800 COLOR BOMBS WUP-P-BW2P EUR Yes
00050000-101E8900 Sudoku & Permudoku WUP-P-BPJP EUR Yes
00050000-101E8A00 Ascent of Kings WUP-P-AKSP EUR Yes
00050000-101E8B00 Kung Fu FIGHT! WUP-P-AK2P EUR Yes
00050000-101E8D00 Futuridium EP Deluxe WUP-P-BEPP EUR Yes
00050000-101E8E00 Futuridium EP Deluxe WUP-N-BEPE USA Yes
00050000-101E9300 Gear Gauntlet WUP-N-BGGE USA Yes
00050000-101E9400 Gear Gauntlet WUP-P-BGGP EUR Yes
00050000-101E9500 Humanitarian Helicopter WUP-N-BHHE USA Yes
00050000-101E9700 U Host WUP-P-AUHP EUR Yes
00050000-101E9A00 Astral Breakers WUP-N-BS6J JAP Yes
00050000-101E9C00 キューブライフ:アイランドサバイバル WUP-N-ACUJ JAP Yes
00050000-101E9F00 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 WUP-P-BUTP EUR Yes
00050000-101EA500 Noitu Love: Devolution WUP-N-AKLE USA Yes
00050000-101EA000 LEGO®スター・ウォーズ/フォースの覚醒 WUP-N-BLGJ JAP Yes
00050000-101EA100 LEGO®マーベル アベンジャーズ WUP-N-ALRJ JAP Yes
00050000-101EA200 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 WUP-N-BUTE USA Yes
00050000-101EAA00 Just Dance® 2017 WUP-P-BJ7P EUR Yes
00050000-101EAB00 Dreamals WUP-P-WRLP EUR Yes
00050000-101EAF00 Color Symphony 2 WUP-N-WCYE USA Yes
00050000-101EB200 Just Dance 2017 WUP-N-BJ7E USA Yes
00050000-101EB300 The Beggar's Ride WUP-N-WTRE USA Yes
00050000-101EB400 Volcanic Field 2 WUP-N-WVFE USA Yes
00050000-101EB500 DREAMALS WUP-N-WRLE USA Yes
00050000-101EB600 ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades WUP-P-WGQP EUR Yes
00050000-101EB700 Color Symphony 2 WUP-P-WCYP EUR Yes
00050000-101EBB00 F-ZERO X WUP-N-NAWJ JAP Yes
00050000-101EC100 Pikmin™ WUP-N-VBUE USA Yes
00050000-101EC200 Pikmin™ WUP-N-VBUP EUR Yes
00050000-101EC500 ACT IT OUT! A Game of Charades WUP-N-WGQE USA Yes
00050000-101EC600 Defense Dome WUP-P-BDFP EUR Yes
00050000-101EC700 The Beggar's Ride WUP-P-WTRP EUR Yes
00050000-101ECA00 WarioWare™: Smooth Moves WUP-N-VBVE USA Yes
00050000-101ECB00 WarioWare™ Smooth Moves WUP-N-VBVP EUR Yes
00050000-101ECF00 Buddy & Me: Dream Edition WUP-N-WYME USA Yes
00050000-101ED000 SpaceRoads WUP-N-WSSE USA Yes
00050000-101ED600 SphereZor WUP-N-BZRE USA Yes
00050000-101ED700 Tokyo Mirage Sessions™ ♯FE WUP-P-ASEP EUR Yes
00050000-101ED800 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE WUP-U-ASEE 0001 - 16 USA Yes
00050000-101EF400 Demonic Karma Summoner WUP-P-BKSE USA Yes
00050000-101EF500 Emojikara: A Clever Emoji Match Game WUP-N-BMKE USA Yes
00050000-101EFF00 Asdivine Hearts WUP-P-AB8P EUR Yes
00050000-101F0A00 バンダイナムコからのお届け物 WUP-N-BL2J JAP Yes
00050000-101F0B00 Quest of Dungeons WUP-P-BQDP EUR Yes
00050000-101F0F00 Paranautical Activity WUP-P-APRP EUR Yes
00050000-101F1100 Noitu Love: Devolution WUP-P-AKLP EUR Yes
00050000-101F1300 Armikrog WUP-N-BR2E USA Yes
00050000-101F1400 Quest of Dungeons WUP-N-BQDE USA Yes
00050000-101F1600 STEEL RIVALS WUP-P-BRCP EUR Yes
00050000-101F2700 Star Sky 2 WUP-P-BY2P EUR Yes
00050000-101F2800 8Bit Hero™ WUP-N-BH8E USA Yes
00050000-101F2D00 Run Run and Die WUP-N-BRRE USA Yes
00050000-101F3A00 テラリア WUP-N-BTXJ JAP Yes
00050000-101F3E00 Star Sky 2 WUP-N-BY2E USA Yes
00050000-101F3F00 Super Meat Boy WUP-N-AENE USA Yes
00050000-101F4000 Super Meat Boy WUP-P-AENP EUR Yes
00050000-101F4200 Queen's Garden WUP-P-AQNP EUR Yes
00050000-101F4300 Sweetest Thing WUP-P-AERP EUR Yes
00050000-101F4700 Queen's Garden WUP-N-AQNE USA Yes
00050000-101F4800 Sweetest Thing WUP-N-AERE USA Yes
00050000-101F4900 Tallowmere WUP-N-AEUE USA Yes
00050000-101F4A00 Buddy & Me: Dream Edition WUP-P-WYMP EUR Yes
00050000-101F4C00 Reptilian Rebellion WUP-N-BRLE USA Yes
00050000-101F4D00 Skylanders Imaginators WUP-P-BL6E USA No TMD
00050000-101F4F00 Dracula's Legacy WUP-P-AGJP EUR Yes
00050000-101F5000 Dracula's Legacy WUP-N-AGJE USA Yes
00050000-101F5500 Letter Quest: Remastered WUP-N-AG8E USA Yes
00050000-101F5700 Jotun: Valhalla Edition WUP-N-AJVE USA Yes
00050000-101F5900 PENTAPUZZLE WUP-P-AP8P EUR Yes
00050000-101F5A00 Defend Your Crypt WUP-P-ALFP EUR Yes
00050000-101F5D00 PixelMaker WUP-N-AHYE USA Yes
00050000-101F5E00 Defend your Crypt WUP-N-ALFE USA Yes
00050000-101F5F00 Hot Rod Racer WUP-N-AHZE USA Yes
00050000-101F6000 Surfin' Sam - Attack of the Aqualites WUP-N-AH3E USA Yes
00050000-101F6200 Adventure Party: Cats and Caverns WUP-N-AH4E USA Yes
00050000-101F6300 Run Run and Die WUP-P-BRRP EUR Yes
00050000-101F6400 Letter Quest Remastered WUP-P-AG8P EUR Yes
00050000-101F6600 Gravity+ WUP-P-AH6E USA Yes
00050000-101F6900 PING 1.5+ WUP-P-WK2P EUR Yes
00050000-101F6A00 Jewel Quest WUP-P-AJQP EUR Yes
00050000-101F6B00 PIXEL SLIME U WUP-P-AUPP EUR Yes
00050000-101F6E00 Tumblestone WUP-P-AT7P EUR Yes
00050000-101F6F00 Jotun Valhalla Edition WUP-P-AJVP EUR Yes
00050000-101F7200 ブロック ビルダー WUP-N-ADUJ JAP Yes
00050000-101F7300 シャンティ -リスキィ・ブーツの逆襲- WUP-N-BRYJ JAP Yes
00050000-101F7400 Hot Rod Racer WUP-P-AHZP EUR Yes
00050000-101F7500 Midnight 2 WUP-N-AEYE USA Yes
00050000-101F7600 Dual Core WUP-P-BD8P EUR Yes
00050000-101F7700 PixelMaker WUP-P-AHYP EUR Yes
00050000-101F7800 Ziggurat WUP-P-AZGP EUR Yes
00050000-101F7900 Axiom Verge WUP-N-AVEE USA Yes
00050000-101F7C00 TAP TAP ARCADE 2 WUP-N-BTNE USA Yes
00050000-101F7D00 PSIBO WUP-P-BP8P EUR Yes
00050000-101F7F00 シャンティ -海賊の呪い- WUP-N-BSXJ JAP Yes
00050000-101F8100 Gravity+ WUP-P-AH6P EUR Yes
00050000-101F8400 JACKPOT 777 WUP-P-BMWP EUR Yes
00050000-101F8500 Ectoplaza WUP-P-AEZE USA Yes
00050000-101F8900 Twin Robots WUP-P-AJHP EUR Yes
00050000-101F8A00 Dungeon Hearts DX WUP-N-BXDE USA Yes
00050000-101F8B00 Pirate Pop Plus WUP-N-AJME USA Yes
00050000-101F8C00 Twin Robots WUP-N-AJHE USA Yes
00050000-101F8D00 TAP TAP ARCADE 2 WUP-P-BTNP EUR Yes
00050000-101F8F00 6180 the moon WUP-N-WM6J JAP Yes
00050000-101F9200 JACKPOT 777 WUP-N-BMWE USA Yes
00050000-101F9400 Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself WUP-N-AJNE USA Yes
00050000-101F9800 B3 Game Expo For Bees WUP-P-AB3P EUR Yes
00050000-101F9900 Aenigma Os WUP-P-BASP EUR Yes
00050000-101F9A00 Citadale WUP-P-BECP EUR Yes
00050000-101F9C00 Ziggurat WUP-N-AZGE USA Yes
00050000-101FA800 140 WUP-N-AJWE USA Yes
00050000-101FA900 Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition WUP-P-ABZP EUR Yes
00050000-101FAA00 Blasting Agent: Ultimate Edition WUP-N-ABZE USA Yes
00050000-101FAB00 Collateral Thinking WUP-N-AJXE USA Yes
00050000-101FAF00 Midnight 2 WUP-P-AEYP EUR Yes
00050000-101FB000 Super Destronaut 2: Go Duck Yourself WUP-P-AJNP EUR Yes
00050000-101FB100 Skylanders Imaginators WUP-P-BL6P EUR No TMD
00050000-101FB400 Shadow Archer WUP-N-BARE USA Yes
00050000-101FB500 140 WUP-P-AJWP EUR Yes
00050000-101FB800 Hurry Up! Bird Hunter WUP-N-BHBE USA Yes
00050000-101FBB00 Blackjack 21 WUP-N-BLJE USA Yes
00050000-101FBD00 Educational Pack of Kids Games WUP-N-AE2E USA Yes
00050000-101FBF00 Games for Toddlers WUP-N-BGTE USA Yes
00050000-101FC000 BLOC WUP-N-BGPE USA Yes
00050000-101FC400 Piano Teacher WUP-N-BTZE USA Yes
00050000-101FC500 Skunky B's Super Slots Saga #1 WUP-N-AYBE USA Yes
00050000-101FC600 Super Hero Math WUP-N-BHME USA Yes
00050000-101FC700 The First Skunk Bundle WUP-N-BFKE v1 USA Yes
00050000-101FCE00 Word Logic by POWGI WUP-N-AWQE USA Yes
00050000-101FD100 Grumpy Reaper WUP-N-AGQJ JAP Yes
00050000-101FD200 スーパーロボマウス WUP-N-WMWJ JAP Yes
00050000-101FD300 ブロークドロップU WUP-N-WBUJ JAP Yes
00050000-101FD400 FreezeME WUP-N-AF4J JAP Yes
00050000-101FD800 Prism Pets WUP-N-BR4E USA Yes
00050000-101FDA00 Hurry Up! Bird Hunter WUP-P-BHBP EUR Yes
00050000-101FE500 STEEL LORDS WUP-N-ALQE USA Yes
00050000-101FE600 Amazonビデオ WUP-N-AKUJ JAP Yes
00050000-101FEC00 Toon Tanks WUP-P-ATNP EUR Yes
00050000-101FF000 VRog WUP-P-AVQP EUR Yes
00050000-101FFA00 Word Logic by POWGI WUP-P-AWQP EUR Yes
00050000-101FFB00 Brick Breaker WUP-N-BB2E USA Yes
00050000-101FFD00 Mahjong WUP-N-BM7E USA Yes
00050000-101FFE00 Tetraminos WUP-N-BT6E USA Yes
00050000-101FFF00 Solitaire WUP-N-BT7E USA Yes
00050000-10200000 Solitaire WUP-P-BT7P EUR Yes
00050000-10200100 Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing WUP-N-BGNE USA Yes
00050000-10200200 Collateral Thinking WUP-P-AKQP EUR Yes
00050000-10200300 Armikrog WUP-P-BR2P EUR Yes
00050000-10200700 Twisted Fusion WUP-P-ATFP EUR Yes
00050000-10200800 Axiom Verge WUP-P-AVEP EUR Yes
00050000-10200900 Mahjong WUP-P-BM7P EUR Yes
00050000-10200A00 Brick Breaker WUP-P-BB2P EUR Yes
00050000-10200B00 Tetraminos WUP-P-BT6P EUR Yes
00050000-10201A00 スターフォックス ゼロ ザ・バトル・ビギンズ+トレーニング WUP-N-BAEJ JAP Yes
00050000-10200D00 MikroGame: Rotator WUP-N-BR7E USA Yes
00050000-10200E00 PANDA LOVE WUP-N-BLBE USA Yes
00050000-10200F00 PANDA LOVE WUP-P-BLBP EUR Yes
00050000-10201500 TITANS TOWER WUP-N-AK4E USA Yes
00050000-10201600 TITANS TOWER WUP-P-AK4P EUR Yes
00050000-10201800 SHOOTY SPACE WUP-P-AK5P EUR Yes
00050000-10201B00 Star Fox™ Zero: The Battle Begins + Training WUP-N-BAEE USA Yes
00050000-10201C00 Star Fox™ Zero: The Battle Begins + Training WUP-P-BAEP EUR Yes
00050000-10201F00 Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing WUP-P-BGNP EUR Yes
00050000-10202100 Overworld Defender Remix WUP-N-BR8E USA Yes
00050000-10202500 Alice in Wonderland WUP-N-AWKE USA Yes
00050000-10202600 Laser Blaster WUP-N-AL7E USA Yes
00050000-10202700 Rorrim WUP-N-BWRE USA Yes
00050000-10202900 AMAZON BETA JP WUP-N-HAPJ USA Yes
00050000-10202A00 AMAZON BETA ENG WUP-N-HAPE USA Yes
00050000-10202B00 Laser Blaster WUP-P-AL7P EUR Yes
00050000-10202D00 360 Breakout WUP-N-BU3E USA Yes
00050000-10202E00 360 Breakout WUP-P-BU3P EUR Yes
00050000-10203300 Pirate Pop Plus WUP-P-AJMP EUR Yes
00050000-10203600 Rorrim WUP-P-BWRP EUR Yes
00050000-10203700 Dreamals: Dream Quest WUP-P-AQBP EUR Yes
00050000-10203800 Ninja Pizza Girl WUP-P-ANPP EUR Yes
00050000-10203900 Alice in Wonderland WUP-P-AWKP EUR Yes
00050000-10204200 Mr. Pumpkin Adventure WUP-P-BAME USA Yes
00050000-10204500 Lost Reaver Notice WUP-P-BL2P EUR Yes
00050000-10204F00 Lost Reavers WUP-N-BL2E USA Yes
00050000-10205400 Double Breakout WUP-P-BWBP EUR Yes
00050000-10205500 MikroGame: Rotator WUP-P-BR7P EUR Yes
00050000-10205700 Double Breakout WUP-N-BWBE USA Yes
00050000-10205800 SKORB WUP-N-BKRE USA Yes
00050000-10205B00 Retro Road Rumble WUP-P-AYRE USA Yes
00050000-10206B00 Mr. Pumpkin Adventure WUP-P-BAMP EUR Yes
00050000-10206C00 Pinball Breakout WUP-P-BBPE USA Yes
00050000-10208300 Pinball Breakout WUP-P-BBPP EUR Yes
00050000-1F600A00 Paper Mario™: Color Splash WUP-N-CNFE USA Yes
00050000-1F600B00 Paper Mario™: Color Splash WUP-P-CNFP EUR Yes
00050000-1F600900 ペーパーマリオ カラースプラッシュ WUP-N-CNFJ JAP Yes
00050000-1FBF1000 FBF10 [patched2] WUP-P-ABCD ZZ See system titles v0, v32 all Yes
00050000-101FED00 FAST Racing NEO, Nintendo eShop SELECTS WUP-P-BR5P 00JX EUR Yes
00050000-101F9000 Citadale WUP-P-BECE 00VA v33 USA Yes
00050000-10206A00 Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese EUR Yes
00050000-101EBC00 F-ZERO X WUP-P-NAWP 0001 EUR Yes

0005000C: eShop title DLC

Title ID Description Notes Versions Region
0005000C-10101C00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U 16 JAP
0005000C-10101D00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U - 64 USA
0005000C-10101E00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U - 80 EUR
0005000C-10106B00 Assassin's Creed® III - 80 USA
0005000C-1010AE00 JUST DANCE 4 - 32 USA
0005000C-1010AF00 Marvel Avengers?: Battle for Earth - 16 USA
0005000C-1010E300 Splinter Cell Blacklist - 48 USA
0005000C-1010EA00 ??OROCHI? Hyper - 64 JAP
0005000C-1010EB00 MARIO KART 8 - 64 JAP
0005000C-1010EC00 MARIO KART 8 80 USA
0005000C-1010ED00 MARIO KART 8 - 1 EUR
0005000C-1010F000 JUST DANCE 4 - 32 EUR
0005000C-1010F600 Assassin's Creed® III - EUR
0005000C-10110200 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(NA) - 32 USA
0005000C-10110800 Marvel Avengers?: Battle for Earth - EUR
0005000C-10110E00 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - 224 JAP
0005000C-10111700 Injustice: Gods Among Us - 16 USA
0005000C-10111A00 Injustice: Gods Among Us - EUR
0005000C-10112400 Assassin's Creed® III - 80 JAP
0005000C-10112800 Splinter Cell Blacklist - 48 JAP
0005000C-10112B00 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(EU) - EUR
0005000C-10112B00 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(EU) - 32 EUR
0005000C-10113100 BIOHAZARD REVELATIONS Unveiled Edition - 16 JAP
0005000C-10113800 Zen Pinball 2 - 96 EUR
0005000C-10113A00 CastleStorm - 0 EUR
0005000C-10115E00 Dragon Quest X - 2384 JAP
0005000C-10115F00 Zen Pinball 2 - 96 USA
0005000C-10116100 XenobladeX - 48 JAP
0005000C-10116600 ?????? - 17 JAP
0005000C-1011AF00 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - 33 USA
0005000C-10128C00 Tank! Tank ! Tank! (DL) - 0 EUR
0005000C-10128F00 SONIC LOST WORLD - USA
0005000C-1012B800 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 - 16 EUR
0005000C-1012B900 Fist of the North Star®: Ken's Rage 2 - 16 USA
0005000C-1012F000 FAST Racing NEO - 0 USA
0005000C-1012F200 タンク!タンク!タンク! (DL) - 0 JAP
0005000C-1012AC00 Splinter Cell Blacklist - EUR
0005000C-1012B100 SONIC LOST WORLD - EUR
0005000C-1012BC00 PIKMIN 3 - 96 JAP
0005000C-1012BD00 PIKMIN 3 - 16 USA
0005000C-1012BE00 PIKMIN 3 - 1 EUR
0005000C-1012F100 Wii Sports Club - 112 JAP
0005000C-10131D00 Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE 0 JAP
0005000C-10132200 太鼓の達人 Wii Uば~じょん! - 112 JAP
0005000C-10132A00 Star Wars Pinball - 48 EUR
0005000C-10133700 CastleStorm - 16 USA
0005000C-10133800 TANK! TANK! TANK!™ (DL) - 0 USA
0005000C-10135200 Star Wars Pinball - 48 USA
0005000C-10135700 SONIC LOST WORLD - 48 JAP
0005000C-10136300 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien - 17 EUR
0005000C-10136C00 Batman?: Arkham Origins - 16 EUR
0005000C-10137C00 Batman?: Arkham Origins - 1 USA
0005000C-10138500 Pinball Arcade - 32 USA
0005000C-10138900 How To Survive - 0 EUR
0005000C-10139900 JUST DANCE® 2014 - 1 USA
0005000C-10140500 WATCH_DOGS - EUR
0005000C-10140700 Injustice: Gods Among Us - 16 JAP
0005000C-10142000 Watch Dogs™ - 16 USA
0005000C-10143F00 JUST DANCE® 2014 - 16 EUR
0005000C-10144000 Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! - USA
0005000C-10144D00 Wii Sports Club - USA
0005000C-10144E00 Wii Sports Club - 112 EUR
0005000C-10144F00 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - 16 USA
0005000C-10145000 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - 16 EUR
0005000C-10145A00 Pure Chess® - 0 EUR
0005000C-10146800 Call of Duty: Ghosts - 112 USA
0005000C-10147400 Pure Chess® - 16 USA
0005000C-10148000 ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD R - 16 JAP
0005000C-1014C000 ウォッチドッグス - 16 JAP
0005000C-1014C700 How to Survive - 32 USA
0005000C-1014D900 PUYOPUYOTETRIS - 32 JAP
0005000C-1014E100 Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! - 16 EUR
0005000C-10154600 Batman?: Arkham Origins - 16 JAP
0005000C-10156100 Call of Duty: Ghosts - 112 EUR
0005000C-10157600 Call of Duty: Ghosts - 112 EUR
0005000C-10157900 Call of Duty: Ghosts - 112 JAP
0005000C-1015D300 Lucadian Chronicles - 32 USA
0005000C-10170700 KAMEN RIDER BATTRIDE WAR - 17 JAP
0005000C-10175B00 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - USA
0005000C-10175C00 ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - 16 USA
0005000C-10175D00 ONE PIECE Unlimited World Red - EUR
0005000C-10176F00 JUST DANCE® 2015 - EUR
0005000C-10177800 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric - 16 EUR
0005000C-10179100 JUST DANCE® 2015 - USA
0005000C-1017CD00 Hyrule Warriors - 208 JAP
0005000C-1017D800 Hyrule Warriors - 144 USA
0005000C-1017D900 Hyrule Warriors - 144 EUR
0005000C-1017EB00 SDK Paint - 0 USA
0005000C-10183000 Runbow - 49 USA
0005000C-10192000 太鼓の達人 特盛り! - 96 JAP
0005000C-10194200 LEGO® Dimensions™ - 32 USA
0005000C-10195D00 LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ - 16 EUR
0005000C-101A3700 SteamWorld Heist - 32 EUR
0005000C-101A4000 SteamWorld Heist - 32 USA
0005000C-101A6500 Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends - 16 USA
0005000C-101AA500 Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends - 32 EUR
0005000C-101AC700 Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations - 16 USA
0005000C-101AEB00 SDK Paint - 0 EUR
0005000C-101AFE00 Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations - 16 EUR
0005000C-101B9000 JUST DANCE® 2016 - 32 USA
0005000C-101BE900 LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers - 33 EUR
0005000C-101BEF00 LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers - 32 USA
0005000C-101C4C00 Xenoblade Chronicles X - EUR
0005000C-101C4D00 Xenoblade Chronicles X - 48 USA
0005000C-101C5A00 Mighty No. 9 - 32 EUR
0005000C-101C9600 Mighty No. 9 - 48 USA
0005000C-101D0600 Fatal Frame™: Maiden of Black Water - 16 USA
0005000C-101D3000 Taiko no Tatsujin Atsumete? TomodachiDaisakusen! - 16 JAP
0005000C-101D3F00 Project Zero™: Maiden of Black Water - Trial version - 16 EUR
0005000C-101D6000 FAST Racing NEO - 0 EUR
0005000C-101D6D00 Runbow - 33 EUR
0005000C-101D7500 Minecraft: Wii U Edition - 48 EUR
0005000C-101D9D00 Minecraft: Wii U Edition - 48 USA
0005000C-101DBE00 Minecraft: Wii U Edition - 48 JAP
0005000C-101DD700 Runbow - 17 JAP
0005000C-101DD900 Mighty No. 9 - 16 JAP
0005000C-101E0100 Minecraft: Story Mode - Episode 1: The Order of the Stone - 48 USA
0005000C-101E4100 FAST Racing NEO - 0 JAP
0005000C-101EA100 LEGO®マーベル アベンジャーズ - 32 JAP
0005000C-101ED700 Tokyo Mirage Sessions™ ♯FE - 16 EUR
0005000C-101ED800 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - 0 USA

0005000E: eShop title updates

Title ID Description Notes Versions Region
0005000E-10101B00 LEGO® CITY UNDERCOVER 16 EUR
0005000E-10101C00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U 32, 48, 65 JAP
0005000E-10101D00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U 32, 48, 64 USA
0005000E-10101E00 New SUPER MARIO BROS. U 32, 48, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-10101F00 Nintendo Land 32 JAP
0005000E-10102000 Nintendo Land 32 USA
0005000E-10102100 Nintendo Land 32 EUR
0005000E-10102200 Wii Fit U 32, 48, 64, 81 JAP
0005000E-10102300 Wii Fit U 16, 48, 64, 81 USA
0005000E-10102400 Wii Fit U 16, 48, 64, 81 EUR
0005000E-10104D00 MONSTER HUNTER 3(tri-)GHD Ver. 16, 32, 48, 65, 80, 96 JAP
0005000E-10106900 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-10106B00 Assassin's Creed® III 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 USA
0005000E-1010AE00 JUST DANCE 4 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1010AF00 Marvel Avengers™: Battle for Earth 16 USA
0005000E-1010B000 Rabbids Land 16 USA
0005000E-1010B300 Sonic & All-Stars RacingTransformed 16, 32, 48 USA
0005000E-1010B400 ESPN Sports Connection 16, 33 USA
0005000E-1010B600 Your Shape® Fitness Evolved 2013 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1010C700 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1010C800 Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1010CF00 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128 USA
0005000E-1010DA00 NBA 2K13 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1010DC00 Mass Effect™ 3 Special Edition 16 USA
0005000E-1010DD00 ZombiU 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1010E300 Splinter Cell Blacklist 16, 32, 48 USA
0005000E-1010EA00 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper 16, 32, 48, 64 JAP
0005000E-1010EB00 MARIO KART 8 17, 33, 48, 64 JAP
0005000E-1010EC00 MARIO KART 8 16, 32, 48, 64 USA
0005000E-1010ED00 MARIO KART 8 16, 32, 48, 64 EUR
0005000E-1010EE00 FIFA 13 16 EUR
0005000E-1010EF00 ZombiU 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1010F000 JUST DANCE 4 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1010F500 Mass Effect™ 3 Special Edition 16 EUR
0005000E-1010F600 Assassin's Creed® III 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-1010F700 Your Shape® Fitness Evolved 2013 16, 33 EUR
0005000E-1010FB00 Puddle 16 EUR
0005000E-1010FC00 Rabbids Land 16 EUR
0005000E-1010FF00 Game Party Champions 16 EUR
0005000E-10110100 Nano Assault Neo 17 USA
0005000E-10110200 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(NA) 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10110600 Nano Assault Neo 17 EUR
0005000E-10110800 Marvel Avengers™: Battle for Earth 16 EUR
0005000E-10110900 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge 16, 32, 48, 64 JAP
0005000E-10110A00 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 USA
0005000E-10110B00 NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor's Edge 17, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-10110E00 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U 16, 49, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 288 JAP
0005000E-10111700 Injustice: Gods Among Us 16 USA
0005000E-10111A00 Injustice: Gods Among Us 16 EUR
0005000E-10111C00 Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12 16, 33 JAP
0005000E-10111D00 Sports Connection 16 EUR
0005000E-10111F00 Sonic & All-Stars RacingTransformed 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-10112000 THE CROODS 16 USA
0005000E-10112100 Know Your Friends 16 EUR
0005000E-10112200 Trine 2 Director's Cut 16 EUR
0005000E-10112300 ZombiU 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-10112400 Assassin's Creed® III 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 JAP
0005000E-10112500 Sports Connection 17 JAP
0005000E-10112800 Splinter Cell Blacklist 17, 32, 48 JAP
0005000E-10112B00 WARRIORS OROCHI 3 Hyper(EU) 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10112F00 NBA 2K13 32 EUR
0005000E-10113000 Mass Effect™ 3 Special Edition 16 JAP
0005000E-10113100 BIOHAZARD REVELATIONSUnveiled Edition 16 JAP
0005000E-10113400 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128 EUR
0005000E-10113500 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 144 EUR
0005000E-10113700 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 144 EUR
0005000E-10113800 Zen Pinball 2 17, 32, 48, 65, 80, 96 EUR
0005000E-10113C00 Funky Barn 16 USA
0005000E-10115E00 Dragon Quest X 16, 80, 128, 144, 160, 192, 208, 224, 240, 256, 272, 288, 304, 336, 368, 384, 400, 416, 432, 448, 464, 480, 496, 512, 528, 544, 560, 624, 640, 656, 672, 688, 704, 736, 752, 784, 800, 816, 832, 848, 960, 976, 992, 1008, 1024, 1040, 1056, 1072, 1088, 1104, 1120, 1136, 1152, 1168, 1184, 1200, 1216, 1232, 1248, 1264, 1280, 1296, 1312, 1328, 1344, 1360, 1376, 1392, 1408, 1424, 1440, 1456, 1472, 1488, 1504, 1520, 1536, 1552, 1568, 1584, 1600, 1616, 1632, 1648, 1664, 1680, 1696, 1712, 1728, 1744, 1760, 1776, 1792, 1808, 1824, 1840, 1856, 1872, 1888, 1904, 1920, 1936, 1952, 1968, 1984, 2000, 2016, 2032, 2048, 2064, 2080, 2096, 2112, 2128, 2144, 2160, 2176, 2192, 2208, 2224, 2240, 2256, 2272, 2288, 2304, 2320, 2336, 2352, 2384, 2400, 2416, 2432, 2448, 2464, 2480, 2496, 2512, 2528, 2544, 2560, 2576, 2592, 2608, 2624, 2640, 2656, 2672, 2688, 2704, 2720, 2736, 2752, 2768, 2784, 2800, 2816, 2832, 2848, 2864, 2880, 2896, 2912, 2928, 2944, 2960 JAP
0005000E-10115F00 Zen Pinball 2 16, 32, 48, 65, 80, 96 USA
0005000E-10116100 XenobladeX 16, 32, 48 JAP
0005000E-10116300 The Wonderful 101 16 JAP
0005000E-10116500 Toki Tori 2+ 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10116600 Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage 2 17 JAP
0005000E-10117200 MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10117700 Chasing Aurora 17 EUR
0005000E-10118300 MONSTER HUNTER 3 ULTIMATE 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10118400 Funky Barn 16 EUR
0005000E-1011A700 ZombiU 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1011AF00 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2:Future Legend of Rhythm Alien 16, 33 USA
0005000E-1011B300 Funky Barn (Download Version) 16 EUR
0005000E-1011B400 Call of Duty: Black Ops II 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 JAP
0005000E-1011B600 Dragon Quest X Beta test 16, 32, 48, 64, 96 JAP
0005000E-1011B700 Uplay 16, 32, 33, 48, 64 EUR
0005000E-1011BA00 Uplay 16, 33, 48, 64 USA
0005000E-1011C000 Chasing Aurora 16 USA
0005000E-10128400 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10128700 Toki Tori 2+ 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10128800 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10128A00 Trine 2 Director's Cut 16 USA
0005000E-10128F00 SONIC LOST WORLD 16, 32, 48 USA
0005000E-10129000 DuckTales: Remastered 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10129200 DuckTales: Remastered 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1012AC00 Splinter Cell Blacklist 16, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-1012B100 SONIC LOST WORLD 16, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-1012B700 Need for Speed™ Most Wanted U 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-1012BC00 PIKMIN 3 17, 48, 64, 80, 96 JAP
0005000E-1012BD00 PIKMIN 3 33, 48, 64, 80, 96 USA
0005000E-1012BE00 PIKMIN 3 17, 48, 64, 80, 96 EUR
0005000E-1012C500 THE CROODS 16 EUR
0005000E-1012DC00 The Wonderful 101 16 USA
0005000E-1012F000 FAST Racing NEO - 33, 48, 65 USA
0005000E-1012F100 Wii Sports Club 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 JAP
0005000E-10131D00 Genei Ibun Roku ♯FE 17, 32 JAP
0005000E-10131F00 yoshi's woolly world 32 JAP
0005000E-10132400 LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 16, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-10132500 Wii Fit U Quick Check 16, 64, 81 JAP
0005000E-10132600 Wii Fit U Quick Check 16, 64, 81 USA
0005000E-10132700 Wii Fit U Quick Check 16, 64, 81 EUR
0005000E-10132800 Unepic EnjoyUp Games 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10132900 Disney INFINITY 16, 32, 49 USA
0005000E-10132A00 Star Wars Pinball 17, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-10132B00 LEGO® MARVEL Super Heroes 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10135200 Star Wars Pinball 16, 33, 48 USA
0005000E-10135300 The Wonderful 101 16 EUR
0005000E-10135700 SONIC LOST WORLD 16, 32, 48 JAP
0005000E-10136300 BIT.TRIP Presents... Runner2:Future Legend of Rhythm Alien 17 EUR
0005000E-10136C00 Batman™:Arkham Origins 16 EUR
0005000E-10136F00 Disney Infinity 16, 32, 49 EUR
0005000E-10137000 Disney Infinity 16, 32, 49 EUR
0005000E-10137C00 Batman™:Arkham Origins 16 USA
0005000E-10137F00 Donkey Kong CountryTropical Freeze 16 USA
0005000E-10138300 Donkey Kong CountryTropical Freeze 17 EUR
0005000E-10138700 Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party 16, 33 EUR
0005000E-10138800 Assassin's Creed® Iv0 Black Flag 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10138B00 Assassin's Creed® Iv0 Black Flag 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10138E00 Rayman Legends Challenges App 16 EUR
0005000E-10138F00 Devil's Third 16 JAP
0005000E-10139200 Skylanders SWAP Force 16 USA
0005000E-10139500 Rayman Legends Challenges App 16 USA
0005000E-10139900 JUST DANCE® 2014 16 USA
0005000E-10140400 Skylanders SWAP Force 16 EUR
0005000E-10140700 Injustice: Gods Among Us 16 JAP
0005000E-10142700 Art Academy: SketchPad 16 EUR
0005000E-10142A00 Zumba Fitness World Party 16 USA
0005000E-10142B00 Art Academy: SketchPad 16 JAP
0005000E-10142C00 Art Academy: SketchPad 16 USA
0005000E-10143F00 JUST DANCE® 2014 16 EUR
0005000E-10144000 Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! 16 USA
0005000E-10144800 Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze 17 JAP
0005000E-10144D00 Wii Sports Club 16, 33, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 USA
0005000E-10144E00 Wii Sports Club 16, 33, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 EUR
0005000E-10144F00 Super Smash Bros.for Wii U 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 288 USA
0005000E-10145000 Super Smash Bros.for Wii U 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 288 EUR
0005000E-10145600 Animal Crossing Plaza 16 all
0005000E-10145800 Unepic EnjoyUp Games 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10145900 Coaster Crazy Deluxe 16 EUR
0005000E-10145F00 NES REMIX 16 JAP
0005000E-10146000 NES REMIX 16 USA
0005000E-10146100 NES REMIX 16 EUR
0005000E-10146800 Call of Duty: Ghosts 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 USA
0005000E-10147600 EvoFish 17 EUR
0005000E-10147F00 Spin the Bottle: Bumpie's Party 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10148200 Rock 'N Racing Off Road 16 USA
0005000E-10148F00 Uplay 16 JAP
0005000E-10149200 Spot The Differences: Party! 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10149500 Scram Kittyand his Buddy on Rails 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10149700 役満 鳳凰 34, 48, 64 JAP
0005000E-1014C600 Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams 16 EUR
0005000E-1014C800 Assassin's Creed® Iv0 Black Flag 16 JAP
0005000E-1014CB00 Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams 16 USA
0005000E-1014CF00 Coaster Crazy Deluxe 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1014D100 Scram Kittyand his Buddy on Rails 17, 32 EUR
0005000E-1014D900 PUYOPUYOTETRIS 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-1014DA00 Monster Hunter Frontier G 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240, 256, 288, 304, 320, 336, 352, 368, 400, 432, 448, 464, 480, 496, 512, 528, 544, 560, 576, 592, 608, 624, 640, 656, 672, 688, 704, 720, 736, 752, 768, 784, 800, 816, 832, 848, 864, 880, 896, 912, 928, 944, 960, 976, 992, 1008, 1024, 1040, 1056, 1072, 1088, 1104, 1120, 1136, 1152, 1168, 1184, 1200, 1216, 1232, 1248, 1264, 1280, 1296, 1312, 1328, 1344, 1360, 1376, 1392, 1408, 1424, 1440, 1456, 1472, 1504, 1520, 1536, 1552, 1568, 1584, 1600, 1616, 1632, 1648, 1664, 1680, 1696, 1712 JAP
0005000E-1014DE00 The LEGO® MovieVideogame 16 USA
0005000E-1014E000 The LEGO® MovieVideogame 18 EUR
0005000E-1014E100 Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I Don't Know! 16 EUR
0005000E-1014E300 Zumba Fitness World Party 16 EUR
0005000E-10154600 Batman™:Arkham Origins 16 JAP
0005000E-10154D00 The Mysterious Cities of Gold:Secret Paths 16 EUR
0005000E-10156100 Call of Duty: Ghosts 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 EUR
0005000E-10156500 The Mysterious Cities of Gold:Secret Paths 16 USA
0005000E-10157600 Call of Duty: Ghosts 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112 EUR
0005000E-10157900 Call of Duty: Ghosts 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 97, 112 JAP
0005000E-10159800 Wii Fit U (Free) 48, 64, 81 JAP
0005000E-10159900 Wii Fit U (Free) 48, 64, 81 USA
0005000E-10159A00 Wii Fit U (promo) 48, 64, 81 EUR
0005000E-1015A300 Disney INFINITY 17 JAP
0005000E-1015B200 CHILD of LIGHT 16 USA
0005000E-1015D300 Lucadian Chronicles 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1015EB00 Mighty Switch Force!™ Hyper Drive Edition 18 JAP
0005000E-10161F00 Mario Party 10 16 JAP
0005000E-10162300 Color Zen 17 EUR
0005000E-10162B00 Splatoon 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240, 256, 272 JAP
0005000E-10162D00 Mario Party 10 16 USA
0005000E-10169600 UnepicEnjoyUp Games 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-1016A200 Bombing Bastards 16 EUR
0005000E-1016A400 LEGO® Batman™ 3 Beyond Gotham 16, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-1016A600 わいわい!みんなでチャレンジ 17 JAP
0005000E-1016AB00 Bombing Bastards 16 USA
0005000E-1016AC00 Armillo 16 USA
0005000E-1016AD00 LEGO® Batman™ 3 Beyond Gotham 16, 32, 48 USA
0005000E-1016B200 Master Reboot 16 USA
0005000E-1016C700 Armillo 16 EUR
0005000E-1016CE00 Color Zen 16 USA
0005000E-1016D500 Super Toy Cars 22 EUR
0005000E-1016D800 CHILD of LIGHT 16 JAP
0005000E-1016DC00 Disney Infinity 2.0 16, 32, 64, 80 USA
0005000E-1016DE00 Super Toy Cars 16 USA
0005000E-1016E100 Shovel Knight 16, 32, 48, 64, 80 USA
0005000E-1016E300 GravBlocks+ From Nothing Game Studios 16 USA
0005000E-1016E800 Master Reboot 16 EUR
0005000E-1016EA00 CHILD of LIGHT 16 EUR
0005000E-1016FF00 Flowerworks HDFollie's Adventure 16 USA
0005000E-10170200 Pier Solarand the Great Architects 16, 33 USA
0005000E-10172A00 Crunchyroll 16 USA
0005000E-10172B00 Crunchyroll 17, 32 EUR
0005000E-10173300 Stealth Inc 2A Game of Clones 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10175B00 Sonic Boom:Rise of Lyric 16 EUR
0005000E-10175D00 ONE PIECEUnlimited World Red 16 EUR
0005000E-10176500 Stealth Inc 2 A Game of Clones 16 USA
0005000E-10176600 GREAT RACE - 16 JAP
0005000E-10176900 Splatoon 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 224, 240, 256, 272 USA
0005000E-10176A00 Splatoon 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240, 256, 272 EUR
0005000E-10176F00 JUST DANCE® 2015 16 EUR
0005000E-10177600 Devil's Third 16 USA
0005000E-10177800 Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric 16 EUR
0005000E-10178F00 Shovel Knight 16, 32, 48 EUR
0005000E-10179100 JUST DANCE® 2015 16 USA
0005000E-1017BE00 Art Academy: Home Studio 48 JAP
0005000E-1017BF00 Art Academy: Home Studio 17 USA
0005000E-1017C600 Skylanders Trap Team 16 USA
0005000E-1017CD00 Hyrule Warriors 32, 49, 64, 80, 98, 112, 113, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240, 256, 272 JAP
0005000E-1017D800 Hyrule Warriors 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208 USA
0005000E-1017D900 Hyrule Warriors 16, 33, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208 EUR
0005000E-1017DA00 Costume Quest 2 16 USA
0005000E-1017E000 Turtle Tale 16 EUR
0005000E-1017E200 3Souls - 16 EUR
0005000E-1017E700 3Souls - 16 USA
0005000E-10180500 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 16 JAP
0005000E-10180600 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 16 EUR
0005000E-10180700 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker 16 EUR
0005000E-10181F00 Skylanders Trap Team 16 EUR
0005000E-10182C00 Jett Tailfin 16 EUR
0005000E-10183000 Runbow 16, 33, 49, 64, 80 USA
0005000E-10183900 99Moves 16, 32 USA
0005000E-10184D00 Yoshi's Woolly World 17 USA
0005000E-10187100 Underground 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10188B00 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 16 JAP
0005000E-10188C00 Disney Infinity 2.0 16, 32, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-10188D00 Disney Infinity 2.0 16, 32, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-10189200 Sportsball 16 EUR
0005000E-1018C400 藤子・F・不二雄キャラクターズ 大集合!SFドタバタパーティー!! 16 JAP
0005000E-1018D900 LOST REAVERS 17, 32, 48 JAP
0005000E-1018DB00 Super Mario Maker v16 (title screen "ver" text unchanged), v32 (ver 1.01), v48 (ver 1.10), v64 (ver 1.20), v80 (ver 1.21), v96 (1.30), v113 (1.31), v128 (1.32) 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 113, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224 JAP
0005000E-1018DC00 Super Mario Maker v16 (title screen "ver" text unchanged), v32 (ver 1.01), v48 (ver 1.10), v64 (ver 1.20), v80 (ver 1.21), v96 (1.30), v113 (1.31), v128 (1.32) 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 113, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224 USA
0005000E-1018DD00 Super Mario Maker v32 (ver 1.01), v48 (ver 1.10), v64 (ver 1.20), v80 (ver 1.21), v96 (ver 1.30), v113 (ver 1.31), v128 (ver 1.32), v144 (ver 1.40) 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 113, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224 EUR
0005000E-1018DE00 Tetrobot 16 EUR
0005000E-1018ED00 Tetrobot and Co. 16 EUR
0005000E-10190300 M & S at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - 48 JAP
0005000E-10191700 99Moves 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10191800 Rock 'N Racing Off Road 16 EUR
0005000E-10192200 KAMEN RIDER SUMMON RIDE! 16, 33, 48, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-10193300 Legend of Kay Anniversary 16 EUR
0005000E-10193400 Legend of Kay Anniversary - 16 USA
0005000E-10194200 LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208 USA
0005000E-10195D00 LEGO® DIMENSIONS™ 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240 EUR
0005000E-10197800 Costume Quest 2 16 EUR
0005000E-10198F00 Terraria - 17, 32 EUR
0005000E-10199000 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-1019AD00 Elliot Quest 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 114 USA
0005000E-1019B200 Tachyon Project - 16 EUR
0005000E-1019C300 Terraria - 16, 32 USA
0005000E-1019C800 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Twilight Princess HD 82 JAP
0005000E-1019E500 THE LEGEND OF ZELDA Twilight Princess HD 81 USA
0005000E-101A1B00 Swords & Soldiers II 16 USA
0005000E-101A2600 Kung Fu Rabbit 16 JAP
0005000E-101A2E00 XType+ 16 JAP
0005000E-101A3500 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash 16, 32 USA
0005000E-101A3600 Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash 32 EUR
0005000E-101A3B00 Life of Pixel 16 USA
0005000E-101A4800 LOST REAVERS - 16 USA
0005000E-101A4900 Life of Pixel 16 EUR
0005000E-101A4C00 Stone Shire 18, 32, 49 USA
0005000E-101A5C00 LEGO® Jurassic World™ 16 EUR
0005000E-101A5E00 OlliOlli 16 EUR
0005000E-101A5F00 Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 16 USA
0005000E-101A6200 LEGO® Jurassic World™ 16 USA
0005000E-101A6300 Cube Life: Island Survival 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101A6400 Cube Life: Island Survival 16, 33 USA
0005000E-101A6500 Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends 16 USA
0005000E-101A6900 OlliOlli 17 USA
0005000E-101A9500 Shantae and the Pirate's Curse 16 EUR
0005000E-101A9F00 Dot Arcade 16 USA
0005000E-101AA200 Vector Assault 18 USA
0005000E-101AA500 Kung Fu Panda Showdown of Legendary Legends 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101ABC00 Kirby and the Rainbow Curse 16 USA
0005000E-101AC700 Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations 16 USA
0005000E-101AC900 DISNEY INFINITY 3.0 EDITION 16, 32, 49, 65, 80 USA
0005000E-101AFE00 Adventure Time Finn and Jake Investigations 16 EUR
0005000E-101AFF00 Star Fox Zero - 16 JAP
0005000E-101B0400 Star Fox Zero - 16 USA
0005000E-101B3D00 DISNEY INFINITY 3.0: PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS 16, 32, 49, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-101B3E00 DISNEY INFINITY 3.0: PLAY WITHOUT LIMITS 16, 32, 49, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-101B8500 Skylanders SuperChargers 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 USA
0005000E-101B9000 JUST DANCE 2016 16, 32 USA
0005000E-101B9800 JUST DANCE 2016 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101B9900 LOST REAVERS - 16 EUR
0005000E-101BA400 Guitar Hero Live 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 USA
0005000E-101BAA00 Totem Topple 16, 33 USA
0005000E-101BB300 ZaciSa: Defense of the Crayon Dimension! 16 EUR
0005000E-101BB800 Elliot Quest 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 97 EUR
0005000E-101BC600 Guitar Hero Live 18, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96 EUR
0005000E-101BE900 LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 16, 33, 48, 64 EUR
0005000E-101BEC00 Star Fox Guard - 16 USA
0005000E-101BED00 Star Fox Guard - 16 EUR
0005000E-101BEF00 LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers 16, 32, 48, 64 USA
0005000E-101BFC00 Skylanders SuperChargers 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 97 EUR
0005000E-101C0700 Nova-111 16 EUR
0005000E-101C0A00 Nova-111 16 USA
0005000E-101C0B00 The Swindle 16 USA
0005000E-101C0C00 The Swindle 16 EUR
0005000E-101C3100 Freedom Planet 17 USA
0005000E-101C3900 Word Search by POWGI 16 EUR
0005000E-101C4C00 Xenoblade Chronicles X 16 EUR
0005000E-101C4D00 Xenoblade Chronicles X 16, 32, 48 USA
0005000E-101C5800 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT 16, 32, 48, 64 JAP
0005000E-101C5A00 Mighty No. 9 - 16 EUR
0005000E-101C6200 Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge - 16 USA
0005000E-101C6300 Mini Mario & Friends amiibo Challenge - 16 EUR
0005000E-101C6A00 Octodad: Dadliest Catch 16 USA
0005000E-101C6E00 Swords & Soldiers II 16 EUR
0005000E-101C8200 Momonga Pinball Adventures 16 USA
0005000E-101C9300 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

0005000E-101C9400 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

0005000E-101C9500 The Legend of Zelda

Breath of the Wild

0005000E-101C9600 Mighty No. 9 - 16 USA
0005000E-101CC900 Freedom Planet 16 EUR
0005000E-101CE100 Canvaleon 16, 32 USA
0005000E-101CFF00 Job the Leprechaun - 17 USA
0005000E-101D0700 Canvaleon 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101D0900 Gunman Clive HD Collection 16 USA
0005000E-101D2C00 Bike Rider UltraDX WORLD TOUR 16, 32 JAP
0005000E-101D3000 Taiko no Tatsujin Atsumete★ TomodachiDaisakusen! 16 JAP
0005000E-101D3900 The Quiet Collection 16 EUR
0005000E-101D4200 Brunswick Pro Bowling 16 USA
0005000E-101D5100 Stone Shire 32, 49, 64, 80 EUR
0005000E-101D6000 FAST Racing NEO - 16, 34, 48, 65 EUR
0005000E-101D6100 Gunman Clive HD Collection 16 EUR
0005000E-101D6D00 Runbow 17, 33, 48, 65 EUR
0005000E-101D7400 Totem Topple 16, 33 EUR
0005000E-101D7500 Minecraft: Wii U Edition 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 161, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240 EUR
0005000E-101D8300 Electronic Super Joy 16 EUR
0005000E-101D9300 Shovel Knight - 16 JAP
0005000E-101D9600 Rock 'N Racing Off Road DX 16 EUR
0005000E-101D9D00 Minecraft: Wii U Edition 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 160, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240 USA
0005000E-101DAA00 LEGO® STAR WARS The Force Awakens - 17, 32 EUR
0005000E-101DAB00 LEGO® STAR WARS The Force Awakens - 16, 32 USA
0005000E-101DAD00 Tumblestone - 16 USA
0005000E-101DB800 VoxelMaker - 17 USA
0005000E-101DBE00 Minecraft: Wii U Edition 16, 32, 48, 64, 80, 96, 112, 128, 144, 161, 176, 192, 208, 224, 240 JAP
0005000E-101DC100 Octodad: Dadliest Catch 16 EUR
0005000E-101DCA00 VoxelMaker 16 EUR
0005000E-101DCD00 Star Fox Guard Special Demo - 16 USA
0005000E-101DCE00 Star Fox Guard: Special Demo Version - 16 EUR
0005000E-101DD700 Runbow 16, 17, 32, 49 JAP
0005000E-101DD900 Mighty No. 9 - 16 JAP
0005000E-101DDC00 ディズニーインフィニティ3.0 17, 33, 48 JAP
0005000E-101DF400 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT 16, 32, 48, 64 USA
0005000E-101DF500 POKKÉN TOURNAMENT 16, 32, 48, 64 EUR
0005000E-101E0100 Minecraft: Story Mode - 16 USA
0005000E-101E1200 PixelJunk Monsters - 16 EUR
0005000E-101E3200 Jewel Quest - 16 USA
0005000E-101E3300 Olympia Rising 16, 32, 48, 64 EUR
0005000E-101E3400 Olympia Rising - 16 USA
0005000E-101E4100 FAST Racing NEO - 33, 49, 64 JAP
0005000E-101E4300 モモンガ ピンボール アドベンチャー 16 JAP
0005000E-101E5300 M & S at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games - 16 USA
0005000E-101E9300 Gear Gauntlet - 16 USA
0005000E-101E9400 Gear Gauntlet - 16 EUR
0005000E-101E9C00 Cube Life: Island Survival - 17 JAP
0005000E-101E9F00 The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 - 16 EUR
0005000E-101EA000 LEGO® STAR WARS™ The Force Awakens - 16 JAP
0005000E-101EA100 LEGO® MARVEL's Avengers - 18 JAP
0005000E-101EAA00 JUST DANCE® 2017 - 16 EUR
0005000E-101EB200 JUST DANCE® 2017 - 16 USA
0005000E-101ED800 Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE - 16 USA
0005000E-101F2700 Star Sky 2 - 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101F5D00 PixelMaker - 16 USA
0005000E-101F5F00 Hot Rod Racer - 16 USA
0005000E-101F7400 Hot Rod Racer - 16 EUR
0005000E-101F7700 PixelMaker - 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-101F9A00 Citadale - 17 EUR
0005000E-101FA000 Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese - 16 USA
0005000E-101FFB00 BRICK BREAKER - 16 USA
0005000E-10200900 MAHJONG - 16 EUR
0005000E-10200A00 BRICK BREAKER - 16, 32 EUR
0005000E-10200B00 TETRAMINOS - 16 EUR
0005000E-10202500 Alice in Wonderland - 16 USA
0005000E-10203900 Alice in Wonderland - 16 EUR
0005000E-10206A00 Ohayou! Beginner's Japanese - 16 EUR
0005000E-10207A00 ACE OF SEAFOOD - 17, 32 JAP
0005000E-1020A200 Minecraft: Story Mode - 16 USA
0005000E-1020A300 Minecraft: Story Mode - 16 EUR
0005000E-1F600900 PAPER MARIO Color Splash - 16 JAP
0005000E-1FBF1000 FBF10 [patched2] Gamepad update? code/drcsimple.rpx meta/bootMovie.h264 unchanged since 2.versionlist 16, 32 all

00000007 and 000700xx: Virtual Wii titles

Title ID Description Notes Versions Region
00000007-00000002 System menu v512, v608 JPN
00000007-00000002 System menu v513, v609 USA
00000007-00000002 System menu v514, v610 EUR
00000007-00000009 IOS 9 v1290 all
00000007-0000000C IOS 12 v782 all
00000007-0000000D IOS 13 v1288 all
00000007-0000000E IOS 14 v1288 all
00000007-0000000F IOS 15 v1288 all
00000007-00000011 IOS 17 v1288 all
00000007-00000015 IOS 21 v1295 all
00000007-00000016 IOS 22 v1550 all
00000007-0000001C IOS 28 v2063 all
00000007-0000001F IOS 31 v3864 all
00000007-00000021 IOS 33 v3864 all
00000007-00000022 IOS 34 v3864 all
00000007-00000023 IOS 35 v3864 all
00000007-00000024 IOS 36 v3864 all
00000007-00000025 IOS 37 v5919 all
00000007-00000026 IOS 38 v4380 all
00000007-00000029 IOS 41 v3863 all
00000007-0000002B IOS 43 v3863 all
00000007-0000002D IOS 45 v3863 all
00000007-0000002E IOS 46 v3863 all
00000007-00000030 IOS 48 v4380 all
00000007-00000035 IOS 53 v5919 all
00000007-00000037 IOS 55 v5919 all
00000007-00000038 IOS 56 v5918 all
00000007-00000039 IOS 57 v6175 all
00000007-0000003A IOS 58 v6432 all
00000007-0000003B IOS 59 v7201, v8737, v9249 all
00000007-0000003E IOS 62 v6430, v6942 all
00000007-00000050 IOS 80 v7200 all
00000007-00000200 BC-NAND v6, v7 all
00000007-00000201 BC-WFS v1 all
00070002-48414241 Wii Shop Channel HABA v21 all
00070002-48414341 Mii Channel HACA v6 all
00070002-48435545 Wii Menu Manual HCUE v0, v1, v2, v5 USA
00070002-4843554A Wii Menu Manual HCUJ v0, v1, v2, v5 JPN
00070002-48435550 Wii Menu Manual HCUP v0, v1, v2, v5 EUR
00070002-48435641 Wii U Menu HCVA v0 all
00070008-48435a45 vWii System Channel HCZE v31 USA
00070008-48435a4a vWii System Channel HCZJ v31 JPN
00070008-48435a50 vWii System Channel HCZP v31 EUR
00070008-48414C45 Region Select HALE v2 USA
00070008-48414C4A Region Select HALJ v2 JPN
00070008-48414C50 Region Select HALP v2 EUR