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Pong HBL icon.png
Author(s)Relys and Hykem
Ported byDimok
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

This recreation of one of the world's first computer games was the result of Relys and Hykem tinkering with the Wii U's OSScreen framebuffer functions. It was ported to the Homebrew Launcher by Dimok as an example of how HBL software is different to payload-based software.


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Just like any other homebrew program, all you need to do is prepare your console for the Homebrew Launcher. Once that's completed, download the release archive from above and copy its contents to the /wiiu/apps/pong folder on your SD Card.

Or just install the Homebrew App Store and let it do the work for you. ;)

How to play

Wii U GamePad Action
Wii U GamePad D-Pad Move the left paddle (player 1)
Wii U GamePad A Button Button, Wii U GamePad B Button Button, Wii U GamePad X Button Button and Wii U GamePad Y Button Button Move the right paddle (player 2)
Wii U GamePad HOME Button Close the game and return to the Homebrew Launcher

A ball will be shown bouncing around the screen. Your job is to send it in the direction of the opposing player's paddle by making it bounce off of your paddle. If the opponent player's paddle misses the ball and goes to the edge of the screen, you win a point. Achieve 10 points to win the game, but keep playing anyway. ;)