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nn_act library provides some functions to get informations about Wii U's accounts

General Functions

Name Symbol Name Prototype Description
nn::act::Initialize Initialize__Q2_2nn3actFv Result nn::act::Initialize(void) Initializes act library. Can be called multiple times, nn::act::Finalize must be called an equal number of times
nn::act::Finalize Finalize__Q2_2nn3actFv Result nn::act::Finalize(void) Finalizes act library.
nn::act::IsSlotOccupied IsSlotOccupied__Q2_2nn3actFUc bool nn::act::IsSlotOccupied(u8 slotNo) Returns true if the specified slotNumber contains an account (false for out of bounds)
nn::act::GetNumOfAccounts GetNumOfAccounts__Q2_2nn3actFv u32 nn::act::GetNumOfAccounts(void) Returns the number of accounts

Current Account Functions

Name Symbol Name Prototype Description
nn::act::GetSlotNo GetSlotNo__Q2_2nn3actFv u8 nn::act::GetSlotNo(void) Returns the current account's slot number
nn::act::IsNetworkAccount IsNetworkAccount__Q2_2nn3actFv bool nn::act::IsNetworkAccount(void) Returns true if the current account is a network account(?)
nn::act::GetMii GetMii__Q2_2nn3actFP12FFLStoreData Result nn::act::GetMii(FFLStoreData *miiData) Puts the current user's Mii data into the miiData pointer

Other Accounts Functions

Name Symbol Name Prototype Description