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WiiU Pro Controller data format

Reports exactly like a controller with an expansion attached.

Expansion identifier is 0x0120

Using report format 0x34

(a1) 0x34 BB BB ST ST ST ST ST ST ST ST PB PB PB 00 00 00 .....

ST is the stick data

2 bytes per axis, byte swapped.

Left stick X = (byte 5 << 8)|byte 4
Left stick Y = (byte 7 << 8)|byte 6
Right stick X = (byte 9 << 8)|byte 8
Right stick Y = (byte 11 << 8)|byte 10

0 indicates pressed button

PB are the pro buttons

Byte 12:

0x02: R
0x04: +
0x08: Home
0x10: Minus
0x20: L
0x40: Down
0x80: Right

Byte 13:

0x01: Up
0x02: Left
0x04: Zr
0x08: X
0x10: A
0x20: Y
0x40: B
0x80: Zl

Byte 14:

0x01: R3
0x02: L3

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