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The Latte package contains a 93C66 (or similar) SPI EEPROM, organized as 256 16-bit words, making it twice the size of the EEPROM found in the Wii's Hollywood package. It is accessed by twiddling some of the Starbuck GPIO lines in the exact same way as it was done on the Wii's Starlet GPIO lines.

SEEPROM Contents

Most of the data here is written once at the factory and never changed, but some fields are updated fairly frequently:

Offset (word index * 2) Size Description
0x000 (0x00 * 2) 0x12 bytes Empty
0x012 (0x09 * 2) 0x08 bytes SEEPROM RNG seed
This seed is incremented every time IOS-CRYPTO starts. 
It is also combined with the OTP's RNG key and the OTP's RNG seed to setup the IOS-CRYPTO RNG functions.
0x01A (0x0D * 2) 0x06 bytes Empty
0x020 (0x10 * 2) 0x04 bytes PPC PVR
Should always be 0x70010201.
0x024 (0x12 * 2) 0x06 bytes SEEPROM version name string
0x02A (0x15 * 2) 0x02 bytes SEEPROM version code
0x02C (0x16 * 2) 0x02 bytes OTP version code
0x02E (0x17 * 2) 0x02 bytes OTP revision code
0x030 (0x18 * 2) 0x08 bytes OTP version name string
0x038 (0x1C * 2) 0x04 bytes BC struct's CRC32
0x03C (0x1E * 2) 0x02 bytes BC struct's size
0x03E (0x1F * 2) 0x02 bytes BC library version
0x040 (0x20 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC author
0x042 (0x21 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC boardType
0x4346: CF (Retail/Kiosk)
0x044 (0x22 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC boardRevision
0x046 (0x23 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC bootSource
0x048 (0x24 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC ddr3Size
0x04A (0x25 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC ddr3Speed
0x04C (0x26 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC ppcClockMultiplier
0x04E (0x27 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC iopClockMultiplier
0x050 (0x28 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC video1080p
0x052 (0x29 * 2) 0x02 bytes BC ddr3Vendor
0x054 (0x2A * 2) 0x02 bytes BC movPassiveReset
0x056 (0x2B * 2) 0x02 bytes BC sysPllSpeed
0x058 (0x2C * 2) 0x02 bytes BC sataDevice
0x0001: Default
0x0002: No device
0x0003: ROM drive (Retail)
0x0004: R drive (Kiosk CAT-I)
0x0005: MION (Debug)
0x0006: SES (Kiosk CAT-SES)
0x0007: GEN2-HDD (Kiosk CAT-I with HDD)
0x0008: GEN1-HDD (Kiosk CAT-I with HDD)
0x05A (0x2D * 2) 0x02 bytes BC consoleType
0x0001: WUP (Retail)
0x0002: CAT-R (Test)
0x0003: CAT-DEV (Debug)
0x0004: EV board
0x0005: Promotion (Kiosk)
0x0006: OrchestraX
0x0007: WUIH (Internal retail)
0x0008: WUIH_DEV (Internal test)
0x0009: CAT_DEV_WUIH (Internal debug)
0x05C (0x2E * 2) 0x04 bytes BC devicePresence
Always 0x00000000 in retail/kiosk units.
0x060 (0x30 * 2) 0x20 bytes Reserved for BC ("BoardConfig") library
0x080 (0x40 * 2) 0x10 bytes Wii U drive key
Check Drive Key's Status Flag. Decrypt with Wii U SEEPROM Key if needed.
0x090 (0x48 * 2) 0x10 bytes Wii U factory key
This key is cleared by IOS-MCP at factory.
0x0A0 (0x50 * 2) 0x10 bytes Wii U SHDD key
0x0B0 (0x58 * 2) 0x10 bytes Wii U USB key seed
This seed is encrypted with a key from OTP then used to set the /dev/crypto USB key.
The first 0x04 bytes of this key must match the Wii U NG ID.
0x0C0 (0x60 * 2) 0x02 bytes Drive Key's Status Flag
If the flag is 0xFFFF, the drive key is set and encrypted with the Wii U SEEPROM key.
If the flag is 0x0000, the drive key is set and in plain form.
0x0C2 (0x61 * 2) 0x02 bytes USB key seed's status flag
0x0C4 (0x62 * 2) 0x02 bytes SHDD key's status flag
If the flag is 0xFFFF, the SHDD key is set and encrypted with a key from OTP.
If the flag is 0x0000, the SHDD key is not set.
0x0C6 (0x63 * 2) 0x6A bytes Empty
0x130 (0x98 * 2) 0x04 bytes Unknown
0x134 (0x9A * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x136 (0x9B * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x138 (0x9C * 2) 0x08 bytes Empty
0x140 (0xA0 * 2) 0x04 bytes slc:sys_prod.version
0x144 (0xA2 * 2) 0x04 bytes slc:sys_prod.eeprom_version
0x148 (0xA4 * 2) 0x04 bytes slc:sys_prod.product_area
0x14C (0xA6 * 2) 0x04 bytes slc:sys_prod.game_region
0x150 (0xA8 * 2) 0x04 bytes slc:sys_prod.ntsc_pal
0x154 (0xAA * 2) 0x02 bytes slc:sys_prod.5ghz_country_code
0x156 (0xAB * 2) 0x02 bytes slc:sys_prod.5ghz_country_code_revision
0x158 (0xAC * 2) 0x08 bytes slc:sys_prod.code_id
0x160 (0xB0 * 2) 0x10 bytes slc:sys_prod.serial_id
0x170 (0xB8 * 2) 0x10 bytes slc:sys_prod.model_number
0x180 (0xC0 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x182 (0xC1 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x184 (0xC2 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x186 (0xC3 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x188 (0xC4 * 2) 0x02 bytes Production date (year)
0x18A (0xC5 * 2) 0x02 bytes Production date (month and day)
0x18C (0xC6 * 2) 0x02 bytes Production date (hour and minute)
0x18E (0xC7 * 2) 0x04 bytes CRC32 of the last 0x0E bytes
0x192 (0xC9 * 2) 0x02 bytes 0xAA55 marker
0x194 (0xCA * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x196 (0xCB * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x198 (0xCC * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x19A (0xCD * 2) 0x04 bytes Empty
0x19E (0xCF * 2) 0x04 bytes Unknown
0x1A2 (0xD1 * 2) 0x02 bytes 0xBB66 marker
0x1A4 (0xD2 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x1A6 (0xD3 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x1A8 (0xD4 * 2) 0x08 bytes Unknown string
0x1B0 (0xD8 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x1B2 (0xD9 * 2) 0x02 bytes Unknown
0x1B4 (0xDA * 2) 0x08 bytes Empty
0x1BC (0xDE * 2) 0x04 bytes Unknown
0x1C0 (0xE0 * 2) 0x10 bytes Boot parameters (encrypted with Wii U SEEPROM key)
Structure containing parameters for boot0:
 - 0x1C0 to 0x1C2 (0x02 bytes): CPU control flags.
   -> Bits 0-9 set the CPU speed in MHz used for various IO delay calculations.
   -> Bits 10-14 set a delay before asking SMC if the SD boot combo has been pressed.
   -> Bit 15, if set, causes 0x3 to be written to LT_IOP2X (increasing the ARM CPU clock multiplier) and waits for an interrupt.
 - 0x1C2 to 0x1C4 (0x02 bytes): NAND and SD control flags.
   -> Bit 13 tells boot0 to overwrite NAND_BANK with the supplied value.
   -> Bit 14 tells boot0 to overwrite NAND_CONFIG with the supplied value.
   -> Bit 15 tells boot0 to ignore NAND errors.
 - 0x1C4 to 0x1C8 (0x04 bytes): Value to overwrite NAND_CONFIG (optional).
 - 0x1C8 to 0x1CC (0x04 bytes): Value to overwrite NAND_BANK (optional).
 - 0x1CC to 0x1D0 (0x04 bytes): CRC32 of data from 0x1C0 to 0x1CC.
0x1D0 (0xE8 * 2) 0x10 bytes Boot parameters (encrypted with Wii U SEEPROM key)
Structure containing parameters for boot0:
 - 0x1D0 to 0x1D2 (0x02 bytes): boot1 version.
 - 0x1D2 to 0x1D4 (0x02 bytes): boot1 NAND sector.
 - 0x1D4 to 0x1DC (0x08 bytes): Empty.
 - 0x1DC to 0x1E0 (0x04 bytes): CRC32 of data from 0x1D0 to 0x1DC.
0x1E0 (0xF0 * 2) 0x10 bytes Boot parameters (encrypted with Wii U SEEPROM key)
Structure containing parameters for boot0:
 - 0x1E0 to 0x1E2 (0x02 bytes): boot1 copy version.
 - 0x1E2 to 0x1E4 (0x02 bytes): boot1 copy NAND sector.
 - 0x1E4 to 0x1EC (0x08 bytes): Empty.
 - 0x1EC to 0x1F0 (0x04 bytes): CRC32 of data from 0x1E0 to 0x1EC.
0x1F0 (0xF8 * 2) 0x10 bytes Empty