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Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

Haxchi is a homebrew app that can quickly load custom firmware by replacing a real Virtual Console DS game with itself, so to load the custom firmware for the current kernel session, simply open Haxchi from the Wii U Menu.

Coldboot Haxchi

Coldboot Haxchi (also known as CBHC) is another version of Haxchi. It injects code into the boot process to automatically load the Haxchi channel. There are several things here that can be done wrong that result in a brick, due to the dependence on a Coldboot Haxchi channel that is visible on the System Menu. These include:

  • Moving the Coldboot Haxchi channel out of the NAND
  • Uninstalling the Coldboot Haxchi channel without properly uninstalling Coldboot Haxchi first.
  • Formatting the system
  • Deleting the user that bought the DS game Haxchi was installed on top of.
  • Downloading the DS game Haxchi was installed on after Haxchi was installed.
  • Installing Haxchi again inside CBHC.


Haxchi Channel

  1. Install a Virtual Console DS game if you don't have one already. The cheapest one is "Brain Age" (known as "Brain Training" on PAL consoles).
  2. Download Haxchi from the Homebrew App Store and put it on the SD card.
  3. Run Haxchi from the Homebrew Launcher.
  4. Select the game you want to use. You won't be able to play this game while Haxchi is installed, so choose wisely.
  5. Press A to accept the disclaimer, or HOME to cancel.
  6. Haxchi should now install.

Coldboot Haxchi

  1. Be sure to read the bricking risks above.
  2. Load up normal Haxchi as a custom firmware is needed for this.
  3. Open the Homebrew Launcher.
  4. Download and open the CBHC installer.
  5. Select the DS game Haxchi was installed on, and install Coldboot Haxchi there.
  6. Coldboot Haxchi will now install, and it will work once you reboot your Wii U.


Haxchi can be uninstalled simply by deleting the channel. The DS game can be recovered by downloading it again from the Nintendo eShop.

Coldboot Haxchi
Before deleting the CBHC channel, load the CBHC installer, and press the uninstall button. This prevents the Wii U from bricking due to the CBHC channel not loading. After this, it is safe to delete the CBHC channel.


The DS game that Haxchi is installed over will be replaced by a new channel, the Haxchi Channel. Launching this channel loads up the Haxchi CFW, although there are also some tools that can be used, such as holding A to load the Homebrew Launcher after the CFW is loaded.

When Coldboot Haxchi is installed, the DS game is instead replaced by a Coldboot Haxchi channel with a red warning sign icon, a reminder not to delete it. It is meant to be put on a screen where it won't be seen, to prevent accidental deletion. For convenience, CBHC also installs a normal Haxchi channel that does not cover up any DS game and does not cause a brick upon deletion, so that remote screen does not need to be located to perform Haxchi-related operations.