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Title Description Author
Homebrew Launcher Loads homebrew from an SD card. Dimok
WiiuBru Go Internet Browser loader for 3 apps. Unknown
Retro Launcher Launcher for RetroArch cores. steff
OurLoader Region free disc loader for Wii U. coc4tm


Title Description Author
Ast-U-Roids A game similar to Asteroids for Wii U brienj
C@VE C@VE Adventure Game SonyUSA, CreeperMario
Flappy Bird GX2 A Flappy Bird Clone for Wii U using GX2 graphics rw-r-r_0644
JezzBallU Jezzball ported to the Wii U raulbojalil
Pazaak Wii U Pazaak Wii U! Shinyquagsire23
Pong Pong! Relys, Dimok
Pacman PacMan for Wii U RYUUTSEKU85
Snake The classic game eliboa, CreeperMario
Space Game Generic space shooter vgmoose
TicTacToe Tic Tac Toe for WiiU rw-r-r_0644, CreeperMario
TimingU Press A at the right time! Coolguy1260
UClick Click 'A' as fast as possible rw-r-r_0644

Game Engines

Title Description Author
LÖVE Potion LÖVE for Wii U TurtleP


Title Description Author
CHIP-8 Emulator A CHIP8 emulator for Wii U with GX2 graphics. rw-r-r_0644, brienj
mGBA libretro - Game Boy Advance Jeffrey Pfau
Snes9x 2010 libretro - SNES / Super Famicom Snes9x Team, squarepusher
Gambatte libretro - Game Boy / Game Boy Color sinamas
QuickNES libretro - NES / Famicom blargg, kode54
MAME 2003 libretro - Arcade MAMEdev
Genesis Plus GX libretro - Sega Master System / Game Gear / Genesis (Mega Drive) / CD Charles MacDonald, Eke-Eke
FCEUmm libretro - NES / Famicom FCEU Team, CaH4e3
VBA Next libretro - Game Boy Advance Multiple Authors
PokeMini libretro - Pokémon Mini libretro
gacubeboy emulator Gacubeboy Game Boy Emulator using GX2 graphics brienj
GBiine Game Boy Emulator seagal
GW libretro - Game & Watch Andre Leiradella
PokeMiniU Pokémon Mini Emulator for Wii U. shutterbug2000


FT2SD A file tree dumper Dimok
FSDumper SLC/MLC file dumper Crediar
FTPiiU Exposes the SD Card inserted to the console as an FTP Server. Dimok, joedj
FTPiiU_Everywhere Exposes the whole Wii U filesystem as an FTP Server. Dimok, FIX94, joedj
Geckiine TCPGecko and Cafiine combined OatmealDome, brienj
Homebrew App Store Homebrew Wii U App Store vgmoose
HID to VPAD USB HID to gamepad input Maschell
HBL2HBC Boot from HBL to HBC or app FIX94
Menu Sort WiiU Menu Sort Yardape8000
NNU-Patcher Nintendo eShop Update Patcher dibas, based on FIX94's patch
OTP2SD Dump OTP key via IOSU to sd Dimok
Padcon Turn Off/On WiiU Gamepad Display. Maschell
RemotePad Control your computer from your Wii U! rw-r-r_0644
Saviine Savegame editor tool Maschell
SDCafiine Replace game files with files from SD Chadderz, Maschell
SigPatcher2sysmenu Simple signature check patcher Dimok
SEEPROM2SD Dump seeprom to sd Dimok
SigPatcher2HBL Simple signature check patcher Dimok
TCPGecko WiiU RAM Hacking Chadderz
U-Paint Draw pretty pictures using the touch screen. brienj
URetro A libretro frontend for WiiU (currently on hold) QuarkTheAwesome
MiisendU Wii U A Wii U UsendMii client Crayon
WiiAlarmU WiiU Alarm Clock opendata
WUP Installer GX2 WiiU public title installer using GX2 graphics Wup Installer GX2
EnvSwap Switch between Aroma and Tiramisu without manual reboot. TraceEntertains
evWii Enhances your WiiMode features. GaryOderNichts


Title Description Author
HID Keyboard Monitor (PoC) Reads data from USB Keyboards rw-r-r_0644
LiveSynthesisU (PoC) Generate sounds using sndcore2 library QuarkTheAwesome
Wii U Keyboard A full QWERTY/QWERTZ keyboard solution for OSScreen homebrew. cmdj13
Shutdown A simple program to shut down your console. CreeperMario
OTP via IOSU Display OTP key via IOSU "Donald_Trump"
IOS Reboot POC ROP from within IOS_USB "Hillary_Clinton"