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Pacman HBL icon.png
Contributor(s)VGMoose, brienj and pwsincd
TypeArcade game
Version2.0 (2.1 Beta)
Downloadable via the Homebrew App Store

Pacman is, obviously, a recreation of the classic arcade game Pac-Man, created by ryuutseku85.


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Just like most other homebrew programs, you will need to have access to the Homebrew Launcher on your console. Once you have this, you can either download the archive from above and extract the contents to /wiiu/apps/pacman on your SD Card, or you can download it using the Homebrew App Store.


Wii U GamePad Action
Wii U GamePad D-Pad Move Pacman
Wii U GamePad A Button Button (On main menu) Start the game
Wii U GamePad Y Button Button (On Game Over screen) Return to the main menu
Wii U GamePad HOME Button Close the program and return to the Homebrew Launcher

In this game, you move Pacman (the big, yellow, dot-like creature) and help him collect the dots on the screen. But watch out, because there's ghosts out to get you. Just touching these ghosts will kill you. You have ten lives to collect all of the dots on screen. Good luck!


  • The game is currently a little bit laggy, improvements are coming soon!
  • The ghosts can sometimes get stuck in corners, improvements are coming soon!

Version History

v2.1 Beta

  • Speed improvements
  • Ghost AI Improvements


  • Ported to the Homebrew Launcher
  • Menu screen and logo
  • Improved collision handling
  • Funky background music
  • Hidden cheat...


  • Initial release