Coldboot Haxchi

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Coldboot Haxchi
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TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store
This homebrew installs content to your Wii U that is persistent after a reboot, and may void your warranty.

Coldboot Haxchi (also known as CBHC) is a version of Haxchi that automatically launches on boot. Care must be taken, as there are several bricking risks.

Bricking risks

To prevent your Wii U from being bricked, do not do any of the following:

  • Do NOT move the CBHC channel to an SD card or anywhere outside the NAND.
  • Do NOT uninstall the Coldboot Haxchi channel without properly uninstalling Coldboot Haxchi first.
  • Do NOT format the system.
  • Do NOT delete the user that bought the DS game Haxchi was installed on top of.
  • Do NOT download the DS game Haxchi was installed on after Haxchi was installed.
  • Do NOT install Haxchi again inside CBHC.


  2. Install regular Haxchi if you have not done so already.
  3. Open the Haxchi Channel.
  4. Open the Haxchi Channel again, but hold A to load the Homebrew Launcher.
  5. Download the CBHC installer via the Homebrew App Store.
  6. Run the CBHC installer.
  7. When prompted to select a DS Virtual Console game, select the same one you installed Haxchi on.
  8. Press A to install CBHC.
  9. Reboot your console to allow CBHC to start.
  10. There should be 2 new channels installed: the Haxchi Channel and the CBHC channel. Move the CBHC channel to an empty screen so it doesn't get deleted by accident. The normal Haxchi Channel does not have these risks, and can be reinstalled if it is deleted by accident.


Before uninstalling the CBHC channel, be sure to follow this procedure.

  1. Open the Homebrew Launcher.
  2. Open the CBHC installer.
  3. Select the DS game you used to install Haxchi and CBHC.
  4. Press B to uninstall CBHC.
  5. CBHC should be gone when you reboot your console. It is now safe to delete the game, and reinstall it to start playing it again.


When booting the Wii U, a menu will come up, asking what you want to boot, with an option to automatically boot to one of the options. When autoboot is enabled, this menu can still be accessed by holding the HOME button during the booting process.

The DS game you chose during installation gets replaced by a CBHC channel (titled "DONT TOUCH ME!"). DO NOT tamper with this channel! It is advised that you move it to an empty screen so it doesn't get deleted by accident. In addition, an extra channel is installed, namely a normal Haxchi Channel. This channel does not overwrite a DS game, and stays on the System Menu for as long as CBHC is installed, because CBHC removes the security check that removes unauthorized channels. For more information on the Haxchi Channel, see Haxchi.

How it works

CBHC replaces the system configuration to tell the boot process to boot to the CBHC channel instead of the System Menu. This allows it to run and load anything it wants, similar to Priiloader on the Wii. This CBHC channel has the loader seen when booting. Because of this, removing the CBHC channel from the NAND makes it impossible for the Wii U to boot, and therefore bricks it.