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A title is a group of code and/or data that the Wii U uses. Titles generally represent apps such as OSes or apps on the System Menu, although other titles also exist, such as Version Data.

Title IDs

Each title is given a 64-bit title ID that uniquely identifies the title; if two titles have the same ID, then they are most likely different versions of the same title.

The upper 32 bits of each ID describe general properties of the title, while the low 32 bits are the title itself, and usually uniquely identify the title.

Types of titles

The following types of titles have been seen.

Upper 32 Description
00050000 eShop title
00050002 eShop title demo / Kiosk Interactive Demo
0005000C eShop title DLC
0005000E Title update
00050010 System Application, last byte OS version
0005001B System Data Archive, last byte OS version
00050030 Applet title, last byte OS version

See WiiBrew for info on WiiMode titles.

The upper 16 bits seem to be the the platform ID, which is 5 for the Wii U. The lower 16 bits appear to be a bitmask; the following bits are recognized:

Mask Meaning
0x1 Non-executable data
0x2 Free
0x4 Patches another title
0x8 Add-on content
0x10 System title
0x20 Runs in background