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Author(s)OatmealDome, Maschell, Dimok, NWPlayer123, amibu, seresaa, 466, /u/MachMatic
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

Geckiine installs both TCPGecko and Cafiine into the system memory so that you can use them at the same time.




Note: It is highly recommended that you set a static IP for your computer when using geckiine. For more information, click here.

0. Find your computer's local IP address. If you set a static IP because of the above recommendation, that static IP is your computer's local IP address.) 1. There are two possible ways to get a geckiine.elf file with your IP address.

  • a. Go to and enter in your IP address. Click the download button and extract the ZIP file.
  • b. Download geckiine` with Geckiine Creator from here and extract it. Run Geckiine Creator.exe, enter in your IP address into the four boxes, and click the "Create/Patch ELF" button.
  • c. Download the zip file at the download link on this page and use the GUI to input your IP address

3. Copy the geckiine folder to the wiiu/apps/ folder on your SD card. 4. Insert your SD card into the Wii U and launch the Homebrew Launcher from 5. Start a cafiine server on your computer. 6. Scroll to the "geckiine" application, tap on it, and tap the "Start" button. You will be returned to the Wii U menu. 7. Launch the game you want to modify. 8. Run any TCPGecko scripts and/or connect with TCPGecko dotNET/JGeckoU.


  • Maschell for HID to VPad
  • Dimok for his amazing function_hooks system and pygecko server
  • NWPlayer123 for the cafiine cient source code
  • amiibu for helping me with the PHP script and giving me name ideas
  • seresaa for putting together the banner, for name ideas, and for writing Geckiine Creator
  • 466 for web hosting
  • /u/MachMatic for creating the banner background

Shoutouts to everyone at the Splatoon Modding Hub Discord, because I probably annoyed them by talking endlessly about the various problems I encountered.