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List of functions (Ioctlv)

Command Function ARM only Permissions Description Notes
0x03 MCP_CompatCopyFile No 0x0042
0x04 MCP_CompatGetVersion No 0x0002
0x40 MCP_GetSysProdSettings No 0x0010
0x81 MCP_InstallTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x85 MCP_CopyTitleAsync No 0x0004
0x83 MCP_DeleteTitleAsync No 0x0008
0x8C MCP_DeleteContentAsync No 0x0080
0x91 MCP_UpdatePerformAsync No 0x0004
0x92 MCP_UpdateGetProgress No 0x0004
0x98 MCP_UpdateCheckUpdaterVersion No 0x0008
0xD4 MCP_GetContentInfos Yes 0x0010
0xD6 No 0x0084
0xD7 No 0x0004
0xD9 No 0x0004
0xDA Yes 0x0010
0xDC No 0x0084
0xDD Yes
0xDE Yes 0x0010
0xDF Yes 0x0010
0xF0 No 0x0004
0xFB No 0x0004
0xFE MCP_CopyTitleDoneAsync No 0x0004
0xFF MCP_CopyGetRequiredSize No 0x0004
0x125 MCP_AocGetOpenInfo No 0x0010
0x143 MCP_InstallCleanupAsync No 0x0004
0x147 MCP_CreateLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x148 MCP_DeleteLinkedTitlePackage No 0x0004
0x150 MCP_GetInstalledTitleVersion Yes 0x0010
0x151 Yes 0x0010
0x152 Yes 0x0010
0x170 MCP_AppTagSetEnability No
0x177 MCP_AppTagReadWithPos No
0x178 MCP_AppTagWriteWithPos No
0x179 MCP_AppTagTruncateWithPos No