List of system tools

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Title Description Author
Geckiine Combines Gecko and Cafiine, allowing both to run at the same time. Chadderz, MrBean35000vr and OatmealDome
HID to VPAD Maps USB Controllers to GamePad buttons. Maschell
Indexiine Launches a CFW by opening Internet Browser. GaryOderNichts
NNU-Patcher Allows access to the Nintendo eShop and game updates on obsolete firmwares. FIX94 and dibas
Saviine Dumps and injects save games into software on the Wii U. Maschell
SDCafiine Stores mods on your SD Card and injects them into your game. Chadderz, MrBean35000vr, golden45, NWPlayer123 and Maschell
TCPGecko Allows RAM-based hacking and Ocarina-style cheat codes. Chadderz and MrBean35000vr
UFDiine Deletes the update folder to prevent auto updates. GaryOderNichts
Wuphax Hacking vWii from Wii U Mode. FIX94


Title Description Author
CBHC Boot directly into any software/CFW! FIX94 and smealum
Haxchi Load homebrew/CFW using a channel! FIX94 and smealum
Mocha CFW Simple CFW bootable from any homebrew loader. Dimok