List of homebrew games

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Title Description Author
Ast-U-Roids Homebrew Wii U Asteroids Clone brienj
C@VE You must rescue Hykem's dog, who is lost in a random cave. SonyUSA
PacMan A clone of the classic arcade game. ryuutseku85
Pong You know what this is. Relys, Hykem and Dimok
Portal: Wii U Edition A remake of Portal for Wii U. Portal: Wii U Team
Snake Another classic game ported to Wii U. eliboa
Sonic Mania A port of Sonic Mania [Clownacy]
Space Game Homebrew Wii U space shooter game vgmoose
TicTacToe Also known as Noughts and Crosses. rw-r-r_0644