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Snake HBL icon.png
Ported byvgmoose and brienj
TypeArcade game
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

Snake (another arcade classic, especially from classic Nokia phones) was a game created for the Wii U by eliboa, and then ported to the Homebrew Launcher by brienj and vgmoose.


TODO: Add non-photographed screenshots


Just like with any other program, you will need to prepare your console for the Homebrew Launcher. Once this is complete, you will need to download the release archive from above and copy its contents to the /wiiu/apps/snake folder on your SD Card.

Or you can just download the Homebrew App Store and let it do all the handywork for you.


Wii U GamePad Action
Wii U GamePad A Button Button (On title screen) Start the game
Wii U GamePad D-Pad Move your snake around the screen
Wii U GamePad HOME Button Exit the program and return to the Homebrew Launcher

You will need to navigate your snake around the screen, and use it to collect the food pellets on screen to gain points. The problem is that your snake gets longer when you eat more food, and if you run into your butt, its Game Over. Good luck!