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Espresso is the code name for the Wii U's PowerPC processor.

Special Purpose Registers

Note: This section is redundant to SPRs.

Index Name Description
0x3b0 HID5[0] Enable HID5
0x3b0 HID5[1] Enable PIR
0x3B3 SCR[1] Enable bootrom (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[2] Enable keystore 00..1f (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[3] Enable keystore 20..3f (reset only)
0x3B3 SCR[9] Start core 1
0x3B3 SCR[10] Start core 2
0x3EF PIR CPU core index (Processor Index Register)

vWii Mode Clock

While entering in vWii mode, Cafe2Wii reboots the PPC and sets the clock multiplier to 3x. This can be disabled by changing in Cafe2Wii an OR 0x20 to BIC 0x20 in LT_MEMCMPT (0x0d8005b0) and an OR 0x99 to OR 0x9D in LT_SYSPROT (0x0d800514) Latte Registers.