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Wii U/console/motherboard

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Wii U Mainboard PCB, Top view (SIDE-B)


Another photo, without markings:


Wii U Mainboard PCB, Bottom view (SIDE-A)


Chip listing:

Label Colour Chip Name Datasheet Notes
U1 "(c)'12 NINTENDO" "AMD" "IBM" "RENESAS JAPAN" "C120234F5-852-UAA A" "1229LP7B7" None availaible Contains two dies: the GPU and the Starbuck/Espresso
U2-5 Yellow Micron "2LE12" "D9PXV" Datasheet RAM (4 BGA chips) (Some models use drop-in replacement hynix RAM)
U20 Orange SAMSUNG "228" "KLMBG4GE4A-A001" "WCF652C1" General info 32GB eMMC (in 8 32Gb banks)
Macronix "MXIC MX" "25L6406E" "M21-12GF" "3K645400" "L122483" Datasheet
Black SAMSUNG "222" "K9K8G08U1D" "SCB0" Datasheet Wii U OS/vWii NAND Flash (dual 4Gb banks)
U14 Red Panasonic "MN864718" HDMI Controller
Q1019,1024,1037 Blue Fairchild DC4AY Inductors nearby, so probably some sort of PMIC/Switching Regulator
U7 Green DRH-WUP 811309G31 Overview Connects the Gamepad to the SoC via 5GHz Wi-Fi and USB