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Labelled pinout of Gamepad Expansion Port
Pin (LTR) Voltage Reading Purpose Notes
0 +-0V GND Left charging cradle pad is also GND. Very useful test point.
1 +0.1V - +0.2V ??? Possibly a data pin? Voltage readings change each test.
2 +0.1V - +0.2V ??? Another possible data pin.
3 +-0V ??? Also likely to be a data pin. Possibly an input?
4 +2.8V Vcc Regulated voltage. Peak current is 300mA, stable at 200mA.

None of the pins read a frequency..

Turning off the GamePad

Shorting pin 1 or 2 to Vcc triggers many, many failsafes and the GamePad should immediately turn off. You also might break it.