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Name Prototype Description
AVMProbeDRCNum int AVMProbeDRCNum(void) Called by AVMGetDRCMode, number of Gamepads loaded??
AVMGetDRCMode int AVMGetDRCMode(uint32_t *mode) Stores results of AVMProbeDRCNum in mode, if more than 2 Gamepads loaded(?) just returns 1
AVMProbeDRCState BOOL AVMProbeDRCState(int drcnum) Returns state (Not/Active) for DRC number (only allows Gamepads 0, 1)
AVMGetTVStereoCapability void AVMGetTVStereoCapability(uint32_t *capability) Stores 0 in capability, returns 1 (Success)
AVMGetDRCChipRevision int AVMGetDRCChipRevision(int drcnum, uint32_t *revision) Returns 0 if successful, calls CCRCDCSysGetInfo, if 0 (no errors), gets chip revision from 0xC in stack. Can return -4 if SysGetInfo fails, or -2 if 100068E0 is 0
AVMGetDRHChipRevision int AVMGetDRHChipRevision(uint32_t *revision) Returns 0 if successful. Can return -2 if 100068E0 is 0
AVMGetTVAudioMode BOOL AVMGetTVAudioMode(uint32_t *mode) Puts TVAudioMode in *mode, returns 1 (Success)
AVMSetTVScale BOOL AVMSetTVScale(int width, int height) Calls DCSetRenderResolution with 0, width, height and 1, width, height. Seems to auto-set to full resolution if it is the "normal" width eg 1280, 1920


typedef enum {
    TV_AUDIO_MONO = 0, //Monaural in Settings
    TV_AUDIO_SURROUND = 3 //???
} TVAudioMode;