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Fix boot1 from SD card info
===Stage 0x1D===
boot0 uses EXI to capture read events coming from surface mounted components (SMC)the [[Hardware/RTC|RTC]]. If a special button combo UNSTBL_PWR is being held (additional hardware may be required, like set in the case of kiosk units)RTC_CONTROL0, boot0 will attempt to load a recovery signed boot1 image from a SD card.
// Send debug mark
u32 exi0_reply = *(u32 *)exi0_out_buf;
// SD card button combo was pressedUNSTBL_PWR bit is set in RTC_CONTROL0
if ((exi0_reply << 0x14) < 0)
load_sd = true;
// No SD card comboNothing to do, we're doneskip the next stages
if (!load_sd)
goto exit;


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