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TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

Saviine is a tool that allows you to dump and/or inject save games for certain titles. It works by streaming the data to/from your (currently Windows only) PC using a server tool, similar to the way that Cafiine works.


Just like any other homebrew program, you will need to set up the Homebrew Launcher on your console. Once that is complete, download the release archive from above and copy its contents to the /wiiu/apps/saviine folder on your SD Card.

Or you could just install the Homebrew App Store and let it do all the hard work for you.

How To Use It

Saviine works by attaching itself to the Wii U's kernel, and launching itself during the bootup of another program. While this is happening, the program's boot stops, and Saviine begins to dump/inject data from your computer. Once it finishes, it allows the program to continue launching.

When you launch Saviine from the Homebrew Launcher, you are given a screen where you input the IP Address of the host computer you want to communicate with. If you need help finding your IP Address, just perform a Google search.

Once you have inserted your IP Address, you press the A button to install Saviine. You will be returned to the Wii U Menu.

Download the server program and its two batch scripts from here. There are three files that you need to download and store in the same directory: The main executable, the injector batch script and the dumper batch script. If you want to dump a save file, launch the dump script, and if you want to inject a save file, use the inject script.

The program may complain about being blocked by your computer's firewall. You may need to enter your firewall settings and add saviine_server.exe to your exception list. Once again, Google this to find out more.

If you are going to be injecting save data, you will need to put it inside an inject folder in the same directory as saviine_server.exe. This inject folder must contain another folder, named after the title ID of the game you are trying to inject to (e.g. 00050000-1010ED00). Inside this folder, you will place your save data. If you are dumping save data, the folder structure will be created for you.

All you need to do now is open the server program, launch the game you want to dump/inject, and watch Saviine do its magic. You may be asked a few things on your PC side, just follow the instructions.


  • The author of Saviine (Maschell) cannot be held responsible for any loss/corruption of save data. You use this program at your own risk.
  • If you find you're having trouble dumping/injecting some save data, it may be because the program has a really long file name, try putting Saviine somewhere close to the top of your computer's storage, such as in C:\wiiu\saviine
  • Injecting save data is still a work in progress, ensure that you have a backup of your data on an external HDD before attempting to use Saviine. You shouldn't have any issues, but back up your data just to be safe.