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NNU-Patcher HBL icon.png
TypeSystem tool
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

NNU-Patcher is a simple tool that allows Wii U consoles on older firmwares to access the Nintendo eShop without needing to update the firmware. It also allows game updates to download (with certain conditions) while still blocking system firmware updates. It supports using TubeHax DNS, and also allows older firmwares to connect as long as they are spoofed to the latest firmware.


If you have TubeHax DNS enabled, there is no need to disable it to access the eShop anymore. If you are not on the latest firmware, you will need to be spoofed to the latest firmware. Use WUPInstaller to do this.

Prepare you console for the Homebrew Launcher, and then download the archive from above and extract it to /wiiu/apps/nnu-patcher on your SD Card. The app can also be downloaded from the Homebrew App Store.

After running the program, you will be returned to the Wii U menu. Once this has happened, you can access the eShop. Game updates will also be downloaded. Note: if you are on a spoofed firmware, game disc updates will not download, only updates to downloaded games will occur. Use WUPInstaller to install game updates if needed. You will continue to be able to access the Nintendo eShop servers until you either turn off your console, or open/close System Settings.

This program works by patching the eShop's version checking algorithm, and also fetching the IP Address of the eShop server (bypassing TubeHax DNS if it is installed). The name literally refers to the patching of a function called NeedsNetworkUpdate