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Homebrew App Store
App Store logo.png
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

The Homebrew App Store allows the user to download, manage and update homebrew apps for the Wii U directly to an SD card. It is inspired by the Homebrew Browser available on the original Wii. The standalone app has no central repo, and requires a repo to be set up in order for it to be used properly.

As of September 2016, the Homebrew App store can be launched by simply going here on your Wii U with an SD card.


Check out the video here.

Hbas screenshot.png


The Homebrew App Store allows you to download homebrew apps for HBL directly in the app. Installed apps can also be reinstalled, updated or deleted. The apps are sorted into individual categories. It is an attempt at a poor man's Cydia for the Wii U!

To use it, put the downloaded app bundle in sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore, and launch it via HBL.

Apps featured within HBAS are made by other homebrew developers. If anyone takes an issue with their work being distributed in this manner, contact the respective repository owner.

Although "store" is in the name, the apps within are all free - If a specific homebrew developer wants to charge for their app, they would have to do so outside of HBAS. The name just refers to the concept of an App Store.


  • Internet connection
  • SD card
  • A way to run HBL

How to Use

Unzip the "appstore" folder from the zip at the above download link. This is the bundled HBAS app. Place this folder inside the /apps/wiiu/ folder on your SD card. After this, run HBL and select it from the menu.

Once the app launches, press A or touch the screen to close the splash screen. You can scroll with either analogue stick, the D-pad or the touch screen. To download an app, touch its icon and choose "GET".


  • LOCAL - An app that is only on your SD card
  • INSTALLED - An app on your SD card and the server
  • UPDATE - An app on your SD card and the server, with a different version number
  • GET - An app only on the server

Default Repository

The app bundle provided above features http://wiiubru.com/appstore as the default repository, courtesy of pwsincd. The apps featured there are hosted on his server.


  • Duplicate apps - HBAS tries to figure out which apps you have installed by checking the app's folder name. You can safely ignore the duplicates, or delete the copy marked as "local".
  • Update was a downgrade - Upgrading software relies on the repository maintainer to keep the version numbers up to date. Since versions don't have to be numbers, the updater performs a "not equal to" theck rather than a "greater than (>)" check.
  • Crashed with white text on black text! - Report a bug on the GitHub page or GBATemp thread with a photo of what your screen looks like, and explain how you made it error.
  • Seems to have frozen - Report a bug, and describe what you were doing when it froze and if you were still able to scroll.
  • No apps are listed, only local ones - This happens when the server can't be reached. TubeHax DNS may be down, or your repo may be down.
  • HBL/HBAS won't load anymore! - One of the app icons has been corrupted, delete the faulty program, or remove all of them until HBL and HBAS are all that's left.
  • An app button was pressed, but no window opens - Pressing the buttons waits for the server to respond, so it may respond once the metadata download is complete.


There are three components that can currently be customized:

  • The splash screen: place your own "splash.png" in sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore/resources/splash.png
  • The music: place your own "screampics.mp3" in sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore/resources/screampics.mp3
  • The repository: place a "repository.txt" file in sd:/wiiu/apps/appstore/repository.txt

For the images and music, they must be png and mp3 respectively. For repository.txt, it should be a file that contains only the desired repository url, no newlines or anything.


There's no real need to self-host your own HBAS repo, but if you're interested you can check out the web folder in the GitHub repository. Inside there's a python script that can assist in building a directory, which can then be hosted locally or on a server.

The HBAS binary currently expects a /directory.yaml file, and then a /apps/ folder, which contains HBL-compatible apps folder (like sd:/wiiu/apps/). You can setup the directory.yaml file without using the python script, but the script makes it easier. Once your have your server setup, you will need to create a repository.txt file on your SD card to point HBAS to it (see #Customization).


See the issues page on github: https://github.com/vgmoose/hbas/issues In short, the following things are planned:

  • smoother scrolling
  • permissions for apps
  • multiple repo management
  • json instead of yaml for the directory
  • handle corrupt apps/icons

Contributions to any of the above are welcome, check out the code and help out! It would be much appreciated.


  • pwsincd - Helped design the web interface
  • brienj - Provided many, many development tips and help
  • dimok, dibas, Maschell and n1ghty - The HBAS framework code is based off HBL directly, as well as making heavy use of their custom libraries.
  • QuarkTheAwesome - Development help, as well as their exception handler
  • CreeperMario - Porting over some old apps to HBL format
  • Dylon99 - Participated in "extreme" beta testing
  • Marionumber1, yellows8 and other wiiudev members - Userland/Kernel exploits

The in-app music is an instrumental version of Slimers by (T-T)b.


Homebrew App Store is licensed under the GPL3 license, so it can be freely modified and used as long as the source remains public. Scream Pictures is copyright (T-T)b and is not to be distributed or used outside of an official HBAS binary.

This app is open source and free to distribute because the users (yes, you!) deserve it.

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