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This page details miscellaneous Wii U product information (serial numbers, product models, etc...).

Product List

Product Code Description
WUP-001 Retail Nintendo Wii U console (8GB model)
WUP-002 AC adapter
WUP-005 Pro Controller
WUP-006 Optical disc
WUP-007 Disc case
WUP-008 HDMI cable
WUP-009 Vertical stand
WUP-010 GamePad
WUP-011 GamePad AC adapter
WUP-012 GamePad battery (1500 mAh)
WUP-013 GamePad battery (2550 mAh)
WUP-014 GamePad charging stand
WUP-015 GamePad stylus
WUP-016 GamePad play stand
WUP-017 Fit Meter
WUP-018 Pro Controller charging cable
WUP-019 Wireless microphone
WUP-020 Wireless microphone receiver
WUP-021 Microphone
WUP-023 GamePad screen protector
WUP-024 Cleaning cloth
WUP-025 Cleaning disc
WUP-026 Cleaning liquid
WUP-027 GamePad horizontal stand
WUP-028 GameCube controller adapter
WUP-101 Retail Nintendo Wii U console (32GB model)
Product Code Description
WUT-001 CAT-DEV console
WUT-002 CAT-R console
WUT-003 DRC-DK-MP GamePad
WUT-004 DRC-DK-TV GamePad
WUT-007 CAT-R disc
WUT-011 Anatel development kit
WUT-012 Anatel development GamePad
Product Code Description
WIS-001 CAT-I console
WIS-003 CAT-SES console
WIS-007 Kiosk controller unit
WIS-009 Kiosk small video player

Product Serial Numbers

Serial numbers are composed of at least two letters followed by 9 decimal digits. The ninth digit is a check digit, meaning that it is derived from the other digits.


Observed prefixes are normally as follows:

  • First letter represents the product model:
    • "F" (32 GB / Premium / Deluxe Edition)
    • "G" (8 GB / Basic Edition)
  • Second letter represents the product region:
    • "A" (Australia)
    • "B" (Brazil)
    • "E" (Europe)
    • "J" (Japan)
    • "M" (Middle Eastern)
    • "W" (Western/Americas)
  • Third letter is optional:
    • "F"
    • "H"
    • "M"

Check Digit

The check digit is an industry-standard algorithm and is calculated just like it was on the 3DS.

To calculate the check digit of a Switch console, separate the non-check digits into "odd" and "even" groups, where the "odd" group is digits in odd-numbered positions, and the "even" group is digits in even-numbered positions. (The first digit is "odd", with "first" representing "1".)

After separating the digits, add the digits in each group together. Multiply the sum of the even digits by 3, then add the sum of the odd digits. To calculate the check digit, take this value modulo 10, and if not 0, subtract from 10.

Example: FW107732231

The non-check digits are 10773223. Separating into odd and even groups, we get the following:

Odds: 1 + 7 + 3 + 2 = 13 Evens: 0 + 7 + 2 + 3 = 12

Applying the algorithm, we get ((3 * 12) + 13) % 10 = 9, which is not 0, thus 10 - 9 = 1, matching the example's check digit.