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pinout/connector 1:1 same as Wii Multi A/V

WiiU av connector and cable.png

Pin Signal Description Composite S-Video RGB Scart PrPbY Component D-Terminal
1 AUL Audio Left White Cinch Centerpin White Cinch Centerpin SCART-6 White Cinch Centerpin NC
2 AUR Audio Right Red Cinch Centerpin Red Cinch Centerpin SCART-2 Red Cinch Centerpin NC
3 CVIDEO/CSYNC Video (Composite), CSYNC (SCART-RGB) Yellow Cinch Centerpin NC SCART-20 NC NC
4 DCOUT5 +5VDC NC NC via R=100 Ohm to SCART-16 (Composite / RGB mode select) NC ?
5 GND Ground White Cinch Mantle White Cinch Mantle SCART-4 White Cinch Mantle Dsub Mantle
6 GND Ground Red Cinch Mantle Red Cinch Mantle SCART-4 Red Cinch Mantle Dsub Mantle
7 Red/Y/Py Red (SCART-RGB), Intensity (Luminance), or Analog Component Y NC miniDIN-3 SCART-15 Y Cinch Centerpin Dsub-1
8 Mode select If shorted with pin 10, pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog component) NC NC NC shorted to pin 10 ?
9 Green/C/Pb Green (SCART-RGB), Colour (Chrominance)), or Analog Component Pb NC miniDIN-4 SCART-11 Pb Cinch Centerpin Dsub-3
10 Mode select If shorted with pin 8, pin 7, 9 and 11 will output YPbPr (Analog component) NC NC NC shorted to pin 8 ?
11 Blue/Pr Blue (SCART-RGB) or Analog Component Pr NC NC SCART-7 Pr Cinch Centerpin Dsub-5
12 GND Ground Yellow Cinch Mantle miniDIN-1, miniDIN-2 SCART-5, SCART-9, SCART-13, SCART-18 Pr, Pb, Y Cinch Mantle Dsub-2, Dsub-4, Dsub-6
13 DCOUT12 +12VDC NC NC SCART-8 (4:3 / 16:9 mode select) NC ?
14 DATA1 Data line 1 (lines) 0V = 525 lines (default) ; 2.2V = 750 lines ; 5V = 1125 lines NC NC NC NC Dsub-8
15 DATA2 Data line 2 (interl./prog) 0V = 59.94i / 60i ; 5V = 59.94p / 60p NC NC NC NC Dsub-9
16 DATA3 Data line 3 (ratio) 0V = 4:3 ; 2.2V = 4:3 letterbox ; 5V = 16:9 NC NC NC NC Dsub-11

Note: default output PAL: RGB + Composite / NTSC: S-video + Composite, with 8+10 shorted, both PAL/NTSC switch to PrPbY Component.