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Versions column

What is meant to be filled out in the "Versions" column? EDIT: I think it is the available versions. I don't understand the "UPD" in the notes though. --Hiccup (talk) 18:06, 11 July 2015 (CEST)

I added the UPD note for all the titles with downloadable updates, since I thought that might be helpful for anyone looking for files to reverse engineer (updates can be decrypted even if one doesn't have a title key for the game itself). Sorry if that's unclear. If you think that's not very useful, feel free to remove it. Zhuowei (talk) 18:24, 14 October 2015 (CEST)
I think the versions column is for listing all the versions that do (or did) exist. --Hiccup (talk) 19:44, 12 December 2015 (CET)
I refreshed most of the "updates" version numbers from tagaya, but I'm not sure how useful this is because
a) it will almost always be out of date compared to tagaya
b) the update version number isn't much use
I left Super Mario Maker untouched because some kind soul (I'm too lazy to check who) put useful information in there - the version number shown on-screen. That would be a better goal, but impossible to automate.
--Ajd4096 (talk) 11:29, 14 April 2016 (CEST)

Is it possible to get meta data for stuff that you don't have a ticket for?

Is it possible to get meta data for stuff that you don't have a ticket for? --Hiccup (talk) 20:08, 12 December 2015 (CET)

Not really, but you may be able to scrape some info from samurai/ninja servers. --Ajd4096 (talk) 11:32, 14 April 2016 (CEST)
I just added 200-odd missing titles, & updated the product_code & description from samurai. CDN has 19 titles I can't identify. Ajd4096 (talk) 07:59, 9 May 2016 (CEST)

Should we add "meta" data to this page?

E.g. link to/embed the data in the meta partition, like the meta.xml and the HOME Menu icon? --Hiccup (talk) 19:46, 12 December 2015 (CET)

Icon = no, that could cause potential copyright issues. What else would you want to see? Keep in mind this is a reference page not a DB, and the wiki table format sucks. Ajd4096 (talk) 11:21, 14 April 2016 (CEST)


Is this some sort of Bluetooth firmware? I see the string "BCM20702A1 Upriver Mode @ 26MHz" in the file, and BCM20702A1 appears to be a Bluetooth chipset. Windwakr (talk) 19:10, 18 January 2016 (CET)

Product code without TitleID

There are product codes without a definitively known TitleID.

An example of this would be Super Mario All-Stars, it has a TitleID (different roms packaged with different titles reference this, see Amiibo Tap files) but has no eShop release.

Should games with a Product Code and without TitleID be added to the wiki?

It's still valuable information for those who may be looking for a specific Product Code.