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Enhanced vWii.png
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

EvWii (short for Enhanced Virtual Wii) is a plugin for Aroma that adds some quality of life features for the WiiMode, it allows for a 4 second power button shutdown in WiiMode and allows custom viewport values in the DMCU firmware, which can undo the forced cropping of overscan in WiiMode. However, note that this features will not be present if you go to VWii mode using the Boot Selector

How to Use

To able to use this plugin, simply press L, D-Pad Down and Minus at the same time, the Plugin Menu should open if you have Aroma and you should be able to find the plugin, once you press A on it, turn it on.

Viewport Pictures

The Viewport of the VWii does not usually show all of the screen, as it is layered out to be more upfront, but EvWii fixes this issue by mapping it farther away. Below is a comparison between the Unadjusted and Adjusted viewports.

Unadjusted Viewport

Viewport Unchanged.png

Adjusted Viewport