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vWii Decaffeinator
TypeSystem tool

vWii Decaffeinator is a tool that deletes titles in the WiiMode NAND, then loads the settings app to perform a system update, allowing the titles to be reinstalled. It is useful for fixing bricks, as typical tools such as BootMii and Priiloader do not work in the vWii.

After updating, the update folder will be recreated if it was deleted. UFDiine should be run again to delete it.


  • Force Update deletes nothing, but loads the update screen.
  • Advanced Mode provides a UI to select what to delete.
  • Light Mode deletes all system titles (System Menu, IOS, BC-NAND, and BC-WFS).
  • Aggressive Mode clears the entire NAND.
  • Regenerate setting.txt uses the Wii U settings to build an encrypted setting.txt, something not generated by updates.