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Library for Nintendo Network Nintendo Figure Platform (amiibo).



Name Prototype Description Notes
nn::nfp::Initialize int nn::nfp::Initialize(void); Initializes the library when starting Needs to be called before anything else can be used
nn::nfp::Finalize int nn::nfp::Finalize(void); Finalizes the library when finished Needs to be reinitialized before functions can be used
nn::nfp::SetActivateEvent int nn::nfp::SetActivateEvent(OSEvent *event); Makes event for when a tag is detected Also need SetDeactivateEvent()
nn::nfp::SetDeactivateEvent int nn::nfp::SetDeactivateEvent(OSEvent *event); Makes event for when a tag is lost Also need SetActivateEvent()
nn::nfp::StartDetection int nn::nfp::StartDetection(void); Starts detecting tags Need to run SetActivateEvent() and SetDeactivateEvent()
nn::nfp::StopDetection int nn::nfp::StopDetection(void); Stops detecting tags
nn::nfp::Mount int nn::nfp::Mount(void); Mounts a detected tag Needs to be called after tag has been detected
nn::nfp::Unmount int nn::nfp::Unmount(void); Unmounts a detected tag If tag is lost or StopDetection is called, it's unmounted automatically