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"Wiki's of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth."




PS Vita

IRC on

Wii U scratchpad

Wii U GamePad accu

accu space : 135mm length x 55mm width x 10mm depth
accu dimensions: 64.5mm x 45,5mm x 9.6mm
you can easily fit 6x AA/penlites in that space
{3inSeries}x2 parallel
and you have a nice 3.8V 5000mAh supply
(default is 1500mA 3-5h, expected 3⅓x life thus 10-16⅔ hours)
edit: official 3.6V 2550mA 9.2Wh 5-8½h battery (WUP-013) was announced -> and released
      3rd party alternative: Nyko PowerPak 3.7V 4000mAh 14.8Wh (item:87167)

Wii U GamePad wireless

Gamepad wireless transmission uses 5150-5250 MHz, proprietary based on IEEE 802.11n. Devices below are 5GHz/802.11n capable in case you want to toy around with the gamepad via the PC/laptop:


  • Not all listed devices support AP mode under Linux, mostly the Intel Centrino based are not AP capable.

TP-Link TL-WDN4800 (PCIe, ath9k), Ubiquiti Networks SR71X (expresscard, ath9k), D-Link DWA-160 rev B2 (USB, rt2800usb), TL-WDN3200 (USB, rt2800usb) and D-Link DWA-160 rev A2 (USB, carl9170) should work properly.

User:delroth highly advices TL-WDN4800 (linux) or the SR71X (linux/Windows) but not as USB dongle as they seem a bit dodgy in regard to stability 'random freezes, latency issues' etc.)


AirLive X.USB-3
Asus USB-N66
Belkin Play N600 draadloze Dual-Band USB-adapter
Belkin Play Wireless Nic USB Adapter
Belkin USB Adapter Play N750
Cisco Linksys AE2500
DrayTek Vigor N65
Intellinet Wireless 300N Dual-Band USB Adapter
LG AN-WF100 Wi-Fi Dongle
Linksys AE1000 Wireless-N USB Adapter
Linksys Wireless Mini USB Adapter AC 580 Dual Band
Netgear N900 WiFi Dual Band USB Adapter WNDA4100
Netgear WNDA3100
Panasonic DY-WL10
Sitecom Wireless Dualband USB Adapter 300N X5 WLA-5000
Sitecom Wireless Media Adapter 300N WLA-5001
Sitecom Wireless Network Dualband 300N Gaming Adapter II WL-329 GM
Sitecom Wireless-N Usb Adapter WL-329 SL
TP-Link TL-WDN3200
Trendnet TEW-664UB
Zyxel NWD2705


Intel Advanced N Wifi Link 6200
Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6230
Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235
Intel Centrino Ultimate-N 6300
Ubiquiti SR71-E


Asus PCE-AC66
Asus PCE-N53
Linksys WMP600N
TP-Link TL-WDN4800


Linksys Universal Media Connector WUMC710

Wii U Kiosk System

Wii U nonretail

  • cat-dev-v1
  • cat-dev-v2
  • cat-dev-v3
  • cat-r (reader)

Cafe SDK

current version: 2.10.13