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The Wii U has an internal disc drive capable of reading both Wii discs and Wii U discs. It's believed to be somewhat related to Blu-Ray drives, in a similar fashion to the Wii's relationship with DVD. Like the Wii, the drive is slot loading and mechanically complex. The drive casing has a label indicating it was manufactured by "China Hualu Panasonic AVC Networks Co., Ltd.".
== Communication with console SATA ==The drive is connected to the Wii U via a normal AHCI [[Hardware/SATA_Controller|SATA controller]], communicating via SATAusing AHCI 1.2. The IOSU may communicate with the controller (and, by extension, the drive) using the [[Hardware/SATA_Controller|appropriate registers]], though it may need to encrypt the commands with the console-specific drive key from the [[Hardware/SEEPROM|SEEPROM]] before sending them{{check}}. This functionality is provided by the IOS-BSP moduleThe drive identifies as a standard SATAPI disk drive, connected to port 0. In vWii mode, the AHCI controller is placed into a special compatibility mode, which causes it to emulate the Wii's DI and provide accurate backwards-compatibility for Wii software.
== Cabling ==

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