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nn_ac manages automatic connection to the internet.


Name Prototype Description
Close u32 nn::ac::Close(void); Closes a network connection made with nn_ac.
Connect u32 nn::ac::Connect(void); Connects to a network.
GetAssignedAddress u32 nn::ac::GetAssignedAddress(u32* address); Gets the IP address of the connection.
GetAssignedSubnet u32 nn::ac::GetAssignedSubnet(u32* subnet); Gets the subnet mask of the connection.
GetLastErrorCode u32 nn::ac::GetLastErrorCode(u32* error); Gets the last error code.
Initialize u32 nn::ac::Initialize(void); Initializes the AC library.
IsApplicationConnected u32 nn::ac::IsApplicationConnected(u8* connected); Checks if the Wii U is connected to the network.