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This page serves to document the Title-ID scheme as used on the Wii U.

A Title-ID is a 64-bit number that describes an "application" -- generally, a channel or a game. The high 32 bits are used to indicate the type of title, and the low 32 bits are used to identify the particular title.

By convention, a Title-ID may either be written as 16 hex digits (e.g. 0000000100000002 or 00010000525a4445) or in two hexadecimal or ASCII parts (e.g. 1-2 or 10000-RZDE).

0005xxxx: Wii U titles

Title ID Description Notes Versions Region
00050010-10000100 v8325 All
00050010-10000200 v5382 All
00050010-10000400 v517 All
00050010-10004000 v0 All
00050010-10004009 v1006 All
00050010-1000400A v3733 All
00050010-100040FF System menu v1054 All
0005001B-10042300 v0 All
0005001B-10042400 v0 All
0005001B-1004F000 v16 All
0005001B-10050000 v0 All
0005001B-10051000 v17 All
0005001B-10052000 v16 All
0005001B-10053000 v0 All
0005001B-10054000 v5 All
0005001B-10056000 v1 All
0005001B-10057000 v0 All
0005001B-10058000 v21 All
0005001B-10059000 v18 All
0005001B-1005C000 v0 All
0005001B-1005F000 v0 All
00050010-10040000 v24 JPN
00050010-10041000 v17 JPN
00050010-10043000 v5382 JPN
00050010-10044000 v4864 JPN
00050010-10045000 v22 JPN
00050010-10047000 v24 JPN
00050010-10048000 v24 JPN
00050010-10049000 v24 JPN
00050010-1004A000 v22 JPN
00050010-1004B000 v6 JPN
00050010-1004C000 v24 JPN
00050010-1004D000 v24 JPN
00050010-1004E000 v25 JPN
00050010-1005A000 v9 JPN
00050030-10010009 v0 JPN
00050030-1001000A v24 JPN
00050030-10011009 v0 JPN
00050030-1001100A v16 JPN
00050030-100110FF v0 JPN
00050030-10012009 v8 JPN
00050030-10013009 v8 JPN
00050030-10014009 v10 JPN
00050030-10015009 v8 JPN
00050030-10016009 v9 JPN
00050030-10017009 v16 JPN
00050030-1001700A v23 JPN
00050030-1001800A v6 JPN
00050030-1001900A v9 JPN
00050010-10040100 v24 USA
00050010-10041100 v96 USA
00050010-10043100 v5382 USA
00050010-10044100 v4864 USA
00050010-10045100 v22 USA
00050010-10047100 v24 USA
00050010-10048100 v24 USA
00050010-10049100 v24 USA
00050010-1004A100 v22 USA
00050010-1004B100 v6 USA
00050010-1004C100 v24 USA
00050010-1004D100 v24 USA
00050010-1004E100 v25 USA
00050010-1005A100 v9 USA
00050030-10010109 v0 USA
00050030-1001010A v24 USA
00050030-10011109 v0 USA
00050030-1001110A v16 USA
00050030-100111FF v0 USA
00050030-10012109 v8 USA
00050030-10013109 v8 USA
00050030-10014109 v10 USA
00050030-10015109 v8 USA
00050030-10016109 v9 USA
00050030-10017109 v16 USA
00050030-1001710A v23 USA
00050030-1001810A v6 USA
00050030-1001910A v9 USA
00050010-10040200 v24 EUR
00050010-10041200 v17 EUR
00050010-10043200 v5382 EUR
00050010-10044200 v4864 EUR
00050010-10045200 v22 EUR
00050010-10047200 v24 EUR
00050010-10048200 v24 EUR
00050010-10042000 v24 EUR
00050010-1004A200 v22 EUR
00050010-1004B200 v6 EUR
00050010-1004C200 v24 EUR
00050010-1004D200 v24 EUR
00050010-1004E200 v25 EUR
00050010-1005A200 v9 EUR
00050030-10010209 v0 EUR
00050030-1001020A v24 EUR
00050030-10011209 v0 EUR
00050030-1001120A v16 EUR
00050030-100112FF v0 EUR
00050030-10012209 v8 EUR
00050030-10013209 v8 EUR
00050030-10014209 v10 EUR
00050030-10015209 v8 EUR
00050030-10016209 v9 EUR
00050030-10017209 v16 EUR
00050030-1001720A v23 EUR
00050030-1001820A v6 EUR
00050030-1001920A v9 EUR

00000007: Virtual Wii titles

Title ID Description Notes Versions Region
00000007-00000002 System menu v512 JPN
00000007-00000002 System menu v513 USA
00000007-00000002 System menu v514 EUR
00000007-00000009 IOS 9 v1290 All
00000007-0000000C IOS 12 v782 All
00000007-0000000D IOS 13 v1288 All
00000007-0000000E IOS 14 v1288 All
00000007-0000000F IOS 15 v1288 All
00000007-00000011 IOS 17 v1288 All
00000007-00000015 IOS 21 v1295 All
00000007-00000016 IOS 22 v1550 All
00000007-0000001C IOS 28 v2063 All
00000007-0000001F IOS 31 v3864 All
00000007-00000021 IOS 33 v3864 All
00000007-00000022 IOS 34 v3864 All
00000007-00000023 IOS 35 v3864 All
00000007-00000024 IOS 36 v3864 All
00000007-00000025 IOS 37 v5919 All
00000007-00000026 IOS 38 v4380 All
00000007-00000029 IOS 41 v3863 All
00000007-0000002B IOS 43 v3863 All
00000007-0000002D IOS 45 v3863 All
00000007-0000002E IOS 46 v3863 All
00000007-00000030 IOS 48 v4380 All
00000007-00000035 IOS 53 v5919 All
00000007-00000037 IOS 55 v5919 All
00000007-00000038 IOS 56 v5918 All
00000007-00000039 IOS 57 v6175 All
00000007-0000003A IOS 58 v6432 All
00000007-0000003B IOS 59 v7201 All
00000007-0000003E IOS 62 v6430 All
00000007-00000050 IOS 80 v7200 All
00000007-00000200 Wii-BC? v6, v7 All
00000007-00000201 Wii-MIOS? v1 All
00070002-48414241 Wii Shop Channel v21 All
00070002-48414341 Mii Channel v6 All
00070002-48435545 Wii Menu Manual v0, v1 USA
00070002-4843554A Wii Menu Manual v0, v1 JPN
00070002-48435550 Wii Menu Manual v0, v1 EUR
00070002-48435641 Wii U Menu v0 All
00070008-48414C45 Region Select v2 USA
00070008-48414C4A Region Select v2 JPN
00070008-48414C50 Region Select v2 EUR