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Note non-standard registers (work needed to get detail)
The Wii U has a mostly standard AHCI 1.2 SATA controller onboard. It identifies as having two ports (0 and 1) running at 3Gbps. In retail systems, the disc drive is connected to port 0; while port 1 is disconnected. Unused code in IOS-BSP indicates that port 7 may be present on non-retail units.
In terms of hardware registers; the controller lines up with the specification starting at address 0x0D160400; that is; the first Generic Host Control register (Host Capabilities) resides at 0x0D160400. On a retail console, this register reads out 0x7720FF81.
* The generic host control registers start at 0x0D160400.
* The port registers start at 0x0D160500.
* There appears to be a non-standard set of interrupt control registers after the main AHCI register area.
== ATAPI commands ==

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