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This controls communication with the Gamepad, internally called VPAD by this library. It uses the VPADBASE library internally.


Name Prototype Description
VPADGetLcdMode int VPADGetLcdMode(int padnum, VPADDisplayMode *lcdmode); Gets LCD mode of gamepad and stores it in lcdmode
VPADSetLcdMode int VPADSetLcdMode(int padnum, VPADDisplayMode lcdmode); Sets LCD mode of gamepad based on lcdmode
VPADRead int VPADRead(int padnum, VPADData *buffer, int num_datasets, int *err); Stores raw controller data in buffer for the specified Gamepad
VPADShutdown void VPADShutdown(void); A deprecated function that was supposed to shut down the Gamepad.


VPAD Display Mode

Can be gotten using VPADGetLcdMode().

typedef enum {
    DISPLAY_MODE_STANDBY = 0,       /* This is probably the mode you can set as a user in HOME - Turn display off */
    DISPLAY_MODE_OFF = 1,                /* This turns off the display completely, the gamepad can be used as a pure input controller */
    DISPLAY_MODE_DEFAULT   = 0xFF /* Default mode */
} VPADDisplayMode;


Can be gotten using VPADRead(), num_datasets seems to control the max amount of "datasets" to keep. A single dataset containing raw controller data is 0xAC bytes. The first three words of a datset are bitmasks of the flags listed below.

typedef struct
    float x, y;
} Vec2D;

typedef struct
    float x, y, z;
} Vec3D;

typedef struct
    uint16_t x, y;               /* Touch coordinates */
    uint16_t touched;            /* 1 = Touched, 0 = Not touched */
    uint16_t validity;           /* 0 = All valid, 1 = X invalid, 2 = Y invalid, 3 = Both invalid? */

typedef struct
    Vec3D X,Y,Z;
} VPADOrientation;

typedef struct
    uint32_t btn_hold;           /* Held buttons */
    uint32_t btn_trigger;        /* Buttons that are pressed at that instant */
    uint32_t btn_release;        /* Released buttons */
    Vec2D lstick, rstick;        /* Each contains 4-byte X and Y components */
    Vec3D acc;                   /* Accelerometer value */
    f32 accValue;                /* Accelerometer magnitude */
    f32 accSpeed;                /* Accelerometer variation */
    Vec2D accVertical;           /* Vertical direction of DRC */
    Vec3D gyro;                  /* Gyro data */
    Vec3D angle;                 /* Angle data */
    s8 vpadErr;                  /* Error status */
    VPADTPData tpdata;           /* Normal touchscreen data */
    VPADTPData tpdata1;          /* Modified touchscreen data 1 */
    VPADTPData tpdata2;          /* Modified touchscreen data 2 */
    VPADOrientation dir;         /* Orientation in three-dimensional space */
    BOOL headphoneStatus;        /* Headphone status (TRUE : headphones are inserted) */
    Vec3D magnet;                /* Magnetometer value */
    u8 volume;                   /* Slide Volume value (0 - 255) */
    u8 batteryLevel;             /* Battery level ( 0 - 6 ) */
    u8 micStatus;                /* Mic status */
    u8 volumeCalibrated;         /* One less than volume */
    u8 __paddings__[7];
} VPADData;



#define BUTTON_A        0x8000
#define BUTTON_B        0x4000
#define BUTTON_X        0x2000
#define BUTTON_Y        0x1000
#define BUTTON_LEFT     0x0800
#define BUTTON_RIGHT    0x0400
#define BUTTON_UP       0x0200
#define BUTTON_DOWN     0x0100
#define BUTTON_ZL       0x0080
#define BUTTON_ZR       0x0040
#define BUTTON_L        0x0020
#define BUTTON_R        0x0010
#define BUTTON_PLUS     0x0008
#define BUTTON_MINUS    0x0004
#define BUTTON_HOME     0x0002
#define BUTTON_SYNC     0x0001
#define BUTTON_STICK_R     0x00020000
#define BUTTON_STICK_L     0x00040000
#define BUTTON_TV          0x00010000