Physical Memory

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The Wii U has a variety of physical memory sources. There is the 2 GiB of DDR3 split into 4 chips (MEM2), 32 MiB of fast 1T SRAM (MEM1), and the old GX framebuffer (MEM0).

Start Address End Address Size Chip Description
0x00000000 0x01FFFFFF 0x2000000 MEM1 MEM1 (for use by Cafe OS apps)
0x08000000 0x0811FFFF 0x120000 MEM0 Ancast image
0x1B900000 0x1B97FFFF 0x80000 MEM2 Loader data area
0x32000000 0x327FFFFF 0x800000 MEM2 Cafe OS loader and libraries
0x4FFFFFFF MEM2 Background app memory
0x50000000 0x8FFFFFFF 0x40000000 MEM2 Foreground app memory
0xFFE00000 0xFFF1FFFF 0x120000 MEM0 Cafe OS kernel (mirror of ancast)