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SHA-1 engine
Base0x0d030000, 0x0d190000
Access size32 bits
Byte orderBig Endian
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The Latte's SHA-1 Engine calculates the SHA-1 compression function over a series of 64-byte data blocks and an initial 160-bit hash value, producing an output 160-bit SHA-1 hash. It does not perform SHA-1 input padding; this operation must be performed in software, and then an integer number of data blocks must be sent to the engine.
There are also traces of code inside IOS-CRYPTO that suggest the existence of a second engine named SHAS, probably only available in evaluation/debug units.

Register List

SHA-1 Engine
Address Bits Name Description
0x0d030000 32 SHA_CTRL SHA-1 Control and Status
0x0d030004 32 SHA_SRC Source memory address
0x0d030008 32 SHA_H0 H0 hash value
0x0d03000c 32 SHA_H1 H1 hash value
0x0d030010 32 SHA_H2 H2 hash value
0x0d030014 32 SHA_H3 H3 hash value
0x0d030018 32 SHA_H4 H4 hash value

SHAS-1 Engine
Address Bits Name Description
0x0d190000 32 SHAS_CTRL SHAS-1 Control and Status
0x0d190004 32 SHAS_SRC Source memory address
0x0d190008 32 SHAS_H0 H0 hash value
0x0d19000c 32 SHAS_H1 H1 hash value
0x0d190010 32 SHAS_H2 H2 hash value
0x0d190014 32 SHAS_H3 H3 hash value
0x0d190018 32 SHAS_H4 H4 hash value

Register Details

SHA_CTRL (0x0d030000)
  31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16
Access R/W R/W R/W U
  15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Access U W

This register controls the state of the SHA-1 engine.

Field Description
EXEC Write 1: initiate SHA-1 hashing
Write 0: reset SHA-1 engine
Read: SHA-1 engine busy
IRQ Set to enable IRQ generation when hashing is complete
ERR If set, SHA-1 error occurred (?)[check]
BLOCKS Number of 64-byte blocks to process, minus one. 0 means one block.

SHA_SRC (0x0d030004)
  316 50
Access R/W U

This register contains the DMA address of the data to be hashed. The address must be 64-byte aligned. The engine updates this register as it processes the blocks.

SHA_H0 (0x0d030008)
Access R/W

SHA_H1 (0x0d03000c)
Access R/W

SHA_H2 (0x0d030010)
Access R/W

SHA_H3 (0x0d030014)
Access R/W

SHA_H4 (0x0d030018)
Access R/W

These registers contain the SHA-1 hash value. When starting to hash a new data string, they should be initialized to the following constants: 0x67452301 0xEFCDAB89 0x98BADCFE 0x10325476 0xC3D2E1F0. They can be preserved across operations to append more data to the hash. When the entire input string plus padding has been sent to the engine for processing, the value contained in these registers is the final SHA-1 Hash.