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|CPU core index (Processor Index Register)
|CPU core index (Processor Index Register)

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Espresso is the code name for the Wii U's PowerPC processor.

Special Purpose Registers

Note: This section is redundant to SPRs.

Index Name Description
0x3b0 HID5[0] Enable HID5
0x3b0 HID5[1] Enable PIR
0x3B3 SCR[1] Enable bootrom (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[2] Enable keystore 00..1f (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[3] Enable keystore 20..3f (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[9] Start core 1
0x3B3 SCR[10] Start core 2
0x3EF PIR CPU core index (Processor Index Register)