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Side A

WUP-010 GamePad SideA.jpg

 * (In Red) STMicroelectronics UIC-WUP MCE GH226
 * (In Orange) STMicroelectronics MSA3D 01F
 * (In Yellow) Texas Instruments TSC 2046I Low Voltage I/O Touch Screen Controller

Side B

WUP-010 GamePad SideB.jpg

 * (In Red) InvenSense ITG-3280 Gyroscope
 * (In Orange) Micron 25Q256A 256 Mb Serial Flash
 * (In Yellow) DRC-WUP 811309J31 1217LU603
 * (In Cyan) Texas Instruments AIC3012 Audio Converter
 * (In Blue) Texas Instruments 1010007

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NFC connectivity

Pokémon Rumble U is the first Wii U game to make use of NFC connectivity. NFC figures are writable and store data for use in-game. No two figures are alike; each has unique stats and information in-game.

NFC tag info:

  • RF technology: Type A (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A)
  • Tag type: Topaz NFC IC
  • Manufacturer: Innovision Research and Technology Plc (UK)
  • ATQA: 0c00
  • Header ROM: 124c
  • Maximum message size: 454 bytes
  • Memory size: 512 bytes
  • Page size: 8 bytes
  • Number of pages: 64

Data pages:

  • Data page 0 contains the UID, and is locked.
  • Pages 1-12 are unlocked and writable.
  • Page 13 is reserved and locked. Page data is always set to: 0x5555aaaa124c0600
  • Page 14 contains the lock bits/OTP, and is locked. Page data is always set to: 0x01e0000000000000
  • Page 15 is unlocked and writable. Page data is always set to: 0x000000000000ffff
  • Pages 16-63 are unlocked and writable.

NFC module pinouts

NFC data from Pokémon Rumble U figures