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It says under heading Syscalls (via syscall instruction) that "Currently only syscall 0x04 is still used in production versions of IOSU." This does not seem correct. I see several other Thumb SysCalls still in use on FW 5.5.x (15702) Example:

   IOS_KERNEL:08133F44 Call_IOS_KERNEL__sys_close                                                                
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F44                               LDR             R12, =(__sys_close+1)             
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F48                               BX              R12 ; __sys_close                 
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F4C off_8133F4C                   DCD __sys_close+1                                 
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F50 Call_IOS_KERNEL__sys_open                                                                 
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F50                               LDR             R12, =(__sys_open+1)              
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F54                               BX              R12 ; __sys_open                  
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F58 off_8133F58                   DCD __sys_open+1                                  
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F5C Call_IOS_KERNEL__sys_read                                                                 
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F5C                               LDR             R12, =(__sys_read+1)              
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F60                               BX              R12 ; __sys_read
   IOS_KERNEL:08133F64 off_8133F64                   DCD __sys_read+1

IOS_KERNEL, IOS_NIM_BOSS, IOS_FPD, use more than just 0x04, __sys_write0. Unless otherwise challenged as to why not, I will update the tables to correct this Datalogger (talk)

The disassembly you posted just looks like generated thunking stubs, are you sure they're referenced by other code? Tueidj (talk) 11:31, 30 April 2016 (CEST)