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TSOP NAND in Wii-U - pinout

The pinout is the same between NAND chips, with all pins exposed via resistors R38-R50, R152-154, and R148. These resistors are, however, unused on most if not all systems. TP138 can be used to provide 3.3v for powering the chip. Unlike most NANDs, this one has two separate 512MB banks: The first being used for vWii, and the second used for Wii U. This distinction between banks is done via the R/B and CE pins as RB1 and CE1 and RB2 and CE2 for vWii and Wii U respectively. The NAND itself can be dumped through the use of a Teensy2.0++ and the NANDway.py program commonly used to dump and restore PS3 NANDs similarly.